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Found 17 results

  1. So ive got 2 different Keyboards i usually Use. i thought hm i'd be nice that whenever i recieve a msg via e.g. discord that i dont know my "H" Key blinks or a wave of light gets displayed on my keyboard. Are there official ways to do that or any unofficial ways?
  2. Hello, I'm new here and I really created the account in order to find solution to my problem. So I actually love corsair's peripherals and for that reason all my peripherals are corsair labeled. So today my Corsair headset (Void Elite RGB) suddenly stopped working as expected. Although I can hear sounds like Windows Notifications, Spotify, Games, YouTube, I do NOT hear discord, I do NOT hear voice prompts (although they're enabled) and i can't hear my voice in VOICEMOD. All of this is so weird. I tried out some things like pair the dongle to my headset and reset my Void by pressing the MUTE button but nothing really happend and I did a clean re-installation of ICUE v4.28.177. Same issue is going on and on. Did anyone had the same issue? How did you fixed it? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  3. After buying the HS80, it was time for me to install the iCue Software for the first time (never had any corsair peripherals before). Oh boy, what a big 770MB installer for this software-suite, just so that I can see my HS80 battery life. Also it comes with a lot of disadvantages compared to just using the HS80 without iCue: - Discord sound prompts (mute/unmute, joining/disconnecting room sounds) are now delayed for ~2 seconds - my Sound device configuration (2 Channels, 24bit, 44800Hz) is always getting overwritten by iCue with multichannel surround sound (although i completely turned Dolby or surround modes off) after every reboot - additional, unnecessary load on the system, because of the constant sensor monitoring for temps, fans speeds etc, even when you remove the widgets from the dashboard Imagine a person that has - a Razer mouse - a Steelseries Keyboard - a Logitech Webcam - a Corsair Wireless Headset This persons system would get completely wrecked with the amount of additional bloatware on the system that is required to use these products with all Features. Sadly all those big players that sell peripheral, seem to go this route with the "one app for all devices" approach. Some companies can get this "all in one software" done relatively compact and without many downsides for people that use only one device from that company and some can only get a huge bloatware with a lot of negative side effects. I get it, it's less work for the software development team and If the "user" is using multiple devices from the same company, it can be nice to have only one software for all those devices. I truly wish that Corsair would release a very compact software, dedicated for their wireless Headset lineup (maybe even multiple little apps for other peripherals as well) that is only offering the basic features (show battery status, search and update firmware, turn RGB on/off). But since the Discord + iCue bug is already known for over a year, without any solution (other than the embarrassing workaround of using Discord in Win 7 or Win8 compatible mode), I doubt, corsair will listen and do something about it.
  4. When I got record a video on OBS or livestream through discord. The sounds are bassed. But I dont hear that way. Is anyone had issues like this before? https://streamable.com/myhbkx Headset: Void Elite Wireless ROM: v0.08
  5. The other day my headphones broke so I decided to treat myself to a nice pair of headphones that were wireless. As I have bad experiences with Wired headphones I decided to instead get a wireless pair and saw the HS70 Pro's advertised as crystal clear audio which was very visible when you listened through the iCUE sidetone. But after I took apart the box and logged into a Discord call with some friends they noted that my voice sounded very low quality, I did the test and true enough it sounded awful. At first I thought it was just discord (Which was the thing that was advertised to be crystal clear) so I tried it out on Teamspeak, it was still bad, so I moved onto Audacity, still bad, so I moved onto Windows Recorder, still bad. The only software I have tried so far that seems to output the audio decently is iCUE and Streamlabs OBS. What I'm getting at here is that for some reason the audio that is output by iCUE or Streamlabs OBS sounds better than the stuff the hardware was advertised for. I really want this thing to be fixed cause I love the quality of the output and the battery life, especially since when I tested it on iCUE, I assumed that my outputs for all other systems would sound similar and have therefor disposed of the box and cannot return if it doesn't work. #Note: I've already went from Sub-Reddit to Sub-Reddit, to different forum posts and have tried everything such as uninstalling the audio driver, setting the quality to DVD Quality or placing the connection into a different USB Port
  6. I bought some HS70s recently and I find that when people talk on discord other applications like web browsers and games lower their volume when they speak. I have the windows settings like 'Exclusive Mode' and sound settings 'Communications' setting set to 'Do nothing' also. Within discord I have voice settings' Attenuation turned off also. I'm wondering if it's a setting somewhere else within windows/discord or if it maybe a setting in iCUE. Any ideas?
  7. I newly got the Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile keyboard and am really happy with it. The RGB is amazing and this is my first mechanical keyboard. I am; however, a little dismayed at the flexibility with the lighting/integrations. The only lighting mode that is there in iCUE is that of Void Visualizer. I select it on my keyboard and the visualizer does not work. I read on some reddit posts and other forums that for this to work on any corsair keyboard, there needs to be a Wallpaper Engine wallpaper that is audio responsive. If you do not want to use wallpaper engine, then you need to have a corsair audio accessory to be able to use this feature. Is there any way where the Visualizer can work without the audio accessory on the keyboard? There even seems to be a lacking in the RGB profiles for software, for example there is no Discord Plugin/integration that can display Discord notifications and other things on the keyboard. Also, a long shot, but is there any way to integrate lighting from other companies also? I have a SteelSeries rival 600 mouse and a SteelSeries Arctis 5 headphone. My laptop itself is a Lenovo Legion Y740 that has iCUE enabled lighting so it would essentially be unifying the RGB of all the devices.
  8. I'm attempting to use one of the side keys on my Scimitar RGB Elite for push-to-talk, but I think I'm having an issue because it's not holding down the remapped key when pressed. I used the remap feature in iCue (not the macro one) to set the 1 button to the tilde key (`) and I tested it in a notepad. The remap works when the button is pressed, but it won't recognize when I hold the button down, which keeps it from being detected by push-to-talk for discord. Anyone have any help?
  9. iCUE has caused discord sounds to be delayed. I know this because when I uninstalled iCUE the problem went away but came right back when I reinstalled it, im using a corsair void pro headset and k55 keyboard with the software right now. I wish to use the presets with the software but it is causing issues with discord. Any help? Ive heard this is a known bug for a long time now.
  10. Hello, I have been using my corsair void rgb for a while now. I recently ran into a problem where I can barley hear any audio out of my headset. I can hear spotify perfectly fine, and I can hear the usual beeping from my mic from when I do stuff like turn it on and off. I have to turn my audio all the way up for discord, games, and things on browsers. Also, when I mute and unmute my mic, the "mic on" and "mic off" voice is very quiet, and is static when it is played. Does this have something to do with settings?
  11. I would like to start out by saying that my corsair voids are around 2-3 years old and are definitely out of warranty, but this problem only recently sprouted up out of nowhere and it's insanely annoying and getting progressively worse. I'll begin with the smallest problem, which is persistent enough to be insanely annoying. I'm playing a game with my friends while in a discord voice call with them. All good. Then, it's silence. My mic stops working and I can't hear my friends. I go into my discord voice and video settings and see that it's set to default for both input and output, and I know that in my sound control panel that everything but my voids are disabled for audio and recording. Back to the discord settings. I found that going into the drop-down and just simply re-selecting "default" for my input and output fixes the problem for a couple seconds/minutes. This doesn't always work, however. If it doesn't work, it's usually because all my audio is cut out. Restarting my headphones, moving ports with the adapter, etc. all don't work. Restarting my computer works but it happens so often that I'll spend more time restarting than actually using my computer. So, one alternative solution I've found is going into the iCUE software and forcing a software update onto my headphones, which fixes the problem instantly, but again only until it happens again in a couple minutes. But wait, the problems don't end there. Now let's get into my most played game, Rainbow Six Siege. Oh boy, I love how I can hear exactly where no one is because my headphones decided to cut out mid game. No problem, I'll try restarting them. Nope, bluescreen, game crash, or whatever other issue. Thanks for the abandon penalty because the game literally won't load again! Oh and while you're at it, please be sure to destroy my ears with random audio glitches that don't happen with any other headset, that's fine. I'm sorry if I sound mad, but it's because I am. I don't see any reason for these problems to be happening and I am really contemplating swapping to a different set of headphones (I'm thinking HyperX Cloud Stingers). What do I do to fix my problems? I'm extremely frustrated and hate having to deal with this on a daily basis. My headphones are out of warranty so I know there's no point in contacting the Corsair support email as the last time I did they just asked me if I had a warranty, and when I said no they just told me they couldn't do anything.
  12. Hi everyone, I am using Void Pro Rgb Gaming Headset for almost a year now and I recently discovered that when I join a channel on Discord it kind of crashes and sometimes is says it can't detect my mic or sometimes I just can't hear my friends or them me. At first I thought it was a Discord problem but I gave it a try with my old headset and it works fine. It usually works after I leave and join the channel 2-3 times. The biggest problem is when I join a ing or go live myself on Discord, there the whole audio of my PC crashes and I can hear nothing, even on Youtube it says I have to restart my computer. Please help. Thanks.
  13. I just got a new HS70 headset and I can't make it work with Discord. Whenever I join a channel: I can't hear anyone, the headset starts to disconnect from the USB dongle, iCue crashes (only if installed of course), and around 10-20% of times the PC completely freezes as well (at this a point hard reset is needed). If I start Discord and first check the voice settings (User Settings->Voice & Video->Voice Settings) everything seems to work, but once I join a channel the above listed happens. The issue only occurs with Discord though, with every other application/game/browser I tried with the headset works fine. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling iCue and even the drivers through Device Manager multiple times, as well as force updating the headset's firmware. I've also tried reinstalling Discord as well, but it didn't fix it either. This makes the headset basically useless for me. :(: Could someone help me with this issue please? OS: Windows 8.1
  14. For about a 2-3 months period whenever i use discord randomly throughout the day while im on channel my microphone stops recording my voice, and the solution for this was to set active microphone in discord setting to default>Corsair void, or the other way around, but now its annoying and more often even sometimes i dont recognize my microphone just dies. I realize there were some other threads about that, but the link were outdated for me. Anyone got any solution?
  15. Discord (December 2018) Download: https://alex.krastev.org/users/profiles/454/profile [ame] [/ame]
  16. We recently purchased an HS70 SE headset and it's been making quiet, but obnoxious popping noises every once in a while in Discord. The sound doesn't seem to happen with any other application. It shouldn't be a hardware issue, because we already replaced the headset with another one via RMA. The popping is less noticeable on the new one, but still present. We've already updated everything to the newest version (multiple times...) but the issue persists. We've also tried disabling CUE entirely. Help!
  17. Hi, As the title says i have some problems with my headset after reinstalling Windows 10. The sound works perfectly as before but my microphone will not work in CSGO and discord. When i put the sidetone up i can hear myself talk so i guess the mic is working but something else is wrong. I have it set as default in "Sound" in Windows aswell. I have the latest firmware (39.02). This is last resort for me since i always find and fix problems on my own with googles help ofc but this time i have no idea what is wrong. Any help is appreciated!
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