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  1. Hello! My K57 Wireless RGB keyboard stopped working wirelessly. I have iCUE installed and have attempted to update the firmware thinking that could be the issue. Unfortunately, the firmware is up-to-date and even forcing a firmware re-installation did not fix the issue. From what I can tell the dongle wont power up or be recognized by windows when plugged into any USB2.0/3.0 port in my PC. In iCUE the dongle firmware version shows a "?" and the dongle polling rate is greyed out. I even tried the method of resetting a wireless keyboard found on your support page. I did see the lighting on the board flash, however, the dongle issue remained. I am at a complete loss here, as I even un-installed every keyboard driver VIA Device Manager from within Windows 10. I restarted my computer knowing Windows would automatically fetch and re-install the device driver. As expected, windows did re-install the driver, but the dongle issue persists. I have owned this keyboard for about a year now and have never run into any issues using it on multiple computer systems. I paid $100.00USD for this keyboard on amazon brand new and there is no sense in having a wired up wireless keyboard. It is entirely redundant. Below I have attached a picture of a Screenshot of my iCUE software showing how the dongle cannot be recognized or is dead entirely. This has me baffled and I have reached out VIA the Support System. --- I have also responded to a previous thread in which the original poster and others are having the same issue I am facing. The thread however was at least a year old. So I am posting my own thread in hopes of receiving a faster response. Link to my reply in the other thread is here.
  2. Hi, As said in the support ticket I made weeks ago, here's the situation : My headset is a VIRTUOSO RGB with his dongle, I noticed some weeks ago that my dongle isn't working anymore so I asked a new dongle. Got it today, but the Icue software doesn't recognize it. It show it on Icue with a red triangle, saying "There's a problem u must reconnect it", but after 10 times reconnecting it, I im lost. alll i can see in the Icue software about the dongle (the new one ofc), is the update in the settings and it shows my dongle version is "v. ?" and so i guess its the problem with my headset not pairing to it. When i press the update button, it show a lil pop up and then make it dessapear. Second problem, when I start Icue and my dongle is with the red triangle. When I press on it, my Icue software crashs. Any help ? I didnt buy a wireless headset to listen wired.
  3. so i have the commander core xt and a fan rgb hub what wires do i need to connect them so the fans rgb will work?
  4. I was fully upgrading my pc and I needed new fans because I changed my power supply since I got an rtx 3070 ti. I have a 750 w power supply, but only one fan spins? I have plugged everything in for leds and they work great however only my top fan wants to spin. Even when I plug the other fans into different places on the motherboard for where fans go the others don’t work. I know for one this is not a fan issue, because right when I installed them all of them turned on and were running but after that they never did again. I’m wondering if I don’t have enough power output to them, but I have no clue how to chnage that or if it’s truly the problem.
  5. So this update popped up out of the blue, and will not let me do a single thing with my keyboard until I update it. I do as it asks and I get to 3%, and then Firmware update failed, every time. I've run iCue as Admin, same issue. Any ideas? Once it fails, I lose it from my iCue list.
  6. Hi! Yes, I know there's a hundred threads already but I've tried every available fix. The left ear cup is buzzing like mad, and the headset has white noise coming out left, right, and center. I've tried... Reinstalling firmware Disabling sidetone Using different USB (both front and back/directly on motherboard) Mic connected/not connected Reinstalling audio drivers in windows Manually re-pairing with dongle Reinstalling iCue What can I do, guys? This is driving me insane. I like the sound of the headset (don't need the mic), but I'll be returning it in a heartbeat if I can't get this to stop. It's 2 hours old, for crying out loud.
  7. I recently bought a single SP120 Elite Performance fan with a Corsair RGB fan LED hub, which is connected to my Lighting Node Pro. Both the lighting node pro and RGB fan hub are connected to SATA power. The fan spinning works fine but it doesn't show up in iCUE and any effects I try to apply don't do anything. Only 2 LEDs are lighting up and they are showing static blue and green which can't be edited in iCUE. This is shown in the attached image. Help would be useful.
  8. I bought the 4000X RGB and installed everything, seems to work fine for the most part. The three fans on the front panel light up fine with RGB, but only the top fan is spinning. All the cables were labeled, so I plugged the one fan into the MOBO fan channel, which I guess I assumed was daisy-chained with the others like modular power, so that one being powered would power all three, but no, only the top fan spins. Which is weird, because all three are lit up fine. Are there two additional fan power cables that I'm missing somewhere? I'd prefer not to take it apart again but I can if needbe, but I didn't see a single other plug that was ready to plug in, unless it's hiding somewhere. MOBO is the B560-A by Asus ROG, if that matters. Thanks.
  9. So I have two monitors on my PC, they are different sizes. I wanted to make a macro that includes mouse movement, but the cursor position cannot be set on my second monitor, whatever pixels value I put, it only applies to my main monitor. I need the macro to be used on my 2nd monitor, is there a way to select which display to run the macro on, or is it possible to merge the pixels values for both monitors?
  10. I contacted the support a week ago after my nexus stopped working correctly after a day and a half. Ticket number 2004454089 incase an employee reads this. The issue is it keeps pressing on one section of the screen, i have tried cleaning the screen, updating software etc and i don't know what else to try. It also gets stuck when swiping between screens sometimes or won't pick up me swiping at all. Does anyone have any suggestions or had this issue before? Help would be much appreciated.
  11. Has anyone had any luck with the MM700? I just bought one, and the only time the lights work on it is when my 2018 MBP is not logged in or in sleep mode. iCue recognizes and sees it connected, but it won't light up at all while actively using the laptop. The passthrough seems to be working fine on it, and all of my other Corsair devices work fine...when iCue isn't crashing and needing to be force quit, which seems a lot more frequent as of late.
  12. Hello, I have been using the H150i RGB PRO XT cooler for a few months. Last week I took the pump off to replace the thermal paste, when I put it back I broke one of the standoffs because I tightened it too much. There was no problem so far because it was my own fault. But when I wanted to buy a new standoff, I couldn't find it anywhere. It doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. I live in Turkey, so I first asked where I bought the cooler, and when I learned that they didn't sell the product, I called Corsair Turkey distributor, but they said they didn't sell it either. I sent an e-mail to Corsair global support and they did not respond to my e-mail for a week. I haven't been able to use my computer for 15 days and the only reason is that I can't find a $5-10 screw by Corsair anywhere. Even on their site it seems out of stock. Now my patience has run out and I will write here every day that I am not returned. Even now it's been about 15 days and still no standoffs. I would like to thank Corsair for this beautiful experience. The standoff I'm looking for is the one for the LGA1200. There are similar ones on Ebay and Amazon, but the dimensions they specify do not match the item I have. Please do not suggest non-original parts, as millimetric differences will cause contact problems with the processor. I bought a 115x type standoff and returned it.
  13. Recently, my h100i which I have been using for just about a month now has been randomly disconnecting and reconnecting causing the leds to flash and causes my keyboard to spam a key every so often. I have tried to set the fan control for the aio to voltage and set it to 100% and that has not worked. Any suggestions are welcome.
  14. I've only had the H100i RGB Platinum SE for about a year now and when I select static white the leds give off a yellowish color. I'm not sure if this is a common issue or not...
  15. I have the virtuosos Se. The fact that the mic is green when on an red when muted bothered me since I am color blind and can't really tell the difference between them. Turns out there is no way to change the color of the mic even though when booting up it changes many colors, which means the led is capable of color changing. I bit the bullet there. I also have a corsair keyboard so I have different profiles for different lighting effects. The problem arouse when ever I changed profiles to have a different lighting effect for my keyboard. The headset started to say mic feedback on and off, which never happened under my other profile. I mess around in settings and find out there isn't anything I can do about that except to turn off voice prompts. I bite the bullet there. Now however my mic has no color for on and red for off. This was only for 1 profile for a bit, but now its for all of them. Is there any fix to any of these things???? I will stick to green and red if need be, but I want to see that my mic is actually on. Edit:Still lost on how to disable mic feedback off/on, this is profile specific even though I made that profile before having the headset and didn't change any headset settings. So I have figured out how to solve this so I will take this time to rant about how bad corsair software is. Whenever I saw that the email verification for this website was case sensitive, that should have told me all I need to know, emails are not case sensitive there for any coder worth their salt would not make the verification case sensitive. The lack of options for something that genially makes me struggle every time I use the product makes it clear that they do not care about customers. Color blindness isn't even that uncommon. It affects 1 in 12 men, and Red green color blindness is the most common. That's a significant portion of their customers that they just disregard. I say this because it would not be that difficult to add the option to customize the color of the mic. I know for a fact that color can change to multiple other colors to. It flows from blue to purple on boot up and has red a green, it is clearly a LED capable off at least 0 -255 RGB. This would make it capable of making hundreds of thousands of colors. Plus they already have the software to change the color so they just make a UI to access it, It could probably be done in a day by 2-3 people on the safe side, 1 guy 1 day is still generous. This website also looks like its straight from 2006. Thinking about that makes me think they treat my data they same, So I googled corsair data breach and turns out they have the same mentality when it comes to cyber security. Scuf gaming (owned by Corsair) was hacked a little less than a year ago. I would not be surprised if their passwords were still admin, or what ever default values it has. This realization really makes me never want to buy corsair anything again. I value keeping my data secure but its quite clear corsair does not care. If this is the mask they put on, I don't even want to imagine how bad the internal software is. This website is so UN-intuitive that I actually couldn't find this post, I had to go back to the forum and find it from the wild, instead of from my profile as ANY OTHER WEBSITE WOULD HAVE. The customer support is also just as bad, I send in a request about the mic color changing and never heard anything about. If anyone read this far, this has been an adventure of me releasing steam and realizing that is in my best interest to never buy anything corsair again. I'd be much happier spending twice as much on the same exact product just so I don't have to deal with how bad the software is and worrying about my data security. I hopefully will never buy another corsair product. I doubt this will change anyone's mine, let alone the corporation. Buyers be ware.
  16. Greetings, I called into support because some of the lights on my Strafe RGB MK.2 were not showing the correct colors, but the keyboard was working otherwise. I tried holding esc and plugging it in a few times before reaching out but that seemed to do nothing - I did not see the keyboard flash as per the instructions nor did the colors change. Support provided me with firmware that I used to do a hard reset per their instruction. After replacing the firmware with the file from support, my keyboard no longer works at all. I can get to the CRP_DISABLED drive and the USB pass-through works, but nothing else. I replied to support via email but have not heard back in days. How long is the typical support response? If I don't hear from them soon I will try calling again but I don't want to start another ticket, per the support site instruction. Is there any way for me to recover the previous firmware or at least get the Strafe into a usable condition? Thanks. Edit: Called support. Apparently they sent me the wrong firmware. Once I got the correct file for my keyboard, it returned to its previous state. The lights still aren't working correctly but at least I can use it as before I changed out the firmware.
  17. Hey guys, Does any one of you have a firmware file for the Scimitar RGB Pro ELITE mouse? I tried to update it and it failed and everything turned off an its not working. It shows up in my computer as "CRP DISABLD". Already tried the soft reset (left + right click then plug) but it doesnt work. I already opened a ticket but it's going to take forever for them to reply ... If anyonefrom Corsair sees this, could you please help me out? Here's my ticket number 2003839517 Thanks!
  18. Today i was creating a new profile for my Scimitar Pro RGB, and a new update for iCUE popped up, i downloaded it and installed it, it asked me to restart my pc, so i did. After the restart apps like discord, microsoft teams were not able to launch, and iCUE deleted itself. I could not uninstall or install any of those programs, so i used Revo uninstaller. Installing still didnt work. I got the iCUE installer to work but it stops at 65% when launching services and actually tells me it isnt able to launch Corsair Services. I looked for a solution in these forums for a solid 4 hours now and i tried everything, i tried deleting register keys, i tried deleting files from appdata, both local and roaming, i tried running the setup program via administrator cmd, i tried restoring administrator powers. Nothing works and i'm getting frustrated. Thanks in advance.
  19. Auf Grund des schlechten Supports möchte ich gerne hier mein vorliegendes Problem kund tun. Seit Mitte August bin ich mehr oder weniger glücklicher Besitzer der oben stehenden Maus, die anfängliche Begeisterung und Zufriedenheit hielt sich auch bis Dezember, wenn die Maus funktioniert, funktioniert Sie sehr gut. Aber hier sind wir auch schon am Knackpunkt: WENN sie funktioniert... Ich bin Besitzer einem so gut wie kompletten Corsair Setup, angefangen mit einem Corsair Crystal 680x, über den Dominator RGB Ram, dem RM850 Netzteil, der Corsair AIO Wasserkühlung, bis hin zur oben stehenden Maus und einer K95 Tastatur. Ich bin mit sämtlichen Komponenten auch super zufrieden, nur halt mit der Maus nicht... 'Es fing damit an, dass Sie ständig Aussetzer bekommen hat, sprich auf ein mal hat sie keine Eingaben mehr angenommen, wenn man sie dann kurz auf den Tisch geklopft hat ging es wieder... Klang für mich erstmal nach Wackelkontakt also habe ich den Support kontaktiert, nach dem er dann eine Woche später geantwortet hat fing das hin und her an, was ja auch okay ist, aber defintiv nicht okay ist, dass sich dies über einen Monat hingezogen hat und mittlerweile immer mehr an der Maus ausfällt und keine Lösung mit dem Support in Sicht ist! Nach dem ich mein Problem geschildert habe, kamen Lösungsvorschläge via Software, obwohl es sich hier für mich ganz offensichtlich um ein Hardwaredefekt handelt... Dazu hinzu kam dann parallel, dass der Akku tierisch heiß wurde beim Laden über das Induktionsladen und ich die Maus während dem Laden übers Kabel nicht verwenden konnte, weil sie schlichtweg einfach nicht mehr funktioniert hat. Dazu hinzu kam nun gestern, dass das Mausrad im Minutentakt aussetzt und schlichtweg auch nicht mehr richtig funktioniert. Also bleibt mir nun nur noch abschließend zu sagen: Leute Finger weg von der Maus! Bei einer so teuren Maus kann man vom Support erwarten, dass bei offensichtlich technischem Defekt zeitnah eine Lösung in Form von Rückgabe oder Ersatz gefunden wird und man nicht Tage lang auf eine nicht zufrieden stellende Antwort warten muss. Hoffentlich liest jemand der mir weiterhelfen kann diesen Beitrag und sorgt für Abhilfe, auf meine letzten Bitten um Ersatz oder Rückgabe wurde ja leider nicht eingegangen von dem Support. Obwohl ich noch im Garantiezeitraum bin.
  20. I just recently updated iCUE to the latest version and I have been having an issue with my headset ever since. I use my headset in the wireless mode. I left my headset to charge through the power outlet in the wall overnight. When I turned on the headset the next morning I had no issues, about 15 min later it gave me the notification that the battery was low, at the time I thought I may have just not charged it correctly. Another 15 min went by and the battery was now at critical level, but I didn't plug it in to charge and it lasted as long as if it was fully charged. So I'm thinking iCUE is not displaying the correct charge level. I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues and has found a fix.
  21. There were problems with my old k70 so I have to send it back after I have received my replacement board. But the replacement board was pretty much unusable there is a very noticeable high pitch metallic resonance ping whenever I press a key, I also have a misophonia disorder which probably doesn't help. I have received the new replacement board on the 17th so I must send the old faulty one back by the 27th. Can I extend that time until a solution can be found? Since I rather use the old broken one than this new one with the ping noise. I have contacted corsair support about a week ago but still no response, I bet they are just trying to wait out the 10 days and make me pay for the replacement keyboard. Anyone else had to deal with this before, what can I do here. Here is a clip of the new keyboard with the ping noise [ame] [/ame]
  22. Hi all. Posted this on the Reddit sub, but since no reaction there... giving it a go here. I have issues with my Virtuoso RGB in combination with iCue. At some point the equalizer stopped working. 7.1 as well actually, but I don't use that, so that's less of an issue, to me at least. I have read countless posts of people having the same issue, ranging all the way back to the Void Pro, so I am fairly sure this is not a headset issue. It's iCue. I have found ONE way to solve it (see below), but after reboot/disconnecting the headset (wireless connection, switch off to USB mode to put it away for the night), the problem is back. iCue version 3.31.81, headset fw 0.17.149, dongle fw 0.16.80, all the latest versions. Solutions I had tried: Reinstalling iCue after uninstalling with Revoinstaller, incl removing all the profiles and settings (I had a LOT of lighting profiles...), and reinstalling iCue: did nothing. Regular uninstall (not with Revo) obviously I tried before that, to no avail as well. I've tried all different things I found online, nothing. The solution I applied that finally fixed it: disconnect device, remove device from device manager (both mic and headphones), do not reboot, then reconnect, then reinstall iCue, it reinstalls the drivers and lo and behold, the eq works again! I was SO happy, I spent HOURS finding the solution. ... then I turned off my pc and headset after a night of gaming and rebooted today. Aaaaaaand it's back. Pretty pissed off at this point, but even more disappointed. The big problem I have with all this: Everything worked fine before I updated iCue to the latest version... I could roll back, but principally... why should I? This should work. Any support is welcome, both from users who have shared my woes, but definitely also from the Corsair mods/employees that lurk this sub. This is a VERY weird issue, and I'm willing to collaborate on it with you by sending some logs or whatever, but I'm more hoping that I just missed one magical solution that actually solves it. Permanently.
  23. Hi All, I've had my Nexus a few days now and it worked fine for the first 2/3 days. I managed to set up some custom screens, and the screens displayed correctly. Until today... So here is the issue and the few things I've noticed. 1. When I boot my PC the Nexus turns on and I can see the animated "screensaver with the white Corsair logo" 2. When I log in and the iCUE services start the "screensaver" animated display pauses (don't get the particle and colour changes anymore, like it did before log on) 3. In the iCUE software, the Nexus is detected in the softwre however all my screens (my personal ones and the buildin ones) are missing. 4. The Nexus can be seen in the device list from the home screen in iCUE, but when i click to another device (or on the Nexus itself) it disappears from the top bar. 5. I also cannot interact with any settings on the Nexus config screen. IE: The plus button does not respond so I can't add new screens. 6. Restarting the PC or even the service in the iCUE software has no effect. 7. All my other Corsair devices (of which I have many) all show up correctly and work as expected. 8. The only way to get it to work correctly is to reinstall the iCUE software. However after 1 reboot, it goes back to not displaying the screens anymore. 9. I am running the latest version of both firmware (2.2.5) and iCUE (3.31.81) as of posting this thread. 10. The Nexus is plugged into my K70 MK.2 LP keyboard. Have any Nexus owners seen this before? Is it happening to anyone else? At this stage I don't think the hardare is faulty but rather that the iCUE software is having a moment. It possible that a software update may resolve the issues but just wanted to see if I'm alone with regards to this issue. I have attached some screenshots to show the issue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! :D:
  24. Hi everyone, I've been having a little problem this weekend when I went up with friends to play on lan. It would seem I have some temperature issue and I am wondering about the whole H60 System. This computer is a computer I've bought from the company I worked for when they switched their fleet, so I don't think I could have any warranty of sort on parts really, which is why I have some issue finding support right now. I've been reading on and off on H60 right now, and I understand how hard it will be to try and find the culprit, but let me start with this picture, this one is worrysome to me but could make sense to you. https://i.imgur.com/b1ndnN7.jpg The most left tube is getting hot, the other one is literally room temperature. If I dare to touch the actual H60 module I dont seem to feel any vibration at all. Here's a rundown of temperatures at idle : https://i.imgur.com/xuSU2ka.png If I open a game my "Package" temp and cores go up from 85 to 100 in matters of seconds as the game splash screen loads up. But my idle right now seems to be around 65° to 75°. I've seen some post where they were suggested they should be seeing the pump activity through monitor softwares but I can't seem to find what or where should that be ? Thanks for any ideas / input you could share with me.
  25. Hey, I have got a notification about the update for my H100i Cooler. I went to do it BUT the update is stuck on updating... and the Cooler color changed to red. I`ve tried those this: 1. Restarting the PC. 2. Removing iCue Reinstalling. every time I tried to update it, the same thing happened. It makes my PC lag a lot! The RGB is not phasing smoothly too. (and yes the lags weren't before the update) I`ve checked CPU and RAM usage and they seem to be fine (CPU: 10% Ram: 4~5GB) I have the PC for 6 months only. Thanks in Advance!
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