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K70 PRO Mini Wireless Feedback & Thoughts


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Hi Corsair & Community!

I've been using my K70 Mini for several weeks, and I have a lot of constructive criticism to provide 🙂 I feel like this is a good board, that with some adjustments can be great.


What makes the K70 Mini a good  60% board?

* 🔥Hotswap. I'm really thrilled to see a major peripheral manufacturer like Corsair adopting hotswap sockets! In 2023 I'd wager a lot of customers expect any OEM profile board to come with hotswap. Low profile boards are a different beast, hotswap is not always possible or reasonable (ex: Cherry Ultra Low Profile switches)

* 🚨RGB. This board has very good lighting. I've got the black model, and the contrast of the PBT keycaps with the backlight renders the legends very readable. The RGB accent ring is also pretty awesome 🙂 iCUE adds even more customizability, and it's pretty awesome to leverage the new murals feature.

* ⏱️Super low latency wireless. Slipstream wireless is an awesome addition! Polling rate with Slipstream is faster than many wired keyboards on the market!

* 🦷Bluetooth. This is incredibly valuable for devices that may not have an accessible USB-A port, such as smartphones and Macs.

* Customizability. Ability to swap an accent bar, in addition with all the customizability of macros and RGB is awesome 🙂 Customizability is not as good as it could be though, because the sockets are only 3-Pin compatible.



What could make the K70 Mini a great 60% board? In addition to everything listed above:

5️⃣ 5-Pin Hotswap. This would allow for a wider range of switches that are only available in 5 pin variants, such as the Cherry MX Black with Clear Top (Nixies).

* 🦷Bluetooth improvements. The current K70 mini uses Bluetooth 4.2, which has had reliability issues with Mac, randomly disconnecting and reconnecting when other Bluetooth peripherals are used. Perhaps this issue can be solved partially with a firmware update, but getting a newer Bluetooth revision would also be great, especially since many other wireless boards use Bluetooth 5 or 5.1.

* More Accessories. Offer more colors for your PBT keycap sets and accent bars. green, orange, purple, etc

* 🪛Screw-in Stabilizers with better lube. Simply adding some Krytox 205g0 to the stock stabilizers instantly improved their sound on my model. Getting screw-in stabs would also be a nice touch.



What could make the K70 Mini a fantastic 60% board? In addition to everything listed above:

 * 🔉Case foam. This is steadily becoming more common on boards in this price point. Foam both above and below the PCB

* 💻Compatibility with iCUE for Chromebook. It would be great to add this, so that Chromebook or Steam Deck can customize their keyboard settings.

 * ⬇️ South facing LEDs. This would allow for greater keycap compatibility, such as cherry profile caps.

* Tournament mode, or ability to disable macro recording. This would be a great addition. I know the K70 TKL has a dedicated switch to run the keyboard in a default configuration. Having something like this in the iCUE software, or to disable macro recording would be really nice.

* 🪜Dual level feet. Self explanatory.



What could make the K70 Mini a legendary 60% board? In addition to everything listed above:

* 📖Add QMK & VIA support. Many enthusiast boards on the market support QMK/VIA. Adding these would allow for pretty much infinite customization by the community 🙂

* Gasket mounting. This is a feature that is frequently seen on high-end enthusiast grade boards.


Hope this feedback can be of use to your product team. Would love to see a new revision of this board with improvements :)

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