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iCUE bugs/problems, v4.18.209


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I use the iCUE software with your Commander Pro and H100i v2. Windows 11.

Bugs/problems in version 4.18.209:

- If getting windows blue screen all profiles are lost  and I have to use a lot of time setting everything up again. THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!! This error makes the my whole setup useless. What's the point using a lot of time making my computer silent and then all is gone??!?!?!?!!?!? This have happened to me two  times now.
- Often I have to restart the iCUE service because it stops responding to sensor changes. THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!!!!
- Why can I only choose presets "quiet" and "extreme" for my H100 pump?. Either the pump is running at full speed all the time, or it wont run at full speed when needed!!!! Why cant I create my own profile for the pumps as well?
- When setting up dashboard, If I change the window width all groups are placed below each other.  If I place them beside each other is because I wont them to stay that way!!!!!!!

- Is it possible for you to detect max fan rpm? If so, why not use % when setting up new fan profiles? Its annoying that I must know max rpm when setting up profiles.

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