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Some suggestions about iCue Nexus

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At first, sorry for any mistakes - English is not my native language..


I just bought my iCue Nexus and to say the truth, I have a little "mixed" feelings. It is not a bad product, but with a little more effort in "controling software", it could be a MUCH BETTER product..


There are some ideas, i have been thinking of during setting up my nexus...


1) To have an ability to set our own tresholds for graphs

- just like in this thread.

- For graphs to have an actual use, it is vital to have an option to set fixed tresholds, because with variable tresholds, there isn't really much to read from them (apart from that they look nice :D )..

- I would suggest to take an inspiration from graphs situation in MSI Afterburner software, which I found very usefull in monitoring hardware


2) Adding MUCH MORE options for hardware monitoring.

- Again, if I compare raw amount of data, which offers for example MSI Afterburner and iCue Nexus, it's a really big difference.

- For example RAM usage, V-RAM usage and GPU load would be a nice additions (there are more, but this three I found vital).

- There is also an potencial for CPU usage to shows all cores in one graph, but I don't know, if this is useful idea..


3) Better ability to set brightness of iCue Nexus via different methods.

- At first, I would like to see a touch button with that function on start screen

- But it would be nice to have an opportunity to use my K100 control wheel to configure brightness of iCue Nexus in the same way, as it controls a brightness of keys.

- With that in mind, there are many more possibilities in integrating K100 control wheel into iCue Nexus.


4) Possible integration with common media players (WMP, VLC, iTunes etc.) would be nice.

- An integration with multimedia player (I mean showing "what's playing") would be nice

- For example SteelSeries keyboards with displays have that ability

- With sound in mind, an ability to dynamicaly show volume levels (in style of old "VU - Meters", or newer "db metters") would be a very cool feature as well


Again, please don't take this post as complaining, I am very happy to have iCue Nexus (I always dreamed of having display on my keyboard), but in my opinion, there is so much wasted potencial in this device, that I just had to send here some suggestions and I would be thrilled to see at least some of them working..


Best Regards


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