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Hi friends..


I have bougt a H100i from some ones..


I have done cable connections..


But iQUE dosent connect .. to H100i


Only LİNK4 4.7.077 coneccted


H100i shown as integrated bridge in devices and printers


and also corsair usbxp dont showing up in device manager [ show hidden dvices mode ]


and firmware are 1.05 how can I update it


OS win7 64 / win 10 64 cpu: amd athlon phenom X4 945 / 8GB RAM / ASUS NVİDİA 945 GTX STRİX / Mobo: ASUS 88TDV EVO USB 3.0

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forgotten somethings
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If it is this "H100i" with the square block, it will not work with iCUE. It is too many versions ago.





There are some newer versions of Link, but it may not be advantageous if you prefer to use other monitoring programs.


Yes my friend.. This one is mine..


What kind monitoring? I need to managing it..


I have bought it 3 years ago but I could not find time to install :biggrin:


So how can I fix usb connection problems and firmware upgrade?

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Link is all you need to control the cooler. 4.7.xx should work. Last version was 4.9.3 and should be available on the download page.


Only 4.7

bearly.. some times senses two pumps , no fans, some times only pump

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