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Found 5 results

  1. I have had my cooler for about 3 years now and recently I noticed my game stuttering and running slowly. Then I went into ICUE and found that my CPU was 90*C and throttling heavily. In the ICUE software no matter what I set the pre-sets and settings to on the cooler the fan speed never goes above 600-700RPM whilst the pump operates at max speed. I have tried setting the fans to a constant RPM of max RPM and still nothing changes. This happened recently after I used a software called signal RGB, I am still able to change the RGB settings of the fans and RPM of the pump just not the fan speed. I uninstalled Signal RGB thoroughly and restarted the ICUE software and still nothing. Any help is appreciated and I can probably respond after 5PM in the UK,
  2. Hello all, So after many hours of planning and research, I got everything hooked up this weekend. doing my 24 hour leak test went very well, with no condensation or dripping. During this time I had the commander pro hooked up as well, testing lights on the new fans and verifying they all run properly. everything seemed to go well, but about 2 hours in all the RGB shut off on the fans. At that point it was fine with me as it was pretty late. When I woke the next morning I began the excruciating task of cable management, already having a single commander pro and a lighting node pro, on top of doing push/pull on the new 420 rad. So, 6 fans in total for the new Cpro. Got everything wired up, and the fans are spinning (on very, very low speeds) and none of the RGB will work. So I think maybe its the fact i'm using a USB plug direct from my motherboard, and so i plug it into the commander pro I already have, to one of the USB headers. Windows throws a USB device not recognized error and icue wont see it. I move my lighting node pro to the supposedly working Commander Pro, and running from its USB header it wont show up in Icue either. Weird, huh? So my brand new commander is basically DoA, as well as the USB plugs on my (seemingly otherwise fine) Cpro not recognizing a lighting node pro or the other commander pro. I should note that I have replugged, checked all wiring, the lighting node pro works fine when direct to the motherboard, on the working Cpro. Also, the new (completely not working) cpro wont even allow its RGB hub to funciton when plugged into an LED port, but if i move it to the second commander pro with the janky USB headers, it works fine from its LED port. So, I have one "semi" working commander pro (USB headers not working?) and a brand new 800$ HydroX setup that I cant use (and on the default hardware setting wont even compete with the 240 AIO I replaced it with) because i cant control fan speed. I can only set pump speed, but it isnt recognized as a HydroX system (No HydroX Profiles appear available, and it doesnt list it in devices) and even then at 100% (4k RPM) it still wont beat my 240. I have a feeling this is solely due to lack of fancurve and pump settings in iCue not being available, and the fans being stuck at the lowest possible speed (once again I have 5 LL's in Push Pull) Please help. I put a ticket in last week with support, and haven't heard anything back. at the moment i feel like a fool having spent so much money and I cant even cool a 9900k at 5.0ghz without hitting 90 degrees, whereas my 240 AIO wouldn't even break 85ish.
  3. For quite some time my Corsair H100i V2 and CPU have been overheating (55+c and 75-80c, respectively), generally while under heavy load like gaming, but also occasionally while doing simple tasks like running file explorer and Google Chrome. I installed my H100i V2 on 12/26/2016, and until recently it cooled my processor very well, averaging about 50-60c while playing games like Overwatch in 4k (max settings). But for the past 3 months or so, I have been getting 75-80c and even higher on my CPU (FX8350) and 45-55c on my cooler which has been causing my PC to freeze and even shut down without warning (no shutting down... windows message). I already replaced the power supply, so this is not a power/voltage issue. On Corsair Link, it says my pumps and fans are running fine (2700rpm and 2040rpm, respectively). But whenever I launch software or games my temperatures immediately spike and the corsair light on my cooler turns solid red. For a while, I can play games while getting around 80c on my CPU and around 50c on my cooler, but eventually it will cause my PC to freeze. If it's of any relevance, one of the tubes on my cooler is rather warm and the other is cold while running. I assumed this is normal but maybe not. Also, I installed the fans so that they would intake air from the top of my case and blow air down into my case, towards the ground. Perhaps there is a better way? Though, this setup was working great for a while, so I don't believe it's a problem with installation, rather something is failing on me, and I don't believe it's the pump or fans. I've used an air compressor to dust out the radiator (though, I haven't taken it apart for a clean yet), and I've made sure that all the cords are plugged into the motherboard and cooling unit. I've never tried overclocking on my CPU. Thank you very much in advance, any information on the matter is greatly appreciated.
  4. Sorry in advance for the wall of text I wanted to make sure I outlined everything: I have being having an issue with my CPU temps using the I7 6700k paired with the h100i v2. Idle I get 30c (after around 30 mins sat at desktop otherwise its 40c) which is not a problem but as soon as I start loading programs they spike to 60 (even when loading chrome, control panel, steam etc) and under gmaing it tops out at a steady 80-95c depending on the game. I got very conserned with this and decided to run the IPDT which failed due to temps (topped out at 100c after 30 seconds). I have reseated the cooler 3 times with three different thermal pastes, the first time was the initial install with stock paste, second time was with Arctic mx-2 and third time I got a proper cleaning kit and some Noctua NT-N1. All three times gave me low temps for a day or two and then began climing day one load temps were 50c, day 2 60c, day 3. 70c and by a week they were back to failing the IPDT at 100c. The mounting is all correct I made sure of that and my CPU voltage is capped at 1.2v. It should also be noted im using performance settings in Link and I can feel/hear the water being moved through the system. Also worth noting corsair Link shows the pump temp being at 40-50c when under load
  5. There needs to be an option to use corsair link to control the fan curve(s) exclusively, iCUE broke overnight leaving my fans at ~600 rpm on an aggressively overclocked CPU. This is a full custom loop that's never had a cooling issue until trying to use iCUE instead of Link4. While i like the degree of control i get using iCUE it isnt worth damaging my cpu just for the extra lighting controls. for the time being im back to CUE2 and Link4.
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