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Corsair ICue Commander Core Bluetooth Disconnect?

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Hi everyone,


  Just purchased a new Pre-Built PC and i am having trouble with the Corsair Elite Capellix h100i and with the ICue software. It randomly keeps disconnecting and the lights on the Capellix h100i pump and fans change back to their own colour and in turn not matching the other 7 fans and sometimes even just go dark or no rgb. I have narrowed the problem down to bluetooth. The "Corsair ICue Commander Core" Keeps connecting and then disconnecting randomly in settings/bluetooth and other devices. I sat in settings watching it connect and then disconnect.

I am at a lose as to what to do to resolve the problem.

I have gone as far as a fresh install of windows and it did nothing. Its very frusrating. I am wondering if it could be a fault with the commander as all other bluetooth devices work fine.

If anyone has a possible fix or any information i would greatly appreciate it.



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Can you list the motherboard make and model?  This is a common issue for recent AMD motherboards that do not output enough voltage at the usb internal port. 

It’s not likely the Bluetooth as you don’t have any Corsair BT devices, but that aspect is affected by the app continuously shifting between software and hardware mode. 

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