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  1. Last update September 13 2021 Note Corsair SP RGB Elite Fans are an ideal match for use with this cooler. they are PWM powered and contain 8 LED's Welcome to the iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX Faq This thread will cover all things iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX AIO related From Specs to Diagrams. ----------------------------------------- Web Store Link iCUE Elite at Corsair.com Official Corsair Elite Cooler Manual/Quickstart Guide ------------------------------------------ Note. All Images are Clickable to the full resolution versions. Specs for the H00i Elite Cooling Warranty - Five years Cold Plate Material - Copper PWM - Yes CORSAIR iCUE Compatibility - Yes Cooling Socket Support - Intel 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2066 Cooling Socket Support - AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, sTRX4, sTR4 Radiator Specs Radiator Size - 240mm Radiator Material - Aluminum Radiator Dimensions - 277mm x 120mm x 27mm Fan Specs Fan Model - ML RGB Elite Series Fan Dimensions - 120mm x 25mm Fan Speed - 2400 RPM Number of Fans - 2 Fan Airflow - 75 CFM Fan Static Pressure - 4.2 mm-H2O Noise Level - 10 - 37 dBA ---------------------------------- Specs for the H115i ELITE Cooling Warranty - Five years Cold Plate Material - Copper PWM Yes CORSAIR iCUE Compatibility Yes Cooling Socket Support - Intel 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2066 Cooling Socket Support - AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, sTRX4, sTR4 Radiator Specs Radiator Size - 280mm Radiator Material - Aluminum Radiator Dimensions - 322mm x 137mm x 27mm Fan Specs Fan Model - ML RGB Series Fan Dimensions - 140mm x 25mm Fan Speed - 2000 RPM Number of Fans - 2 Fan Airflow - 97 CFM Fan Static Pressure - 3.0 mm-H2O Noise Level - 10 - 36 dBA ---------------------------------- Specs for the H150i ELITE Cooling Warranty - Five years Cold Plate Material - Copper PWM - Yes CORSAIR iCUE Compatibility - Yes Cooling Socket Support - Intel 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2066 Cooling Socket Support - AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, sTRX4, sTR4 Radiator Specs Radiator Size - 360mm Radiator Material - Aluminum Radiator Dimensions - 397mm x 120mm x 27mm Fan specs Fan Dimensions - 120mm x 25mm Fan Speed - 2400 RPM Number of Fans - 3 Fan Model - ML RGB Elite Series Fan Airflow - 75 CFM Fan Static Pressure - 4.2 mm-H2O Noise Level - 10 - 37 dBA ---------------------------------- The Commander Core Supplied with each iCUE Elite Capellix AIO Cooler If using the Commander Core without an Elite AIO attached, iCUE will see this as a "Commander Core". If the AIO is attached, it will appear as the AIO (H150i Elite Capellix, for example). Sata Powered (none removable) Connects to a USB header (none Removable) Supports 6 of Corsairs RGB Fans 6 x 4 pin Headers (Note, NO control of 3 pin Voltage controlled fans) Controls the Speed of up to 6 Fans PWM 6 x 4 pin Headers Allows RGB Control via Corsair iCue/LINK Auto Detected in iCUE Allows controls of iCUE Elite Capellix AIO Coolers Has 1 Thermal probe 2pin header and a 2nd sensed from the Elite cooler in iCUE Pump Speeds: Extreme - 2700 RPM / Balanced - 2480 RPM / Quiet - 2300 RPM. (thankyou DevBiker for further details. taken from Here) ---------------------------------- The Pump Note, this unit MUST be used with the Commander Core and will not function at all with out it. Also it is NOT compatible with the Commander Pro. The Pump is supplied with 2 Facia Trims which are removed/replaced by removing 4 Screws. Plate 1 (Comes pre-attached) Plate 2 Also comes with and an included Motherboard Backplate And also includes the following mounting brackets. intel AMD sTR4 Am3/am4 The Following Hardware is also supplied (Note model and amount shown in the diagram below) ---------------------------------- Diagrams This one is done as a typical setup is your average 6 fan case such as the 4000d/x/airflow and one for those with more than 6 fans ---------------------------------- Well thats about all I have for now. I am awaiting the arrival of a H150i Elite, soon as I have it I will get more Pictures/specs up along with a few more diagrams. hope it helps!. if you found this thread helped please do go back to the top of the page and rate the thread Thank you for reading.. see my other Faqs and link to Corsair Case Owners Club Discord server below as clickable links.
  2. Buenas noches, Me he comprado unos cascos Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless negros recientemente y tengo un problema de audio en el que de repente, en cualquier tipo de actividad(escuchar música, jugar,etc), baja el volumen y vuelve a subir (sin cambiar el volumen del ordenador) y esto sucede repetidamente cada 2 o 3 minutos. Es un problema de software? debería usar la garantía o hacer una devolucion? Muchas gracias por vuestra atencion.
  3. J'ai récemment acheter un Void RGB Elite USB mais mon micro est très faible et je suis presque obligée de crier pour me faire entendre correctement. J'ai pourtant tout essayer : - Régler les niveaux à 100 sur les paramètre du périphérique - Mettre le périphérique en qualité DVD - Installer Icue, le désinstaller, le réinstaller, désinstaller les drivers et les installer de nouveau - Autoriser Windows à utiliser le périphérique - Mettre le périphérique en périphérique principal - changer de prise USB - et même sur d'autre ordinateurs j'ai le même soucis Je l'ai même fait échanger en magasin et pourtant le son est toujours terriblement faible, donc soit je suis tombé sur deux casques défectueux à la suite, soit il y a un problème mais je ne trouve pas de solution !
  4. Hello everyone, everything good? I recently discovered why my headset has constant connection failures and also crackling sounds. I monitored it through my router and noticed that whenever someone uses the 2.4Ghz wifi network it starts to happen, when 5Ghz is used it doesn't happen. I tried to change the router channel but the problem persists. I tried to decrease the signal strength but the problem persists. Obviously it is not a failure in the headset, but an interference between technologies, and unfortunately I cannot disable the 2.4 Ghz wifi because my mom's cell phone connects only on that frequency. Could you help me find ways to get around this problem?
  5. I purchased this product and MAN was I excited, I've always wanted a corsair void product. I get it home, do all the plastic peeling, and plug that baby in through my motherboard's audio IO. It doesn't show up as a device on iCUE, and I have to change my audio settings to Realtek to be able to even hear anything from them. I also change the microphone default device to Realtek microphone and while it picks sound up, i have to like TAP it hard for it to pick anything up. My friends in discord told me I sounded like I was 50 feet away in an empty warehouse. I'd really love some advice about this but I do plan on going back to walmart around ~5PM est to return it. It'd be nice to have a solution by then because I love the feel of this headset. (Edit: I'll be checking this thread every half hour.)
  6. Hello ; I bought the corsair void elite yesterday and made the installations, and I can't access the charging level via icue. I deleted the program, installed windows format, installed the firmware on the headset with Force update, reset the headset again the same and I can not see the charge, please help.
  7. I own a Void Pro Wireless that I've come to love. I wanted to upgrade to the Void Elite Wireless (which I believed was better in every way since you know, it's supposed to be it's direct upgrade, a more recent version). My problem revolves around the surround system which feels much worse on the Void Elite compared to the Void Pro. With the old headset (Void Pro) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my old headset is connected. - This is what is displayed when I click on it. Now with the new headset (Void Elite) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my new headset is connected (notice how the name of the headset goes from "Void Pro Wireless" to "Void Elite Wireless"). - This is what is displayed when I click on it (notice how the name of the surround, as well as the icon, goes from "Dolby Surround" to "7.1".) So I thought "Wait, maybe I need to turn on Dolby surround in the Windows' sound tab". To my disbelief, it was never on with the old headset. It couldn't be since Windows asks me to download the Dolby app if I want to turn the Dolby surround on. So, I would like to know if there is a way to get the Dolby surround system (of the Void Pro) enabled on my new headset (Void Elite) instead of that new "7.1" and supposedly better surround ? It hurts me to realize that my girlfriend bought me a new headset and it's actually worse than the old one even though it's supposed to be an upgrade. EDIT : Just realized the Elite is actually worse than the Pro. Looks like there's no issue then, I just made a costy mistake. If any admin walks by, please delete this thread.
  8. There's a few old threads in this forum ranging all the way back to 2015, which describe issues of low mic audio, and I suspect that many of the reports in those threads might actually be related to what I'm about to share, and it is not a simple low-volume issue. This is a new headset, and my friends pointed out that they can't hear most of what I'm saying. Keyword here is "most" and not "all" - if the volume were consistently quiet then I can find a way to artificially boost it, but if it's fluctuating then boosting it will also boost the parts that they can already hear, turning my friends deaf. Not that I have anything against deaf people, but I wouldn't need a headset in the first place if I wanted to talk to deaf friends... I digress. Anyways, I decided to test this by turning on playback on discord (and other apps), and humming a loud monotone into the mic. As it turns out, it picks up my hum just fine for the first second or two, then heavily drops. Here's a visualization from audacity: After the volume drops, it's still there, but extremely quiet. This happened consistently every single time that I tested it. I can share more screenshots like the one above, but I hate uploading to imgur. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling iCue, I tried messing around with the audio settings, uninstalling/reinstalling audio drivers, and I tried using different USB ports (including 2.0 and 3.0 ports), and this has consistently behaved in the exact same manner. Is there some sort of noise cancellation or equalizer built into this headset's mic? I tried checking the audio settings and the iCue control, and I haven't found anything. The closest thing I found is the "AGC" checkbox (Sound -> Recording -> Custom), but that's off by default doesn't seem to change anything when toggled - is it possible that it's just on by default and can't be changed? I need some help here.
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