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Corsair Void Elite RGB stopped working (No voice prompts, no Discord sound)

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Hello, I'm new here and I really created the account in order to find solution to my problem. So I actually love corsair's peripherals and for that reason all my peripherals are corsair labeled.

  So today my Corsair headset (Void Elite RGB) suddenly stopped working as expected. Although I can hear sounds like Windows Notifications, Spotify, Games, YouTube, I do NOT hear discord, I do NOT hear voice prompts (although they're enabled) and i can't hear my voice in VOICEMOD. All of this is so weird. I tried out some things like pair the dongle to my headset and reset my Void by pressing the MUTE button but nothing really happend and I did a clean re-installation of ICUE v4.28.177. Same issue is going on and on. Did anyone had the same issue? How did you fixed it? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance




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