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Corsair H60 (CW-906007-BB) Not Working

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Hello, I'm having issues with my h60 and my CPU has been hitting 100°C frequently for the past while (I thought they were false readings in MSI Afterburner and iCue).

I've taken out the pump and radiator, gotten any possible air out of the pump, scraped and reapplied thermal paste, and even tried changing where they were plugged in.

Any ideas? I'm really stuck here and would like to be able to use my PC without it being a nuclear reactor (despite feeling barely lukewarm to my hand)

I've attatched an image of BIOS from yesterday, borkedpump.thumb.jpg.bb7f35aef955067984cb0f721e8e27dc.jpgPump 1 is the fan the radiator is attatched to, and System 6 is my back fan, the pump itself was plugged into CPU_FAN_1.

As of cleaning, I had moved the pump to Pump_Fan_1 and the radiator fan to Sys_Fan_4 but nothing has improved.

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I don't know how but I fixed it!

I just moved the cabes back to where they were before and all the sudden everything's fine!

I'm currently hitting 24-26°C in BIOS and the h60 is hitting a normal 4000-4400 rpm while the fans are at 2000~ (corsair fan for radiator) and 1500~ (exhaust fan that came with case)


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