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icue H150i eliteCPU over temperature

Hla Min

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this morning when I start my computer the windows 11 boots up and a minute later the computer slow down so I restart the computer.Then it shows up Bios screen with CPU over temperature, cpu temperature was 89C.

Then I went to PC repair center and clean up radiatorand apply new pro grease to CPU. Then windows boots up again and a minute later the same problem occured and the PC cannot boot up again.

when I touch the pump head besides of LCD screen, it was very hot but the PC was boot about 2 or 3 minutes.

i used this PC for about 7 months without problem in usage. but LCD was H150i was not work properly after 2 month of usage. it shows up my setting photo when the booting time but when the windows screen appear the image of LCD that i set was gone and corsair logo with exclamationmark icon is showing up. 

please help me how to troubleshootingthis problem.



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The pump is not running and that is the error message displayed on the LCD screen. The only trick you can try here is a power cycle. With the pc shutdown, flip the PSU switch off. Then disconnect and reconnect the wide power cable on the end of the Commander Core that goes to the pump top. On the LCD model you can pop the top off the block and reconnect too, although I suspect you already did that when you redid the TIM. Flip the PSU back on and try to start up. You can stop at the bios and see if the cpu temp is still shooting up. 

Start a support ticket with Corsair. If the power cycle does not correct this (and that’s unlikely if you still have fan and RGB power), Corsair will need to replace the unit. 

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