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Found 11 results

  1. So I have the Commander Pro and am trying to set up a fan curve for my fans through iCue. I am able to set up the fan curve along with which fans it affects. The problem is, I also notice that the fans don't increase in RPMs when my CPU temps increase. I use HWInfo through my Stream Deck to monitor temps and stuff. I know HWInfo and iCue had conflicts when it came to fan curves, but is that still an issue? Is there anyway I can implement these fans curves without having to uninstall HWInfo?
  2. Bought a 750i last week to replace my 650, installed with no problem. I'd pressed the fan test button after installing but couldn't hear anything so thought the button might be faulty. It powered the PC fine so I checked the PSU using iCue (already installed). It was reporting the PSU as being about 30 degrees ©, no fan activity. Continued to monitor while testing some games and the highest the temperature rose to was 35. Here's the thing: the fan never came on once according to the monitoring graph, this with the standard fan curve in iCue which appears to state it should kick-in on 40% at about 20C. I tried pushing it up to 100% at 20 to see if the fan would come on but nothing. At that point, I raised a ticket with Scan. In the meantime, I took another look at the test button while looking (instead of just listening!) at the fan. Turned out it was indeed spinning under test, absolutely silently. Brilliant :D: Here's the thing: I'm genuinely not sure whether it should be RMA'd or not. Scan replied after my update saying there's probably nothing wrong with it. I'd be fine with this if I could see evidence of the fan spinning under a custom curve but it doesn't appear to happen. I'd rather not RMA, to be honest; I just need to be fairly sure there's no issue. What do you think, Corsair gurus?
  3. I'm considering getting a Commander Pro for my upcoming build. However, I might want to dual-boot with Windows+Linux in the future. I understand that there is no official support for iCUE under Linux, but does the CoPro have internal memory to save the fan curves (and maybe LED settings?) set in iCUE in Windows? That is, if I use iCUE to tie my case fan speeds to e.g. the CPU/GPU temperature, or a reading of the included temperature probes, will these curves also be applied when booting into a platform without support for iCUE, such as Linux? Also, and this may be an obvious question, but it's not possible to control a fan through the BIOS fan curve, when it's connected to the CoPro, right?
  4. Hi! Recently upgraded to a 3900 that is currently being cooled by an H80i V2(2*ML120), however while boosting, it is getting slightly troublesome to keep liquid temps in check while also maintaining a decent noise level. I have been looking at picking up a new 280mm AIO in order to deal with this, my primary concern is performance at low noise level, but i am unsure which of the two listed products would be the best way of achieving this. Thanks for listening! :D:
  5. Good Morning (Very early 00:30 :biggrin:) This is my first post so take it easy on me. I have recently upgraded alot of my things from being mix brand to basically going all over to corsair products, with the latest installment being my 570x case and 3 extra SP120 RGB fans and a commander pro. Now i have followed all instructions when it comes to the fans and the RGB side of thing from the RGb splitter hub (node pro i think its called) number them 1-6 and then connecting that to RGB header 1 on the commander pro and then the same again matching all the numbers 1-6 the same as before so RGB 1 is fan 1 and so and so forth. Now i have installed it all and its picking it up in Icue and the RGB is looking sexy however i have a problem where the fan RPMs keep dropping down to 1300RPM from 1500RPM and i can hear it doing that at least once every 3-5 minutes and its annoying and concerning. I have read some posts on here that say make sure the fans under Icue > Settings > Commander Pro > Fan port #1 to #6 change from auto to 3-pin as this way it will be set as the correct connection it has something to do with DC or something like that and this has not made a difference, I have also tried hard flashing the commander pro as suggested as well and still the RPM goes from 1500 range down to 1300 range and back up again and is driving me nuts as i cant find the solution anywhere. Please can someone shed some light on why this is happening and also its worth noting that i have the fan profiles set to Extreme as i stream and game alot on the same machine so like to have these going full wack most of the time so i dont have to worry about temps.
  6. Every so often, the saved fan curves I am using disappear from iCUE for my H115i. I know that they are stored in %AppData%\Roaming\Corsair\CUE\cooling\configurations so I can create backups for when it happens, but it is nonetheless quite annoying to have to manually ensure my fan curves don't get lost. I found this line in the log: cue.clink.configuration_manager: Cooling storages load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input Which I think might be related to this bug. However, I do not fully understand this log entry (which is only marked as a warning btw), but I'm quite certain that this is due to no fault of my own as I didn't change anything and it keeps happening. If a full log is needed, I can provide it if necessary.
  7. Hello Just found out we can set custom Fan curved as I just got my Corsair Hydro H150i. The problem is, I cant set a fan curve above 60c I have linked a picture
  8. Hi, I have two questions about iCue software with Commander PRO. For your information, I come from LINK software and I like this software :p: I know we can create custom curves for fan speed and for it we can choose a temperature sensor but: - How to run all fan to 100% speed when one temperature sensor reach a specified temperature? on LINK we can do that. For example, If HDD, or SSD or CPU ... sensor reach 40C, I want all FAN run to 100% speed. - Default curves is not based on a specified temperature sensor, so how it work? For example, QUIET curve for Commander PRO is based on all temperature sensors? How iCue use these default curves? thank you for your help.
  9. So i'm running a H100i V2, currently with stock fans, as one of my ML120 pros had to be RMAed. I'm fiddling with my fans and trying to determine what sensor I should be using for the fan profile. I have a 8700k so temp spikes are common and running the fan profile off the package temp means that the fans are constantly spinning up and down, making a lot of noise and in the long term damaging the motors. I could run it off the H100i's internal temp sensor, but i'm worried that wont be sensitive enough or reflect the actual package temp well. I have a Commander Pro, so I could try and run a thermistor near the CPU socket and use that sensor instead? Any suggestions or recommendations for sensors or fan curve's would be great!
  10. Hi, I have the H150 I pro and a commander pro installed in my PC, I have connected the 150 pro radiator fans to the commander pro in slot 1 to 3 and 3 case fans from 4 to 6. however I can set all kind of fan curves for the H150 pro radiator fans but the case fans are stuck at max RPM. I have 6 LL 120 and I use icue . can you help, please.
  11. Hello everyone! I have recently got the H100i V2 for my pc and the default fan curve on Corsair Link seems to be too loud for me. I have my radiator at the top of my case with the fans blowing outwards (pretty sure it blows outwards, the logos on the fans are facing inwards). I have a intel 8700k and a 1080 ti (if that helps). I am just curious what fan curve people would recommend for sorta intense games (like PUBG and stuff).
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