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I have a request for Corsair.   The new QX fan and Hub system currently has no way to set a fan curve based on an external temperature source, like a motherboard temp probe.

Integrating the ability to read from those sensors and setting your fan curve based on that would be very helpful for those who run water cooled systems. 

For example, I have a temperature probe for my custom loop.  Setting a fan curve based on fluid temp is an essential function and would stabilize my fan RPMs.

Please add this functionality in the future!

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I agree and this is starting to pop up as an issue from multiple users already. Not everyone is going to be using new Hydro X Elite gear with internal water temps and those seem to have a clear offset to their value as well. The CPUID program needs to add standard 2 pin temp sensors to its list of monitored values. It’s a common sensor, easy to read, and at the moment necessary to bridge the awkward transition between controller generations. 

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