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Ram authenticity: LPX CMK16GX4M1E3200C16


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Can someone help me check the authenticity of a memory module? It's advertised as CMK16GX4M1E3200C16, but it's missing the serial and model numbers from the packaging, so I'm concerned about it being a counterfeit product.




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I’m looking on my phone, but it would seem the model number on the RAM does not match what you stated above. I might be willing to accept the small sticker with the model number came off at some point, but when the product inside doesn’t match it’s a bit dubious. 

Not related to the issue at hand, but do you want a single 16GB stick?  Most motherboards are dual channel and you are giving up some performance by not running 2x8 or 2x16 if you need 32GB. 

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The part numbers don't match:


The latter has CN at the end which I believe indicates it's only sold in China. The memory label also shows it was made in 2023, but the box has a 2019 copyright.

Where'd you purchase this?

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