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Unbelievable support endless fail (ticket 743549, 743945, 772106, 784764, 796749...)

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I live in Germany. I got my K70 RGB on May 2018. The Enter key broke in June.

It required three tickets, THREE and a youtube video ( [ame]

[/ame] ) until they were able to send the enter key. Including an angry response (Ticket 2) on "Feedback for your solved problem" which was not solved of course.

The W key broke in September, created ticket four, got promised to get a "W" key, and nothing.

Ticket 5 is the angry response to their "How good were we?" again...

I even got a tracking number ( RR028475695TW ) which I could track and it looks like it ended up in nirvana again.

I cannot understand how Corsair can fail so bad, first the broken keycaps which is a first anyway and I am using Computers since the C64/C16 Era and never had broken keycaps during normal usage.

And then that unexplainable failure to send the replacement caps, how can Corsair NOT notice what happens to their package? How can't corsair NOT notice that keycap problem which is KNOWN since 2015? Why don't they send it in a way so they can track whether their packages got lost?

I am among those crazy who got the Titan, and later the Titan X, alway quite fast PC. I have not problem with an expensive product with the right quality and working support.

This experience is so bad that I can only warn everyone to never buy anything from Corsair.


Is there anyone at corsair who can clear up that massive amount of fail?

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You helped me getting the "W" key. Thank you for that.

As for the other promised action: Did not yet happen.


Things Corsair need to improve:

1. Keycap quality. Use more plastic on the keycaps for K70 RGB. Just a half millimeter thicker plastic at the "+" part of the keycap would probably be enough. For comparison: The wall thickness of K70 RGB keycap at the "+" part is 0,45 mm at the thinnest part. The same spot of my Cherry keycaps (Cherr MX board 3.0) has 0,75 mm wall thickness at the thinnest part. Since the transparent plastic is more brittle than the black plastic of my Cherry keycap you probably need a wall thickness of 1 mm to solve the issue, and save Corsair A LOT of money since it would reduce the amount of support calls and expensive shipping.

2. Invoice uploading database: I should only require to upload an invoice once per product. It should be stored along the serial number so you have it at hand. Up to now I had to upload the invoice separately for every keycap to replace.

3. Use "advanced tracking" when shipping replacement parts so you can sue RR-Donneley (I suspect RR-Donneley since it is an RR tracking number) for not doing their job. RR-Donneley seems to be one of the worst, a quick search shows a very very bad reputation. Always give the customer the tracking number along with a direct tracking links to the customer can see that Corsair is doing that part of the job right.

4. Better training for your poor support people. They are trained well to be polite, but I shouldn't have to create a video like above. Especially since my support case already included a picture of the ENTER key and the product number and the serial number.

5. Actually take the input from the users to your product engineers and your CEO. The keycap problem from K70 RGB, for example, is known since 2015.


If Corsair won't improve the company will probably die. You really need to improve the above mentioned points, or this company won't survive.


6. We need a real manual for the iCUE software. The support could not answer the question "How to I store a fixed color setup into the keyboard" and sent me to a fan written manual which did not answer the question. I accidentally found the function (see attached picture). Forcing your programmers to write a real manual would improve usability of the software as well, since they will stumble upon their bad design decisions by themselves. Seriously: NOONE expects the "store color setup permanently" to be that "new empty document" icon. The function must be a big disk symbol with "Save setup" text below it at the top area and not hidden in some unmarked sub menu with the text as tooltip.


Please take that seriously, bring it up to your CEO. You really lose money here. A lot money.


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