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"Mandatory V3.24 update for K70 MK.2 LP" Fails to update, over and over

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So this update popped up out of the blue, and will not let me do a single thing with my keyboard until I update it. I do as it asks and I get to 3%, and then Firmware update failed, every time. I've run iCue as Admin, same issue. Any ideas?

Once it fails, I lose it from my iCue list. 



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Well, since Corsair won't comment on this, I will do it myself. 

If you have this issue, I was finally able to repair the problem by resetting the keyboard. You do so by unplugging it, holding ESC, and plugging it back in. It will then go through its nonsense with finding what the heck it is and installing the driver/firmware. I then closed iCue, reopened it, unplugged and plugged the keyboard back in and it was fine. Update 3.24 was installed (didn't ask me to download it again) and my themes work again. 

Thanks for the assist Corsair. Let me buy a darn LCD Upgrade kit (in Canada). It's been months and now you're making me do my own troubleshooting 😛

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  • Corsair Employees

Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue but also please note that you posted for help on Saturday night and our support team and forum staff does not work on weekends which would be why you did not receive a reply on Saturday or Sunday.

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Well ... that makes a little sense 🤣. I didn't even think of that. My apologies. 

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