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Found 20 results

  1. I bought a nzxt usb 2.0 internal hub, because my ROG B550-f doesn't have more usb 2.0 ports to connect other devices (only 2) I have 3 devices: - NZXT kraken Z73 (work without problem on the hub) -Corsair lighting node core with 6 QL120s (connected to MoBo and working without problem) - Corsair lighting node pro with 4 LL120s (connected to the hub, but with problems) In summary, any corsair hub that connects to nzxt usb hub it's automatically no longer recognized by icue. The stranger thing is that all fans are work, the rgb lights are on, even recognized by windows, but i can't controll it on icue. Is there any solution? or is it necessary to buy the commander pro? the voltage should not be a problem, since it is connected to a sata of my RM750, exclusively for that hub. both the lighting node pro and the lighting node core are connected to a sata, receiving power. Windows version: 22H2 BIOS version: 0.0315 Icue version: 4.31.168
  2. Hello, When i m playing games without external sound (youtube or something like that) the headset turns off alone, i removed the auto shutdown, but it has no turning off button so i cant turn them off at night, you could say if i press the button for 10 sec it turns off, but the headset is too sensitive and if i move it it turns on again. Any help, thank you
  3. So this update popped up out of the blue, and will not let me do a single thing with my keyboard until I update it. I do as it asks and I get to 3%, and then Firmware update failed, every time. I've run iCue as Admin, same issue. Any ideas? Once it fails, I lose it from my iCue list.
  4. As the title says, The keyboard wont allow the pc to boot. Only way to boot up the pc is to remove the keyboard first and only then does it start booting like normal. When I put my computer to sleep and come back after a few hours i am greeted the the asus motherboard screen telling me press F2 key, this is where the pc gets ULTRA slow, and it makes me go through the whole process of going into bios and selecting the boot drive and exit bios. Then if im lucky ill get the windows loading screen other times it just stays black and i have to redo everything. While using the pc I get blasted with "Usb device not recognized" notifications like im physically unplugging the keyboard and plugging it in again and again. This also interrupts whatever im trying to do at that time. I used this keyboard with another pc a 2 other laptops and it worked just fine, no issues at all. Unfortunately this is the only keyboard i have and its literally unusable at this point. I find myself using the on screen keyboard half the time coz the constant notification sound and pop up is annoying as hell. Gaming is impossible like this, ive been using a controller 😞 So far I've tried: Reinstalling Windows Reinstalling icue and usb drivers plugging in different usb ports, and plugging 1 cable in usb 2 port and the other in usb 3 port. only plugging in the keyboard cable and leaving the passthrough cable unplugged Other basic windows hardware troubleshoot Im using the Asus z97 AR motherboard + i5 4760k. The keyboard is out of warranty so I doubt support will be helpful. Hope someone here can provide a solution.
  5. I had my mouse (Scimitar RGB Elite) display my cpu temp colors in the past. I updated my graphics card recently, updated the icue program and restarted my desktop with no colors showing at all anymore. It seems as though it cannot locate the source of my cpu temperature and wont display any colors because of it. I'm unsure if anyone has stumbled upon the same issue, and if so, how it was resolved. Thanks!!
  6. Just got from from a flight. My headset seems to be dead, no signs of life. 1 - Oddly enough, it works when I plug in the 3.5mm jack 2- USB mode and wireless however, are completely unresponsive, no audio, no led signs, nothing. 3- I Doubt it's broken from the banging that happened during the flight as I left the headset inside the package it came from (It's cushioned exactly to pretect from banging). Any suggestions ? Is it actually broken ?
  7. I have three LL Series 120mm fans as well as two ML Series 120mm fans in my setup. I use a lighting node pro that is using both channels connected to two separate RGB fan hubs. One of the channels is for my LL series and the other for the ML series. Constantly on bootup whether I am using static lighting or some other effect, two of the LL fans do not synch correctly with the rest of the system. The de-synchronization varies where sometimes the fan will be half synched while the other half is static or a different color completely or the fan itself does not even illuminate. I have tried to repair the iCue software and force update the lighting node and although that may fix the problem initially it never is truly fixed the next time I boot up. I'm wondering if now it could be a hardware issue with the fans at this point as I believe I have tried everything.
  8. So recently I started having issues with the side (back/forward) buttons not working my my M65 pro and the mapping for my sniper button stopped working too (i use l shift to run with the sniper button since I dont really play sniper builds). I have a backup m65 pro I just opened and still causes the same issue. I tried both on a different laptop and they both work fine. I can get everything to work if I uninstall iCUE, remove corsair from regedit and from appdata. But after restarting my PC the issue starts up again. I can map the back/forward button to their macros with use original input or whatever but I cant remap the sniper button. Any way I can take the drivers from the laptop (where mice are working) and transfer them to the non working setup? or any advice for this?
  9. Im sure this has been brought up a million times and one, but troubleshooting has been a struggle. We have been going between getting the sound to work and getting the mic to work, but now the issue seems to be the Realtek driver might be overriding something with the headset when we plug it in? (words from my friends, not me whos also running some troubleshooting. The headset and mic are coming up as Realtek and not corsair) We checked the 3.5mm ports and those work with other devices, and we checked the headset on other computers and it works there. What are some things we could be missing besides doing fresh installs of drivers and such.
  10. I recently purchased the Corsair HS60 Pro Surround and it comes with a 7.1 USB Adapter for PC. The headset works fine on console when I only use the 3.5mm plug into the controller but once I try using it on PC with the usb adapter it decides not to work on the right side anymore. I checked the balance on my pc and its 100&100 for the L&R. Any solutions?
  11. Hello there, I've encountered a problem with iCue. I recently got new fans (QL) and a commander pro. I set up my the fans in my case connected the commander pro and I plugged in the lighting node and my h150i to the USB header on the commander pro. When it was all set up, I saw an updated firmware for the h150i and updated it. Now my aio isn't detected by iCue. The fans are running at max speed and the pump seems to be working properly, but there is no RGB coming out of the pump. I tried connecting the aio to another USB adapter and even went to an extent to connected to the io of the motherboard. My computer detects the aio (using usbdeview) but it keeps on disconnecting every 10 seconds.
  12. As the title says, there is a high-pitched, buzz coming from the right side of the unit whenever I run games. I have a 2560x1080 165hz monitor. I'm inclined to saying its coil whine, but I'm not sure as I'm no expert on these kinds of things. Any input would be hugely appreciated, should I request a replacement? Can I fix this? The unit is brand new <1 week old. Please ask any questions you may have! Here's a video of the noise I'm experiencing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/174yf3ejUm00QmhLzfYbs5vyMrC7Tehmi/view?usp=sharing under heavy load: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15tKTDyiGyo1bwmvWtGkin1mOVAxi-OUM/view?usp=sharing
  13. Hello, I recently purchase a corsair kit containing SP140 X2 & Lightning Node Core. The two new fans are working perfectly and I have 100% control over them via iCue, but my older SP120 has gone on to ignore me and is stuck half lite with red. Please note I have tested two other SP120 fans with the same outcome.. with all this said, I believe its one of the following issues. 1 - I cannot combine SP120 & SP140 on the same node. 2 - I have obtained a faulty node. 3 - I am completely missing something.. Thanks for the help in advance!
  14. I have been using this K70 for a few years with no issues. But starting a couple of days ago it's been adding a "c" after a 1 on the number row and a "q" after a 2. Using the control panel to repair the iCUE software fixes it until I reboot again after the proper installation of the repair (It does work properly before that reboot as well). I've checked if the issue appears when I have the keyboard connected to a different computer and it doesn't, the keyboard functions normally. I believe this issue started after I made a new profile on iCUE that was nearly identical to my normal one, but had a macro on a media key that only output a click and an escape keystroke. But this issue occurs on all of my profiles. It's not a huge issue yet, but I would still really like to solve it. Thank you for any help.
  15. Folks, So I just upgraded to the latest iCUE version (3.19.120) and I have noticed that the software no longer is able to work properly with my ST100. Here's the current status: Working I can hear audio with my stereo headsets just fine. Microphone works Not working (they worked prior to 3.19): EQ presents do not do anything. I have switched all the EQs that come with the software (FPS optimized, Bass Boost, etc.) and the audio does not change at all I no longer get audio prompts from iCUE when I turn on/off my mic, my surround sound, etc. I press the surround sound button to enable/disable it and nothing happens. I am not sure in which state my headphones are stuck, though windows reports an 8 channel audio device connected at all times troubleshooting tried so far Uninstalled software and cleaned registry Unplugged the ST100 Installed the latest iCUE version Rebooted machine Plugged in ST100. It gets detected, I get audio from it but symptoms described above persist System specs MSI Z390I Gaming edge AC Intel i7-9700K Windows 10 latest updates installed (up-to-date to Sept '19) Any idea or pointers to fix these issues is greatly appreciated
  16. Hi all, I've been fighting this issue for a few months now, but nothing seems to be working for me. My Dark Core RGB refuses to stay on, and will turn off if I don't touch or move it for 60 seconds. Here's everything I've done to try and fix the problem: Update Mouse firmware Update iCUE Reinstall iCUE Wipe Software Profiles and remake them Wipe all profiles, allow new hardware profiles to load, and use those Lower dongle polling rate (doesn't work, immediately deselects upon leaving the settings tab) Clean Registry Update USB controllers (currently running best drivers) Uninstall and delete Corsair Drivers, allow them to reinstall Acquired new Dark Core mouse Nothing has worked. When I got a new mouse, it worked for a couple of days, then I shut down my PC. When I turned it back on, it was back to square one. I am completely at a loss at what to do next, and support just wants to send me a new mouse, despite that clearly not working. This is the 3rd Dark Core I've gotten, so either I'm very unlucky or there is some software conflict I am not aware of. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  17. So, firstly I apologise if I am at all posting this in the wrong place, Newbie perks? To the point So, I have some Corsair 2400 LPX RAM, 16GB of it and recently and only recently have I started having what seems could be compatibility issues. For the last 6-8 Months the original 8 gigs of ram (2x 4GB) worked flawlessly. I then added an additional 8GB (1x 8GB) to the mix, essentially the same just instead of two modulus it was one. 2 months have now passed and I started to receive BSOD's which all error across the board within the category of Memory. I thought maybe changing the sticks around and clearing the cache would do the trick. Low and behold it did, for about a week. It started to BSOD again? Only now the same constant error is "Memory Management" I've tried running MEMTEST and a few others to which say there are errors but the system will halt and crash before I see any results. Im a little annoyed and confused at this point. Do I change the RAM, by getting two new sticks of 8GB and see if that works? As you can imagine, I'm not keen on spending out another £80+ for more if I don't need to.
  18. Yesterday i bought the corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb which i installed today without any problems whatsoever but when i installed the ICUE software to change the lighting of the ram i noticed that it didnt recognise my ram for some reason. i did a quick google search and found out that you needed to enable something called DRM SPD WRITE in the bios but there was no such option to be found. So now my question is if my motherboard (ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING) isn't compatible with the ram i bought for it even tho the default rainbow color cycle works perfectly fine on the ram.
  19. So I've got all corsair products for keyboard, mouse and headset. (K95 plat, glaive, void pro). Loving them to bits. Had them since January. CUE has been effortless and amazing. Until these past couple weeks. For some reason, Push To Talk will stop working in the middle of games. I'm using Mouse Button 4 on the Glaive. I continuously have to close CUE in order to get ptt to work again. I don't have to rebind anything, it just works once it's closed. Now I want to use CUE cos the stock RGB settings on my keyboard is a spiraling disco party, and I'd prefer to not have that. It's just getting really annoying to close cue and reopen ever 15 minutes. Does anyone know what's going on? or any fixes? *Edit* yes CUE is up to date, and yes i have reinstalled
  20. I have the option checked in the application and yet i still have to manually open it each time i startup my computer so i can have my settings be applied. i also set a task for the application to be automatically opened on startup but that doesn't seem to be working either.
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