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New Rm1000x (2021) fan noise

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Hey there,

So I just build a new PC this week and after using it over the last 3 or 4 days it's been great. Until tonight when I was doing some light gaming before work there was a noise that seemed to just come out of nowhere in the middle of me afk in a game. After doing a bit of investigating me and my brother are both convinced it is the fan within the psu (RM1000X (2021))

I took a couple of videos for reference. The first is about a min after it started and while I was still under a load, the second is after shutting the PC down and booting up.






I had to leave for work so I wasn't able to swap it out and use a spare PSU I have to verify it 100% thought I would post on here and see what yall think. Also worth mentioning this is less than a week old and I'll probably return for a replacement from amazon.

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  • Corsair Employee

Hey there, This definitely sounds like something physically touching the fan blades as it spins. You can remove the power supply and visually inspect this to see what may be causing the issue. If this is not something easily solved please do submit a ticket here and we will be happy to assist.

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I can't see on the videos, but often in PSUs there's transparent plastic covers protecting some high voltage areas. It's possible one such sheet, or just a wire is touching the blade if you look close with a flashlight. A little careful poke with a Q-tip could put it back where it belongs, away from the fan.

If the PSU is installed fan down, gravity won't help ^^'

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