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Is my RAM Single or Dual RANK!?

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I have recently purchased CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 RAM 32GB (2x16GB) 6400MHz CL32. I purchased 2 of these kits so I can run 4 DIMMS in my new system. I just looked at my motherboard specs (MSI Z790 Tomahawk paired with an i9-14900k) and I came across this information:

Max. overclocking frequency:

• 1DPC 1R Max speed up to 7200+ MHz

• 1DPC 2R Max speed up to 6600+ MHz

• 2DPC 1R Max speed up to 6400+ MHz

• 2DPC 2R Max speed up to 5600+ MHz

I just want to know if this RAM is SINGLE OR DUAL RANK! I have looked EVERYWHERE and have tried reaching out to support through the chat function but was connected with someone before they immediately disconnected. There is no information in the technical specs on the corsair site and reading the memory part number doesnt provide that info (according to the article on the corsair site).

Please help. I have not built my system yet but I want to make sure that I can run XMP at the full 6400 MHz speed. If these are dual rank, then according to the specs listed in the motherboard manual, the max speed is 5600 MHz. With this being a rather important factor when building a PC and purchasing RAM, I'm very surprised that this kind of information is not more readily available.


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I've continued to look into this myself, and I managed to find some information on my motherboard's website when looking at their compatibility checker. While I couldn't find the exact RAM that I have listed (they had the same memory part number but it ended in CL36 rather than CL32), I did notice that ALL the Corsair Vengeance RAM that was less than 32GB were listed as single sided (single rank). RAM at 32GB or higher were listed as dual sided (dual rank).

According to the chart in my original post, it would appear that dual rank RAM has lower achievable speeds than single rank RAM, whether being used with 1DPC or 2DPC (DIMMs [sticks of ram] Per Channel). Most, if not all current motherboards support dual channel, so if you are only using 2 sticks of RAM on your motherboard, then you are using 1DPC. If you are using 4 sticks of RAM, then you are using 2DPC.

With this information, I now know that my motherboard is capable of running the RAM that I purchased, in 2DPC, at its supported speed of 6400MHz since each DIMM is 16GB and I am using 4 of them to equal 64GB of total RAM. I believe this information should be much easier for people to find since single/dual rank RAM directly affects the maximum stable speeds that can be achieved (you can often times achieve higher speeds, but instability may occur). Many manufacturers will have 1R or 2R incorporated into the part number to indicate whether the RAM is single or dual rank. I'm unsure why Corsair doesn't do that.

I hope this helps someone else out there!

Tldr; It appears that all Corsair Vengeance RAM that are less than 32GB, are single rank. 32GB and up, are dual rank

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