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iCUE: Sub-profiles or isolating RGB profiles from device settings?


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Is there any method to make it so that if I change the RGB profile in iCUE, it won't also change all the settings of my other devices such as headphones and macro key sets?

For example, say I have 2 RGB profiles I like to switch between. I mute my mic on my corsair headphones, but when I switch between profiles it unmutes my mic. Or say I have a two sets of macros on the keyboard/mouse that I'd like to switch between, but don't want to have to change my entire RGB profile to do so. In the current iCUE system, it seems like the only way this would be possible is to create a profile for every eventuality, such as 2 profiles for each rgb pattern, each with the seperate key assignments I want to switch between. 

Therefore, I think it would be cool if we could have an option to create seperate sub-profiles for each device, allowing us to easily switch RGB profiles or key assignments without affecting the rest of the setup. 

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I too am seeking such a feature and hit this post in my search. I need the ability to switch between mouse assignments for different games without affecting RGB lighting. I've got an all Corsair device setup and enjoy swapping between the many community RGB profiles that are available. Am I missing a method of just swapping mouse assignment profiles without affecting RGB?

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You make a duplicate of the current profile, then change the mouse assignments or whatever else to the other set.  The copy function is the three dot drop down menu next to the profile name. The "copy" can be renamed, exists as a separate profile that can be linked through any of the profile switch functions, and you can throw in a small LED change somewhere to help tell them apart when in use.  

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