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K70 RGB MK.2 LP - lights come on after shutdown


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This is really annoying, I've just bought this keyboard. I'm a programmer not a gamer, so need something that is great for typing, and have finally found the one in that respect.


Its plugged into the USB ports on a Dell TB15 laptop dock. I have no control over the USB ports on this device.


The problem is, when I shutdown my PC, the keyboard goes dark. Then about 1-2 minutes later it springs back to life; full animation running. This is a problem because my PC is in my bedroom.


Things I've tried that didn't work


- Turn off the lights before shutting down

- Set the first hardware profile to black

- pushing the brightness button when PC shutdown

- pushing the HW profile button when shutdown

- Checked firmware update (latest version)

- Forced a firmware update



No matter what I do, the animation starts after a minute or two and no button pushes work to switch it off. Oddly, it is a left-to-right wave animation which isn't actually assigned to any hardware or software profiles.


Please help! This keyboard isn't worth the money I paid for it if I need to unplug it every night before bed.

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You can go into the BIOS and turn off the “power to USB ports” option. The board thinks you have something that requires power. Bump the desk and the device “wakes”. I’ll assume this is some type of work laptop that you cannot access the BIOS. Pulling the usb from the laptop solves the issue both before and after. Not sure why that is such an obstacle.
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