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Found 8 results

  1. Bonjour J'aimerais savoir si c'est normal que quand j'appuie sur mon caps-lock sur le clavier RGB k65 MINI, la lumière autour a des bugs, (elle s'éteint) ? J'utilise iCUE et ce n'est pas un problème de paramétrage. J'ai essayé de réinitialiser le clavier, cela n'a absolument pas réglé le problème ni changé quoi que ce soit. Pouvez m'aider trouvé une solution à mon problème ? J'ai reçu le clavier début décembre 2022 et il fait ça depuis 3-4 jours Merci à vous. Bonne Journée
  2. Hey guys, So I noticed an issue with iCue. Not exactly sure if it was from this update or recently because I haven't been on my computer in a long time. Basically I set up my macros to have a macro to press a key, then have a secondary action that releases this key. This set up allows me to hold a key as long as I want, and when I release my macro key, the key lets go. It isn't the same as toggle because that's click once, it turns on, click again it turns off. Today, I thought my macros weren't working, and I reinstalled iCue, restarted, etc etc. I finally figured out that iCue won't execute a macro command without a command to release the key in the same macro. This basically broke most of my macros. Not sure if this is supposed to be a feature so a key can't be left pressed, but there should be a better warning system instead of preventing a key to be pressed when told to do so.
  3. Hi, here is my bug report for an annoying bug: Connected devices to iCue: - Corsair Virtuoso SE (FW: v. 5.3.70) - Slipstream-Dongle (FW: v5.7.115) 1.) The microphone-LED of the Virtuose SE is always disabled, even if the switch in settings to disable the microfone LED is disabled (so the microfone-LED should be enabled). THis is annoying because i don't know if the microfone is working or not. 2,) The LED of the slipstream-Dongle is disabled after an update to the versions above. So it's unclear if the device is working or not. Please fix this issues. They are important for using this heeadset in company meetings. Thanx in advance! Kind regards Thomas
  4. On the latest and previous versions of iCUE I have experienced a multitude of system hangs and crashes that are next to unbearable. This includes game crashes, system notification sounds coming in 10+ seconds late, Discord sounds being delayed, and even system sound settings not functioning as expected. After arduous testing over many days and reboots, I took a look at the windows reliability monitor and noticed iCUE being the only other software that "Stopped working". Once realizing this, I uninstalled the software and all system behavior returned to normal. This is a MAJOR bug that I would love to see rectified as I like Corsair and would love to fully utilize my gear with a software such as iCUE that *should* make controlling my RGBs hassle free.
  5. I use the iCUE software with your Commander Pro and H100i v2. Windows 11. Bugs/problems in version 4.18.209: - If getting windows blue screen all profiles are lost and I have to use a lot of time setting everything up again. THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!! This error makes the my whole setup useless. What's the point using a lot of time making my computer silent and then all is gone??!?!?!?!!?!? This have happened to me two times now. - Often I have to restart the iCUE service because it stops responding to sensor changes. THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!!!! - Why can I only choose presets "quiet" and "extreme" for my H100 pump?. Either the pump is running at full speed all the time, or it wont run at full speed when needed!!!! Why cant I create my own profile for the pumps as well? - When setting up dashboard, If I change the window width all groups are placed below each other. If I place them beside each other is because I wont them to stay that way!!!!!!! - Is it possible for you to detect max fan rpm? If so, why not use % when setting up new fan profiles? Its annoying that I must know max rpm when setting up profiles.
  6. Gone round and round with support on this issue before, on multiple computers, clean installs, the whole cornucopia of troubleshooting. Please, just add a "Save" button. Please. Since you guys can't figure out how to make the application properly save anytime a change is made, just give me a manual save button so I don't have to choose between constantly exporting/reimporting, or losing work anytime the application dies/crashes, or my computer reboots or crashes. We're not talking "I just did a thing 5 seconds ago and then I crash" - we're talking "My computers and iCUE have been running for days, and now anything new I do will be lost no matter what, 100% of the time, because iCUE's internal process that saves changes has long since gone to sleep never to awaken again until freshly launched"
  7. bien le bonjours, j'ai un problème avec mes ventilateurs Corsair. j'ai trois SP RGB PRO venu de mon 4000x rgb et un LL120. Ils sont tous connecté à un commander pro qui après quelque minutes n'est plus reconnue par icue et disparait. A partir de ce moment la les ventilateur font N'IMPORTE QUOI les couleurs sont aléatoire et tellement rapide que ca vire au blanc a des moments. J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide car ca devient énervant je ne sais plus quoi faire . Merci d'anvance
  8. I like the dashboard as a central place to monitor my system. However, there are a few things which would make it a lot better if they could be improved. Duplicate/redundant sensors for ASUS motherboards ASUS Prime X570-Pro is showing duplicates for many fans/temps. Would be great if the detection could be improved or at least give the option to permanently remove/rename sensors. Processor core temperatures for AMD CPU's Ryzen 7 3700X just shows package temp. Would be nice if we could get the processor/core temperatures to show up here. Empty DRAM panel bug There is a "ghost" DRAM panel with no title and just has my DRAM timing information. This comes and goes and I'm not sure why. iCue SPACE position Would be cool if there was the ability to move this to another monitor or perhaps choose left/right of the screen. Thanks!
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