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Found 15 results

  1. How can I arrange my fans and hubs so they will work and will the diagram I made work? I am going to upgrade to the parts list here https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Somebody32x2/saved/p4Pfyc The important parts are here: Case: 5000x RGB Fans: H150i ELITE CAPELLIX (3x ML120) 4 total SP120 RGB ELITE's (3 in the case + one extra) 3 QL 120's I will have the following hubs: Commander Core (Comes with AIO (6x PWM + 6x RGB)) Lighting Node Core (Comes with 3x QL120 (6x RGB)) The built-in controllers for the 5000x RGB (I think 6x PWM + 6x RGB) An extra 4x USB 2.0 splitter (Tell me if this should change to something else) After hearing that each controller can only handle one type of fan I made this diagram: I am new to this and assumed everything needs usb 2.0
  2. J'ai une petite question Si je prend le boitier 465x, le h100i et un ll120 de chez corsair j'ai besoin de quoi au niveau des hubs pour la gestion du rgb ? Je connais les différents hubs mais pas leurs fonctionnement et a quoi ils servent. Merci
  3. ok.. Im so lost in config and ... corsair .,.. MY setup... CP>HUB>3 HD120 + 2 X HD140 I have done the setup correct, thru some diagram here on the forum. I have tested each fan, they all lid up in port 1 on hub I have tested 3 HUBS I have filmed the entire "check connections, stop / start service"... blabla... [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYriuAtCSa0]filmed it all[/ame] I have a new CP from RMA somebody help me...coz im lost.. give me a yell / PM/ something if you need more info debug export and config in zip... Service_Error.log corsair export debug.zip
  4. Hello - I'm very new to PC building and have hit a bit of a snag on my build and need some direction/help. Essentially I want to be able to hook up two LL120 Fans and the H115i CPU cooler. Can I do this with just a Commander Pro by hooking the two fans into the Commander Pro and the cooler straight into the motherboard, or do I need the fan hub in addition? A side note is I'm using the NZXT 510 Elite which has it's own command hub and I'm wanting to keep that Hub intact so I can use the built in LED that comes with it, but it appears for me to use the corsair products I need the commander pro, so not sure if I can run 2 hubs or if I need to switch to the corsair LED strips as well. I would appreciate any direction! CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Motherboard - Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Case - NZXT 510 Elite GPU - EVGA RTX 2070 Super RAM - G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB Storage - Samsung 860 EVO SSD Power Supply - Corsair 750W Gold CPU Cooler - Corsair H115i RGB Platinum Case Fans - Corsair LL120's
  5. Hallo, aktuell bin ich gerade dabei mir einen neuen PC zusammenzustellen. Da ich aus dem Software-Bereich komme, habe ich ein paar (viele) Fragen zum Hardware-Sektor. Mein neues System würde ich gerne mit ein paar Corsair-Produkten versehen. Folgende Elemente möchte ich verbauen: * Corsair LL120 RGB LED PWM PC-Gehäuselüfter * Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 XMP 2.0 Enthusiast RGB LED-Beleuchtung * Und eventuell einen der CPU-Kühler mit RGB-Funktion, falls mir der ganze Spaß nicht zu teuer wird. (Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum SE Wasserkühlung/CPU-Flüssigkeitskühlung) Jetzt meine Fragen: 1. Brauche ich dafür den Commander Pro? 2. Wenn ich ihn nicht unbedingt brauche, was benötige ich dann für Vorraussetzungen (Anschlüsse, welche, wie viele, etc.?) 3. Bei dem ersten Paket ist "Node und Hub" dabei, was genau ist das? Ich hoffe meine Fragen sind nicht zu idiotisch und ich freue mich auf eure Antwort! Danke :)
  6. I'll build a new PC soon and I wanted to buy the following things for the RGB lighting from Corsair, [a set of 3 fans, 1 Commander Pro, 1 Lightning Node Pro and 1 hub]. Then a [single fan]. Then [a set of 3 set consists of 3 fans, Lightning Node Pro and Hub] from my old PC, I can still use [4 RGB Stripes] and still [a Lightning Node Pro] in which, however, a channel (connection) is broken because used goods) on my motherboard are 2 USB 2.0 ports, from the housing comes 1 USB 2.0 port. So my question is I HAVE EVERYTHING OR I NEED ANYTHING (e.g. USB 2.0 splitter)? {Translated with Google translator}
  7. I tried to buy from the Corsair site but it says they're out of stock on the RGB Fan Hubs, any idea when they will be back in stock? I tried the "Notify me when it's in stock" but it just takes me to a loading page that continues to load and never does anything.
  8. Does the RGB Fan LED hub only work for the RGB fans, or can it work for the blue ones (which I am using) as well? The second question is if either the fans or the hub comes with the connectors needed or do I have to buy them myself? Thanks in advance!
  9. Bonjour, j'ai acheté récemment 2x Pack de 3 ML 120 Pro RGB 1 ML 120 Pro RGB supplémentaire 1x Corsair COMMANDER PRO 1x Corsair Lighting Node PRO Le soucie est que je ne sais pas comment brancher le ventilateur supplémentaire car sur le commander pro il n'y a que 6 emplacements ainsi que sur le hub rgb led, j'aimerai savoir comment faire. Je vous remercie de votre réponse. Cordialement,
  10. Hallo liebes Forum, Ich habe mir mit dem Corsair SPEC- OMEGA Gehäuse meinen PC gebaut und habe nun folgendes Problem. Weder die 2 Lüfter noch die RGB Leiste vorne am Gehäuse leuchtet, die Lüfter drehen ohne Probleme. Die 2 Lüfter sind am HUB angeschlossen ( Platz 1 & Platz 2), dieser HUB ist an dem etwas kleinerem HUB angeschlossen. Diesen hab ich mit dem 9 PIN an den USB 2.0 Anschluss ans MBD angesteckt. An dem kleineren HUB sind die LED 1 & LED 2 Plätze belegt. Alles war schon so verkabelt, bis auf die Lüfter, die habe ich an die FAN 4 PIN Anschlüsse ans MBD angesteckt. Hoffe mir kann jemand weiterhelfen oder ist das Gehäuse kaputt ? Die RGB Leiste vorne sollte ja wenigstens leuchten oder muss ich hier etwas ausstecken und anders verkabeln ? Danke schonmal im Voraus.
  11. Bonjour, Voilà j'ai acheté un commander pro ainsi que 5 fan HD120 et le hub pour le RGB. J'ai tout connecté dans le bon ordre. Mais le corsair ICUE n'allume q'un ventilateur et laisse les autres éteint. Pourtant je les est bien branché des port 1 à 5, et je lui est dit qu'il y en avait 5 et que cela était des HD120. J'ai testé et tout les ventilateurs fonctionnent individuellement mais uniquement sur le port 1. J'ai tout essayé ! Est-ce possible que le hub pour fan soit défectueux ?:(: Merci de votre aide
  12. I have 8 hd120 fans. All of them light up with the expection of one. Using Corsair pro with 2 RGB hubs I've connected them all in order. Verified via icue, I have 6 hd120 rgb cords connected to led channel 1. 2 connected cia channel 2. Reset the PC, changed commander to different hub Reset firmware on commander by inserting pin. Viewed various forums and youtube videos Ran out of ideas. Request the communitys assistance.
  13. So i've got 7 Corsair LL (5x120, 2x140) and want to wire them all up together using a RGB Hub and a Commander Pro. Ive read in a thead i can use a Y-Cable for the fan/pwm control (and ik im not able to address a single one), but is that also possible for the RGB input in the Hub? Obviously i'd need a RGB 4pin splitter, but they do exist, so i dont see a problem here. wouldn't wanna buy another Hub just for a single fan. Though that would be better if i'd decide later on to use RGB Strips for extension, right? Or wait, i could also just plug the RGB Strips into the Commander where the first slot is occupied by RGB Hub Thanks!
  14. Hello I have 6x LL120 RGB for with a commander pro and the RGB Fan LED Hub. The 6 have worked about 6 month. But for 1 week the last 3 do not want to shine anymore. Channel 4-5 and 6. But if i put fan 4 on channel 3, it lights up quite normal. Have tried it with another Hub but the same problem. My 4 RGB LED strips are working. Can someone help me please Sorry for bad englich Thank you see pics for my config
  15. Hellllllp I currently have 2xLL120 RGB 3 pan packs. Using one of the included lighting node pro's I get the following problem. Add fans 1-3 in the corsair link software, all 3 fans work perfectly, full control add fan 4 in the corsair link software, Fan 4 does not light and there is no control add fan 5 in the corsair link software and fan 4 lights up with full control add fan 6 in the corsair link software and fan 5 lights up with full control Fan 6 stays dark, swap fans 5 and 6 in the hub and fan 6 then works. Tried reflashing the firmware initially all fans light up, but as soon as you try to control them the issue above reappears. Tried the other lighting node pro from the second 3 fan pack and the same thing happens. Tried an older version of the link software and no different This is doing my nut in, any help would be appreciated cheers Ian
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