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Ironclaw RGB Multiple/Double Middle Mouse Clicks


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I bought an Ironclaw RGB and when I middle click, sometimes the middle mouse button is fired twice. I don't recall this being an issue when I first got the mouse a month ago. Seems to only have started happening recently.



- middle-clicking links in chrome will open two tabs

- middle-clicking tabs in chrome will close two tabs

- middle-clicking in games will try to use the keybind twice



I use the mouse in 2.4ghz mode mainly but also tested in the "off" position and wired. Same issue.


I checked my active profile in iCUE and the middle mouse button is defaulted to "Middle Click" (i.e. no macro, no keystrokes, etc.)


Does anyone have any thoughts? (firmware bug, hardware issue?)




I did some further testing capturing mouse and keyboard events. Here are the findings:


- if I remap the middle mouse button to a keyboard button, the issue persists. The only difference being a keyboard button is detected twice

- if I middle click down, hold 1s, middle click release, sometimes two middle clicks are detected during the initial hold, sometimes one, and additionally when releasing additional clicks will be detected. It never results in the correct 1 middle button click.

- if I middle click down/up as fast as I can, it almost never triggers two middle mouse clicks





I realized that I have a 2nd Ironclaw in the house. I tested that one and it doesn't have the same problems. I guess I will return the current one as broken.

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That seems to be the most likely. I have not seen this issue on mine and can't replicate any kind of software glitch. You try a repair install of iCUE from the Apps menu in Windows, but I think physical hardware problem is the most probable.
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