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  1. Hello Popntop363, Did someone reach out to you in regards to your issue?
  2. Hello Popntop363, I've reached out to our Damage Claims person to have a look at your ticket.
  3. Hello, I am still doing my best to get in touch with the rebate team on this matter, since we are a completely different channel itself and they are a 3rd party. I am at their mercy for any updates.
  4. Hello djase, I will reach out to the EU team to look into your ticket. I am very sorry about the delay.
  5. Hello, I am very sorry about the delays, I've checked your ticket and it was solved and being handled by our UK team. And as for the Firmware please reach out to the Mouse / Keyboard / HID section as this section is for RMA and Warranties.
  6. Hello Kronzo, I can see if I can have a rep look into your situation. Please create a ticket at https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us so we can better assist you.
  7. Hello Berkaybb, I've went in to look at the ticket and it looks like an agent has reached out to you and answered the question you had.
  8. Hello KevinYe, Do you happen to have the ticket number? I will see if I can get an agent to look into the ticket for you.
  9. Hello Jesaynt, Do you happen to have the ticket number? I will see if I can get an agent to help you on the ticket.
  10. Hello, Please create a ticket at https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us so that we can further help you on your issue. They will explain any cost if it is necessary regarding your RMA.
  11. Hello johnvargo, I am sorry about the response time for your ticket, I will make note of what has happened. If you would like me to have another agent help you I can do that for you. As we do appreciate you using our products.
  12. Hello ShuanBiscuit, Not a problem at all, have a good one.
  13. Hello Siras, I do apologize for that, I will make note of the situation and see if we can have the agents be more aware of their tickets.
  14. Hello, The website you were given at the time of the rebate was the rebate you were supposed to submit your rebates to. I am not sure if you can process another rebate for the same product as that will cause issues. I do apologize for the delay of your rebate as they do that a bit of time for it to be processed and sent out to you.
  15. Hello, I do apologize for the delay. I see that there is an agent helping you out on your ticket, please be aware that there is a delay in responses due to the off work hours for the agent.
  16. Hello OctaDragon, Can you please check to see if you can log in with a different browser? There might be an extension on your current browser that might be interfering with your login.
  17. Hello Rhyagelle, Not a problem at all! And thank you for being an awesome customer. We are glad to assist you.
  18. Hello. Please see if you can find out more information asking a tech rep in this forum https://forum.corsair.com/v3/forumdisplay.php?f=279 regarding the gas lift. If you have an RMA question I can assist you with, please provide me with the ticket number and I will find an agent to further assist you.
  19. Hello Rhyagelle, Thank you for letting me know your ticket number, I had an agent reach out to you to help you out.
  20. Hello Rhyagelle, Can you please provide me with the ticket number please? I will inform the agent working on your ticket help you out in regards to that label.
  21. Hello, Normally rebates from all channels take 6-8 weeks for it to be delivered. If you go to the rebate website that you've entered your information in. There is a status update checker you can do for the rebate.
  22. Hello, I am sorry about that, I've checked out the ticket and it looks like an agent has reached out to you.
  23. Hello, Thank you for letting us know about the situation on the case. You can ask us anytime to help you out. Just create a ticket on https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us.
  24. Hello, I am sorry that the item couldn't be cancelled on time, due to the holidays very minimal amount of changes can be made to deliveries once an item is prepped to be sent out.
  25. Hello, I will double check with our webstore team, can you please pm me the email address associated with the guest purchase?
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