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Found 13 results

  1. Hallo, ich habe mir das HS80 Wireless gekauft und bin auch soweit überzeugt. 😁 Aber auch wenn mir die Stimme sagt Mic Feedback off, ich höre mich immer selbst. Nur wenn ich das Mikrofon hochgeklappt habe ist das Feedback wirklich aus (und natürlich auch das gesamte Mikrofon). Erst dachte ich es liegt an Dolby Atmos. Aber auch nach der Deaktivierung bleibt das Problem. Auch wenn ich in iCue den "Nebenton" ausschalte ändert sich nichts. iCue sowie das Headset haben die neusten Updates. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das Feedback komplett auszuschalten? Denn so ist das HS80 für mich leider nicht zu gebrauchen. ☹️
  2. I ran into a problem yesterday that I've been trying to fix. As soon as I turned on my PC to go to my classes I noticed that the mute light on my mic was on. When I pressed the button on my headset to unmute my mic, the voice feedback said 'Mic Feedback On/Off'. This kept happening and I was unable to physically unmute my mic. I then quit iCue and my mic unmuted itself, however, when I reopened iCue my mic went back to being muted and the same issue occurred. After this I'd like to think I tried everything: -Uninstalled and reinstalled Corsair HID -Uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers -Uninstalled and reinstalled iCue *After uninstalling the drivers/software I restarted my PC each time What was odd was the mic was unmuted after I reinstalled iCue and I thought it was fixed, but I still didn't want to test my luck with the button on the headset itself. I wake up this morning to go to class and iCue starts up as normal and I see the red light on my mic and the button is still having the same issue. I'm fairly sure the mic feedback option is only supposed to occur when the button is held, but it is changing regardless of it being pressed/held. I am on iCue version 3.33.246. This is very agitating because if I want to use my microphone I need to quit iCue. If you need any more information let me know, thank you.
  3. The functionality is already there. Unless I am missing something and it already exists it would be really nice to be able to create our own button folders. For the K100 there is a "Show G-Keys" which already acts like a folder for macro buttons, but you can't add this anywhere else aside from the default K100 page. There is a lot of things that would be nice to be able to do ourselves. Including the volume sliders and DPI button folders. It is beyond me as to why we cannot put these on any pages we like or why we cannot create button folders. It is so much easier to go though folders for some grouped macros other than swiping pages and pages to find the ones you want. There is so much more that can be done with this, but you have to have certain products to get access to certain buttons which are then locked to the default pages they come with on said product, there are just certain buttons on all the different panels I have that I'd like to have one one or two pages in my own layout, but I am stuck with a limited amount of said buttons and they're stuck on certain pages with buttons I don't want. Please make this a possibility for these extra "hidden" buttons to be placed by our own accord and let us have as many of them as we want and on whatever pages we want. The image attached is for anyone who may not have access to see this "Show G-Keys" buttons which essentially acts like a macro button folder where you can assign multiple macro keys inside of a folder where you can return our of to the previous page, instead of swiping to another.
  4. Hi all, Just a little Quality of Life suggestion. Could we get the ability to create sub-folders for the ACTIONS and ACTIONS LIBRARY, and the LIGHTING EFFECTS and LIGHTINGS LIBRARY, these rapidly get out of hand when creating custom mapping zones and complex lighting effects. I think this would greatly help everyone create awesome profiles.
  5. For voice prompts there seems to be an addition of phrases regarding mic feedback. Is there a way I can have it so only mic on/off is played for voice prompts? Thanks.
  6. Self Explanatory but I would like if mouse macros were given the ability to be set within X and Y parameters and that the mouse moves to a coordinate within said parameters (for absolute) or move a random amount of X or Y within the parameters (for relative). Basically add the ability to make mouse movements random within the macro creator.
  7. Gasis

    Mic feedback off

    When turning the headset on I often have no microphone feedback and have to slide it's volume on iCue to be able to hear myself. Also happened when already turned on but I didn't notice why. (edit: happens when I mute the mic) I have 3 iCue profiles which all have feedback volume enabled at half. Thank you for your help Ps: I run dual screen if it's any useful. (edit: noticed strange behaviour with the mute function when auto-switching between profiles.)
  8. I like the dashboard as a central place to monitor my system. However, there are a few things which would make it a lot better if they could be improved. Duplicate/redundant sensors for ASUS motherboards ASUS Prime X570-Pro is showing duplicates for many fans/temps. Would be great if the detection could be improved or at least give the option to permanently remove/rename sensors. Processor core temperatures for AMD CPU's Ryzen 7 3700X just shows package temp. Would be nice if we could get the processor/core temperatures to show up here. Empty DRAM panel bug There is a "ghost" DRAM panel with no title and just has my DRAM timing information. This comes and goes and I'm not sure why. iCue SPACE position Would be cool if there was the ability to move this to another monitor or perhaps choose left/right of the screen. Thanks!
  9. I have extremely large hands and have problem to get mouse, i was using razer death adder and even that i did hold only with finger tips, or i was loosing grip during game, or all the sudden hold mouse differently as weird as it sounds. I was long time searching for larger mouse, which don't weight more than 105g and isn't laser. And has width at least 80mm, so i was glad when i saw this product. On length i have 19 cm hands and 12 cm width, this mouse is like 127, or 130 if i remember correctly on length. So to my review: It is all hard to describe, how grip feels etc. hope you get it. -it could be longer: my fingers on right side overreaching and if i hold it with rubber grips, when it is meant to, i have to bend my figers little, while i would rather have them relaxed in normal position. -it could be higher on right side, left side is higher, where is thumb and it is not needed :mad: , but on the left side i barely fit ring finger and pinky together. -width is not what it seems, yet there was mouse has 80mm or so on width, but there is comfortable hole under side mouse button, where manufacturer intended that mouse will be held, but if i held it here, mouse all the sudden starts to feel very slim, there is slope from this place down, but it is inclined and it is not comfortable to hold mouse there + there is less grip So when i put thumb into that hole indended where mouse is supposed to be held, than i have to bend my ring finger and pinky even more. -also it is hard to press middle mouse button and if you use it for scrolling in rts, it is difficult to press it again shortly after previous press Now i think about it, to describe that feeling, when i hold mouse at parts which are intended for grip like that spot for thumb under buttons, it is like holding mouse only at front and almost no grip at any other part of the mouse and yet it is worse because end of the mouse is sticking out and you to more stretch your fingers. In conclusion, it is not worst shape, but i am so unsure, i will probably have to return this product. It far from comfortable for me and grip is like 60-70% I don't have good control. I will test it out yet, but... I just have bad luck, i was waiting years for mouse i can use and still can't find it. I should have born after 20 years, when you 3d print mouse exaclty for your hand...
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I've had this headset for about 3 months with no problems at all. However, when I tried to use Discord to talk to some friends in the past couple of days, they informed me that I was echoing. When I tested my mic, it was picking up all desktop audio and barely my own voice. The last time I used Discord where this didn't happen was maybe over a week ago so it's possible this has been happening for about a week without me noticing. I don't see much about this anywhere online when I look and I've tried updating drivers and other various troubleshooting solutions but nothing has worked. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  11. Today my highly anticipated Corsair VOID Gaming headset came in the mail. I have never used a gaming headset that used a separate USB dongle to control the surround sound… overall the headphones sound incredible equally in Dolby and stereo. The Issue: Raid time approached and I joined Discord via the windows 7 64 bit desktop application and every single time I push down my mic PTT button the game sound goes right though the mic and my voice (no matter how much I shout) doesn't come out the other side. Any support you folks might be able provide me would be significantly appreciated!
  12. This post is directed at Corsair for feedback on customer service since your phone surveys are pretty weak. I've noticed a pattern in the phone calls to CS in the last week or so. What I've noticed is that when the rep is unable to resolve an issue they do a very good job of making you feel as though the issue will still be looked into and addressed. This leaves me feeling well-taken care of and provokes me to leave a good review on those phone surveys. However, I have yet to receive any of the follow ups I have been promised from those calls. It would appear these promises are intentional to receive good marks from customers, knowing that after the call is over whether they follow up or not will not affect the survey initially completed. I would suggest that when a CS reps needs to follow up, you leave the customer with an open ticket and a survey to complete when the issue has actually been resolved instead of after every call. Otherwise I feel compelled to let my fellow corsair customers know that they should be marking 1/5 on the question of whether the issue was handled properly until the issue actually gets resolved. Otherwise, good marks go to rep, but the customer doesnt get their questions answered. Thanks! And I look forward to receiving my Corsair One Pro!
  13. I've been using the scimitar for several months, now. I want to say it's been at least 4 months. As the time approaches for me to need a replacement, I feel I should provide some feedback as to why I'm replacing this mouse, so that my experiences with it, and the money I spent on it, aren't altogether wasted. I want to begin by saying that I love many things about Corsair's products, especially their durability and general sturdiness. For me, buying gaming peripherals has always been a battle between three companies, and in accordance to forum rules, I will not mention the names of those two other companies, but it shouldn't be too hard to guess what they are. When one company begins to fall short, I stop buying from them and pick another. Very cautiously. I have to say very cautiously because of issues that products tend to have, such as the issues that I've encountered with the Scimitar, which, honestly, has diminished my trust in Corsair substantially. The biggest issue that I have with the Corsair Scimitar is its software. After using products made by competitors and using their gaming softwares to customize lighting and keybindings, using the Corsair Utility Engine is downright painful. If memory serves, I audibly screamed at least 3 times in frustration at how tedious and senselessly complicated it was to even try to bind my keys correctly, and even then, I wasn't sure if I'd had it right. Changing them is even worse. I could give detailed feedback here, but it would take so incredibly long. The Corsair Utility Engine is so extremely user-unfriendly that any consideration of changing my bindings or having to buy a new corsair product and go through this agonizing process again makes me want my old non-corsair hardware back. I wish I could provide screenshots and comparisons between the Corsair Utility Engine and other competing programs to show just what I mean; I may make a youtube video about it in the future. Trying to describe it purely in text is almost as much of a headache as actually using it; it's way too overcomplicated. The second biggest issue that I have with the Corsair Scimitar is its physical design. The weight distribution and curvatures of the mouse make it awkward to hold. Using the mouse in the way that feels most natural, I experience the following issues: Pinky and ring finger feel too close together, and my pinky scrapes across the mouse mat. The space to the right side of the mouse generally feels very cramped. The thumb buttons are poorly spaced from eachother and their proximity to the bottom of the mouse causes my thumb to rub across the mouse mat. (This generally didn't bother me, but nonetheless is a problem, and certainly would begin to bother me in the future as I began to notice it more. It would also make the mouse unusable if I happened to cut the tip of my thumb, slightly to the left.) The sliding thumb buttons do not lock in place firmly, even after the bolt has been tightened. They inevitably become very, very slightly loose again, and over weeks of use, start sliding a millimeter or two out of place. This isn't severe, but it leads to consistency issues, where the mouse feels different 4 weeks from now and I only notice it when it's too late. To be absolutely honest, the whole feature of "setting your thumb free" and adding an unreliable, compact/cramped sliding thumb panel to a mouse seems a bit gimmicky and I've never really seen much of a point for it when several other companies are having great success with their standardized and consistent and well-spaced thumb panels already. The entire shape of the mouse causes it to fit very awkwardly in my hand, as shown in the following picture (apologies for quality): http://i.imgur.com/kfwWiCb.png The mouse to the right is my old Logitech G600 that I used for years and inevitably replaced, with the Corsair Scimitar. I slid each mouse around on my mouse mat until it felt totally natural and normal, like I was using them as usual. I then left them in their exact orientation and scooted them beside eachother. The Corsair Scimitar is facing several degrees to the left. This is because the curvature of the rear body of the mouse fits very directly between the muscles of my hand and causes the mouse to align incorrectly. Even switching to a claw grip, the strange weight distribution and curvatures (most prominently on the right side of the mouse) cause it to feel unnatural except when it is facing a few degrees to the left. I got the mouse for my girlfriend as a gift some months ago and she reports to me that she experiences the same orientation issues during normal use. Honestly, this seems like a pretty huge oversight. The issue, and many previously mentioned issues, could very easily be solved by raising the height of the mouse curves on the right and rear sides. The seemingly useless aluminum strip along the bottom of the mouse catches a LOT of dust and fuzz and debris, especially near the sensor. This debris has, on very numerous occasions, blocked my sensor and caused it to freak out and work very incorrectly, sending my cursor wherever or stopping it completely. I then have to turn the mouse over and attempt to rub the debris out of the sensor hole (harshly enough for the motion to dislodge it from being caught between the aluminum and the plastic), or use some sort of small pointed object to pick it out, which I do not like doing to my mice. That pretty much sums up my feedback. Aside from those issues, the mouse has been sturdy, reliable, and pretty great. The RGB lighting is especially good on this mouse, and the colors translate generally very well from the individual RGB values in the Corsair Utility Engine to the actual colors of visible light produced on the mouse, which is more than I can say for some competitors. So there's that. Unfortunately that's not enough to fix the other issues I've been experiencing. Also, it might be a good idea to work on the internal designs for the 12-button side panel buttons. As with so many other MMO mice in the past, the keys (especially #2, which I use most) become squeaky and "squishy" for lack of a better term. They feel less and less crisp over time, and even begin to wobble more. If someone managed to pioneer mechanical keys small enough for a mouse, I'd pay a lot of money for one :biggrin:
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