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H115i Elite Capellix XT Fan Vibration

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Hey, I've had an H115i installed in my PC for several months now (in a 680X case which was fun to try and get it to fit into in the first place), and despite all my best efforts to work out how to limit or eliminate the fan vibration noise myself, I can't seem to figure out how to get it to stop. 

For example, at any speed under about 1200RPM on the 140MM fans, there's a constant WUMWUMWUMWUMWUM vibration that's loud enough to hear through headphone audio and I swear is being transmitted through the walls. If the fan speed is zeroed out, it goes away but of course everything heats up, and if it goes above 1400RPM it (mostly) goes away but is then replaced by the fans just being aggressively loud. Settling at 1200-1300 RPM mostly alleviated the issue but now there's a constant almost rumbling kind of vibration. There's also a higher pitched whirring sound I can hear, but I just assume that's the pump and its not really a big issue. The actual cooling is fine (I think) because it never really goes above 70-72C.

I have tried loosening the fan screws, tightening them, adjusting the speed of one fan to be out of sync with the other, and nothing really seems to affect it. 

I'm kinda going out of my mind with the constant noise and I don't really have the ability to replace it with an alternative cooling solution right now, nor am I sure if the problem lies entirely with the AIO or with the case or a combination of both, so any suggestions or fixes are very welcome.

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You should have ML mangled fans on that and those should not be bouncing off the bearing like a lot of fans in the inverted position. Contact Corsair Support and see if you can narrow it down to one or both fans. You might as well let them replace the fans before going a different direction. 

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