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MY nightmare experience with Corsair's useless headphones and ICUE

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So i purchased Brand new Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless headphones from a store in Ontario. I brought them home and they worked great for like 12 hours, at which point i brought them back to the store the very next day due to constant static noise, a useless mic button, the constant spam of "mic on mic feedback off" for no apparent reason and much more. The store where i purchased it told me they only do exchange for same product no refund so i came back home with what i thought to be a non defective pair of Virtuoso RGBS. the issues persisted through to these headphones and at that point i knew i was in hot water. I Since called the store back begging for them to honor some type of exchange for a different brand of headphones, i figured since i spent 10k there this month they would help me out. The manager informed me there is nothing he can do while one of the employee's who is a friend of mine informed me that they knew about this issue when selling me the headphones, but they are desperate to get rid of the stock themselves and therefore not willing to help me. My experience with the Corsair support so far has been less than average. I contacted them about my issue they got back to me saying sorry talk to the store you bought it from at first, trying to dismiss me when i clearly stated in the email that my brand new headphones were useless and if i can't be refunded then what is the next step? They promptly replied offering me an upgraded version of the headphones ( also nightmare reviews on this one for the same thing ). I let them know this would not be satisfactory as i am not comfortable with owning any pair of corsair headphones at this point and ever since i said that i have been ghosted- no reply from corsair and no reply from the head office of the store i bought it from, both parties trying to absolve themselves of responsibility in the situation yet here i am the customer who spent over 10k this month, stuck with a quite literally useless pair of headphones i paid 300$ for and can not use at all nor can i get a refund or even a shred of help towards. I have been using corsair mouses and all other products my whole life up until this point and i will tell you straight up - DO NOT BUY CORSAIR PRODUCTS ANYMORE THE QUALITY WENT DOWN THE DRAIN AND YOU CAN FIND MORE QUALITY PRODUCTS WITH SPENDING HALF THE MONEY. AGAIN DO NOT BUY CORSAIR PRODUCTS.

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