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  1. Ive been putting together my own PC for the last few weeks. I want to get my Case today and am wondering. I have the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum cooler and i wanna mount it on the top. My Ram sticks are Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and a Asus Rog Strix Z390-E Gaming mobo. Ive heard this combo works and doesnt work from different people. The Vengeance Ram sticks are 51mm. The Airflow 4000D case has great reviews and is relatively cheap but i wanna avoid mounting my cpu cooler on the front. Is this combo now possible or not? Again, Corsair H115i RGB Platinum top mount, Corsair 4000D Airflow, Asus Rog strix Z390-E Gaming + 51mm Vengeance RAM Sticks. Cheers
  2. Hey, I already have the Corsair crystal 570x the amd cpu 5800x and Radeon 6900xt. I don’t know which cooler would be the best. I want to leave the 3 coolers from the Corsair 570x in the front and I don’t know whether i need extra coolers on top or at the back. I am thinking of an AiO. Which one could be good for installing at the top of the case? Am thinking of something from Corsair like h115i. And also the Corsair ll120 for the back. Or isn’t it needed? Are the 3 coolers in front with or without the AiO enough? Also the noctua NH D15 chromaxblack is in my mind but I kinda would like the RGB effect.
  3. Hey, everyone. I'm new to the forum and I had a specific question about the Obsidian 500D RGB SE. I'm planning on doing a new PC build this year (or possibly next year if PC parts don't go back down in price or come in stock) using an Obsidian 500D RGB SE. I was curious if anyone here has done a build with that using an AIO liquid CPU cooler and - if so - whether a front-mounted 360mm unit or top-mounted 240/280mm unit provides better ventilation. I've seen photos on PC Part Picker showing a front-mounted 360mm in an 500D RGB SE both with the included radiator fans on & off. Is using only the three front-mounted 120mm LL RGB fans (the ones that come with the case) with the 360mm radiator enough, or does having the radiator sandwiched between those and the radiator's fans provide better cooling (despite how bulky it is and if the motherboard can support 9 fans in total)? I am looking for a slimmer build, so I am leaning toward a top-mounted 280mm cooler and using its included fans until I can afford to replace them with 140mm LL RGBs to match the 500D RGB SE's included ones; additionally, having a top-mounted exhaust seems like it'd provide better ventilation than a front-mounted intake unless you are going to add both a 120mm rear fan (which I plan on using as well [an LL120 to complete the set]) and two 120/140mm top fans.
  4. I just built my first pc. My CPU is a Ryzen 5 5600x on a Gigabyte B550 Aorus pro motherboard in a Corsair iCue 4000x case. I installed the H100i Elite Capellix cooler and my temps seem a bit high but I'm not sure what is considered "normal" with this cooler as I am new to pc in general. CPU temps: on start up/idle: 33c-43c browsing internet or other small tasks: 40c-50c playing less demanding games (ex. Rocket League): 45c-60c playing demanding games (ex. Cyberpunk): nearly 85c max These temps fluctuate very quickly. My coolant temp (monitored using iCue) hovers between 28c and 35c unless I play something like Cyberpunk or GTA. Then it gradually climbs up to nearly 45c. Are these temps typical for this cooler and if not what can I do to get them lower.
  5. Hello, I am new to the AIO scene and I wanted to know if my watercoolor will auto adjust rpm to cpu temp.:D:
  6. Background information: Corsair 570X case 6 LL120 fans 4x8 GB Vengence Pro 4000MHZ H100i Elite AIO cooler msi mpg x570 gaming edge I recently purchased 6 LL120 RGB fans and had the desire of installing all the fans and controlling them all on the iCue software. I succeeded, but in the event of swapping the SP120s for the LL120s, I had to use the Commander Core instead of the RGB Hub and the SP lighting controller that came with the 570X case. After swapping hubs, my CPU cooler makes a constant whirring noise on quiet mode. This sound was never present when I ran the setup with the SP120s and the RGB hub instead of the LL120s and the CoCore. Wiring info: CPU cooler is in CPU_FAN All fans including the lighting cables are on the Commander Core. The RGB hub is not being use as well as the SP lighting controller but they are still installed, but I feel as though that would not contribute to the CPU cooler being loud. Everything works and looks fine, its just the CPU cooler whirring louder than before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Background information: Corsair 570X case 6 LL120 fans 4x8 GB Vengence Pro 4000MHZ H100i Elite AIO cooler msi mpg x570 gaming edge I recently purchased 6 LL120 RGB fans and had the desire of installing all the fans and controlling them all on the iCue software. I succeeded, but in the event of swapping the SP120s for the LL120s, I had to use the Commander Core instead of the RGB Hub and the SP lighting controller that came with the 570X case. After swapping hubs, my CPU cooler makes a constant whirring noise on quiet mode. This sound was never present when I ran the setup with the SP120s and the RGB hub instead of the LL120s and the CoCore. Wiring info: CPU cooler is in CPU_FAN All fans including the lighting cables are on the Commander Core. The RGB hub is not being use as well as the SP lighting controller but they are still installed, but I feel as though that would not contribute to the CPU cooler being loud. Everything works and looks fine, its just the CPU cooler whirring louder than before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. As the the title says, the H100i Platinum temp setting is sitting at around 50C even when the computer is idle, but my CPU temps hover around 37C. These temps stay the same when I'm putting my computer under some stress, like gaming, etc. I've updated my software and have no idea what could be causing the issue. Since my iCUE profile is using the H100i temp my fans are constantly running hard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I've had this H100i v2 for my AMD ryzen 1800x for over 3 years. It works perfectly until yesterday. The cooler suddenly shuts down while the computer system is still running. Then the CPU temp goes over 200f and then the whole system shuts down. After rebooting the computer the cooler gets back on again with no problem, but then after running the computer for random amount of time (usually about 1-2hrs), the cooler just shuts down by itself again...and have to reboot the computer to prevent the cpu from overheating or the system will reboot/shuts down once the cpu reach to certain temp... I noticed that everytime when the cooler shuts down, the windows system will make a sound that similar to the sound that when u disconnect some USB plugins. Any help there is much appreciated!
  10. Title pretty much says it. I have had this cooler on my previous build, the only difference was I used a Commander Pro with my B-450 F motherboard. My commander pro shorted out, so the only differences with the new build is a new case, new motherboard (Asus X-570) and new EVGA power supply. Upon booting, my rgb fans immediately turn red and start spazzing out, running at full speed. Going in to the BIOS, I see that my CPU is running at 90C, or around 200 degrees F. I've tried reapplying thermal paste, making sure no pins are bent, fans are hooked up to the correct headers, and switching SATA power cables. I'm a bit confused on the cable layout. When I had my Commander Pro, I had all 6 of my fans, including the 2 radiator fans for the AIO plugged into it. Since it shorted out, I have hooked up my two radiator fans to the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT headers on my X-570. The 3 pin power connector I have hooked up to the AIO_PUMP header, the Sata connector to the power supply, and the USB 3.0 cable to the bottom of the motherboard. Do I need another commander pro? Do I need to hook the fans up to the headers attached to the pump itself (Tried this and the fans didn't spin)? I'm going to try switching to the stock AMD Wraith cooler tonight if nothing else works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello Everyone, I have just bought a new H150i RGB Pro XT for my i7-8086K (not overclocked). Should be a bit of an oversized solution, but I'm already planning for the future :D: . Though I have build all my computers so far by myself I have no hands on experience with water cooling. So some issues arised and I am not sure if they are normal behaviour or not: (room temp 23°C, all tests with open case, radiator outside the case in a push configuration) At idle my CPU temp is 33°C At load (Cinebench R20.060) temp go high as 94°C with an average of 89°C At idle water temp (value from iCUE) is about 27°C and at load about 30°C There is (even at 100% speed) only minimal airflow through the radiator Pump has a very annoying high pitched sound (I already turned the case to get rid of possible bubbles) What I have done/checked so far: Turned the case in all direction and gave it a shake to release bubbles from pump Set all setting in iCUE to the highest possible Used an alternative cooling paste and checked if preapplied paste was in good contact (it was) On the tubes I can feel the water flow Radiator get warmish even on full load So maybe some of you with more experience with water cooling have ideas what I can try next. Any help is appreciated :winking:
  12. Is there any way to control the RGB of ANY AMD compatible cooler via ICUE? I'm new to this and its quite confusuing... :newbie:
  13. I am using a H115i Pro to cool my CPU and my Fans have been stuck at 900rpm at 100%. ICUE shows that my curve at 100% only goes up to 900rpm and the fixed RPM mode doesn't seem to do anything. I plugged in my fan cables to the Corsair splitter, connected the micro usb to the USB 2.0 in my motherboard, and connected the SATA power. In terms of cables, it was set up as instructed. I originally used Corsair Link until I was told that ICUE is better. Some checks done: - H115i Pro Firmware [up to date] - ICUE Update [up to date] - MB Firmware [up to date]
  14. I have both my USB headers on my motherboard consumed by the H115i CPU cooler. My Lightning Node needs a USB header. How do I wire all of these components for them to work together. I would imagine they are designed to be able to work in systems with MOBOs with only 2 USB headers. Any assistance on how to wire these components would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hello everyone, so I am considering purchasing the "Hydro Series™ H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler" I have some questions. First, my current fans in my case are Corsair HD120 fans, will the fans that come with the new CPU cooler work along with my HD120 fans or will I have to have all my fans matching? Next, my current RGB connections are all connected to my Commander pro can the new fans that come with the cooler connect to the commander pro or do they need to connect directly to the motherboard? Next, What does the Liquid mean? Do I need to have a full liquid cooling set up for this to work? also, will this cooler work along with my current CPU? which is an Intel I7 7700 Thank you for your help!
  16. So while trying to iron out some noisy case vibrations the radiator fans cause at certain RPM on my case by playing with the fan speed curve, I noticed that the CPU was actually really hot at idle and that my CPU wasn't even overclocked.. So I checked it while I was rendering out some video in Premiere and observed this hot nonsense. Clearly it has to be thermal throttling to all hell. I missed the end of the render so I'm not sure of the time difference between load end and the idle screenshot, but it can't be much more than 10mins maybe I'd guess? It basically sits around 70c at idle and then under even very light load pops up to 80c - Ambient temp in the room is 21c right now. - Radiator is mounted on top of the case - fans mounted in push to exhaust out the top of the case - this is my second h115i after the first one had a failed pump. When that one was still working it was WAY better than this one is and actually pushed out heat :( The only part of the radiator that feels warm at any time (under load or at idle) was the corner closest to the input pipe, the rest all felt very cool. It's really such a small area that was warm and the air coming through it was warm as well, but the rest was no different feeling between under load and at idle temps to me and all. I'm trying to figure out if the CPU block is just mounted badly? Has a blockage in the radiator? both? :confused: Any help decoding what is going on would be most appreciated!
  17. Tldr: standoff screws too short, can't mount CPU cooler. Pictures attached. I recently upgraded from a 6800k to the 9900kf and seem to be unable to properly mount my H100i v2 to the new processor. The standoff screws are too short. They don't come up far enough through the bracket. So I figured oh I must have the wrong screws. I contacted Corsair and sent them my serial number. They sent me a product page to buy a new mounting kit. Once that arrived I tried again only to find I did indeed have the right screws the first time, but they just don't work. Anyone else had this issue?
  18. Hello all, I am new to AIOs and watercooling in general. I am thinking of changing my current CPU air cooler for a Corsair AIO and I have some questions. Firstly, which way should my radiator fans blow? The case I will probably be using will be a Meshify S2 and I will probably mount the radiator up top. I will have three 140mm fans in front, one at the rear, and so that leaves the fans in the radiator. Secondly, which one should I go for? I am currently looking at the H150i Pro, but would welcome other suggestions. Would going for one with two fans be better for my overall fan setup? I’m worried multiple fans at the top may disrupt airflow. Thirdly, should I replace the stock fans that come with the AIO I choose? I’ve heard the stock fans aren’t that good but obviously I don’t have any firsthand experience so any feedback on the stock fans would be appreciated. Thanks! Answers to any or all of my questions are much appreciated!
  19. Hey guys I just got the Commander Pro and wired it all up in my 570X. My system wouldn't boot because I moved the power connectors for the two fans on my H100i from the motherboard CPU fan power to my Commander Pro ( slots 4 and 5 ). When I moved the power cables back to the motherboard, I could boot. Is there something in the bios I have to set to make this work? I'd prefer the fans to be connected to the Commander Pro so that everything is monitored through that interface, but maybe I'm losing functionality by doing that? ELI5 please :) Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z270-E Gaming
  20. I was checking out the settings in Windows 10 and it said that I had a driver problem with one of my parts in my PC, so I troubleshoot and it said that my CPU cooler (H110i GT) is having a driver problem. Should I be worried, if so what should I do cause I've tried to do the troubleshoot but Windows couldn't fix it. I did uninstall the driver in device manager and it fixed it but when I restarted my PC to make sure, the problem came back up again. Then I went into the BIOS and it said my pump is at 0RPM CPU Temps Erro in Device Manager BIOS 0RPM
  21. Hey, I am currently stuck with a problem where my pc is stuck on Turn ON-Turn OFF cycle, where it turns ON for 2/3sec and immediately turns OFF and then the cycle keeps on going infinitely unless i switch it OFF by pressing the power button or remove plug from the wall outlet. I removed all the cables and plugged them in but no luck. I then tried changing the power cord, removing all the unnecessary hardware (like hard drive, graphics card etc) but still the problem persists. I then went ahead with only the CPU, Motherboard and PSU attached and tried to start the computer but still could not get through. Then I cleared the CMOS by pressing the Clear CMOS button, still I am stuck with the same problem. It would be great if you could just help me figure out what to do next. Thank you
  22. Hello, I have recently build a new system. But I am experiencing issues with the iCUE software. So I am having this problem where I constantly hear the windows plug and play sound followed up by my fans "freezing" for a second but mainly my H100I RGB Platinum going dark or freezing up. I read about this issue on another post and was told to disable the cpu fan control on my motherboard. After I had dpne this there was no change at all. What I've found out now after testing this for a full week, it is a problem with the iCUE software. I had it removed from my system for a full week and my system ran totally fine without having any single problem at all apart from the rgb going random looking very bad :D: . I have reinstalled iCUE yesterday evening tried it out and have had nothing but issues again. The exact same problem, Plug&play sound > CPU cooler & fans dying for a second after going back to normal the same happens about 10 seconds later. All my settings in iCUE should be correct. Any clue what the problem may be?
  23. I just installed a new H100i v2 on my old I7-980x. Let me preface this by saying the system ran flawless for 8 years prior to installing the H100i v2, with the exception of swapping out the old PSU for a Corsair RM1000i a few years ago. Basically, I just wanted a less noisy cooling system. The Intel stock fan cooler was getting loud. Please note: ignore my current PC specs on my bio they’re for my new PC. The I7-980X is on an Asus P6X58 mobo, GPU is an EVGA 680 Classified, 24GB Corsair Vengeance ram, and PSU Corsair RM1000i. So now since I’ve installed the H100i the PC always takes 3 attempts before it will boot. It will attempt to start twice then shut down until the 3rd try where it will successfully boot into Windows. I only have to push the power button once then it does the rest on its own. Also the PC will randomly shutdown anywhere from 5 - 60 minutes after it has been running. The H100i is also making a strange chirping like noise that my H150i does not make. When I installed the H100i I cleaned the CPU thoroughly, however I did not reseat the CPU. When I tightened the CPU standoff screws connecting the cooler to the CPU I used a Phillips head, but didn’t tighten it a tight as possible. I also used the default CPU paste that came on the cooler bracket. I would like to mention the tempts on the CPU are fine. I ran Cinebench twice with no issues. Any ideas what may be causing the issue with 3 attempts to start before boot and the random crashes? Thank you for your assistance!
  24. HI guys, so I built my first PC yesterday and after booting up, installing app, windows, etc, everything was perfectly fine and working as intended except for my cooler and the temp. I followed the instruction, the cooler is lighting up inside my case but the cooler fans aren't turning and my pc temp Hit 67C while I was installing some low data apps like spotify or skype.... Also, I keep hearing the windows device connect/disconnect notification sound each 10 seconds, so I looked up in my devices and I kept seeing the corsair USB appearing and disappearing, is this because of the corsair link usb cable ? ( the link app was showing me my CPU was at 120C LOL which is impossible...) So I was wondering if I installed my cooler the wrong way ? I will step back what I did: - installed the cooler on top of my ryzen 2600x with the AM4 socket since I have a x470 gaming plus ( I reapplied thermal paste and cleaned the one that was pre applied) - installed the radiator and the 2x fans as exhaust on top of my case - now it's where im not 100% sure, I connected the cooler power cable to the CPU_FAN. After there is a "Y" cable that comes off the Corsair cooler, So I connected 2x cooler fans to the Y cable. I even looked the manual and everything seem to be in order, but I looked at my fans when I was installing apps and the case fans were working fine ( 1 intake installed on the SYS_FAN2 and 1 exhaust installed in te SYS_FAN4) but the 2x cooler fans were not turning at all and I kept hearing the annoying device connect/disconnect sound... Need your help on this!! thanks a lot :) HERE is a video of what EXACTLY is happening [ame= ] [/ame]
  25. So for a while I've been researching all the various desktop parts of all brands. When I'm older I'd like to make an overkill pc. After a lot of research, my two favorite brands are Corsair and MSI. This lead me to make some virtual desktops online using sites like PC Part Picker. Now, when it comes to cooling, I have decided I would want to get a Corsair liquid cooler. There are many cases that have 360mm radiator support, for example the Corsair 780t, but here is what I have noticed. There are no liquid AIO cpu coolers with a 360mm radiator! So, for a conclusion, I think Corsair should make a 360mm liquid cpu cooler for better cooling. It could be called the H360i or something. Please tell me down below whether or not you think this is a good idea. Thanks.
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