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Too easy to delete screen list galleries

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Hi new here, please direct me elsewhere if this is the wrong place for software feedback. If there is a way to recover lost work, then I am looking for troubleshooting advice, but I assumed it's gone forever.

I like to make gif slide shows in the icue screen setup section. The screen list galleries are a time consuming and manual process to make. It doesn't import gifs with their full duration as default, so one has to manually set each one. The dragging system to move the files around make it easy to overshoot placement and difficult to find where you are moving the gif to in a long list. These could be improved for quality of life, but I like the result enough to be willing to work with the system as is.

My key concern here is that the X button takes up about 15% of the space of the small gallery button. Upon pressing it, there is no additional warning to prevent you from accidentally deleting 5+ hours of work. Please add a confirmation box to ensure that you really want to delete a gallery.

Screenshot 2024-02-18 193946.png

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