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Found 7 results

  1. I am able to still use my headphones. I don't know what is wrong I was able to connect them once before, but they haven't been able to connect after that. can Some explain to me why this may be happening?
  2. Hello, I'm new here and I really created the account in order to find solution to my problem. So I actually love corsair's peripherals and for that reason all my peripherals are corsair labeled. So today my Corsair headset (Void Elite RGB) suddenly stopped working as expected. Although I can hear sounds like Windows Notifications, Spotify, Games, YouTube, I do NOT hear discord, I do NOT hear voice prompts (although they're enabled) and i can't hear my voice in VOICEMOD. All of this is so weird. I tried out some things like pair the dongle to my headset and reset my Void by pressing the MUTE button but nothing really happend and I did a clean re-installation of ICUE v4.28.177. Same issue is going on and on. Did anyone had the same issue? How did you fixed it? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  3. First of all sorry if i'm not clear enough, i'm not a native english speaker. I just received my new headphones ( Void Elite Wireless ) and i have a very anoying problem, to the point i might stop using it. When i'm clicking on anything that require audio ( Video saved on my computer, Music on the Groove app, Youtube video... ), it load for a few second ( up to 6 or 7 secondes ) before starting the video/audio. Sometime it even happen when i pause & unpause the video, i have to wait a few second before it start again. And of course, no, it's not coming from my internet, other audio device don't have any problem. and it's even more anoying on Discord, i can take up to 15 seconds before connecting in the voice chat ! and that every time i move from a chat to another or switch server ( it shows SCTR connection for the whole duration ) it goes without saying that i already checked that the problem happen only when audio plays on those Headphones. I have already tried to switch USB port, search for Update on ICUE but no can do. It is to note that my friend that recommended me this product has used it for 2 years and it never happened to him ( also he's not using ICUE ) what should i do ? Do someone know this problem ? this is way to anoying to ignore it...
  4. Hace unos dias bajo el brillo de mis Corsair Void Elite Wireless a 0 a traves del software Icue, en la seccion de configuraqcion de dispositivo. Desde ese dia no puedo subir el brillo, aunque puedo cambiar las opciones de iluminacion pero no se ve nada, pues el brillo esta en 0. La iluminacion funciona bien, pues al desconectrarse los audifonos los led prenden sin problema. Alguien tiene una solucion Gracias
  5. I bought a void elite wireless last year and its been fine to use, however last night when I tried to turn it on it did not show signs of powering on. The LEDs did not light up and the power icon did not show any colours of the battery. I went through old forums and could not find a solution as all the posts were multiple years old, and I'm not sure people still use this headset. If anyone knows how to fix this please reply to this post.
  6. I installed iCUE 4 yesterday to try the new software but I feel like the audio quality of my void elite wireless changed. On normal video playback, discord or spotify I don't notice any difference but when I'm playing (I had time to try only Apex Legends) the audio seems a bit muffled. Anyone experiencing this? Also, there seems to be very little difference between the EQ profiles on iCUE but that might just me not noticing
  7. Adquirí el día de ayer estos auriculares y he seguido las instrucciones, los dejé cargando antes de usarlos, pero han estado así cargando durante más de 12 horas, esto es normal para la primera carga? Otra duda es, es malo cargarlo directamente desde la corriente? En fin, aún no puedo usarlos porque no han terminado de cargar, gracias por sus respuestas.
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