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Found 10 results

  1. Hello ! The WASD keys on my K63 fell off. Turned out, the plastic underneath each key, where there is a "cross" female part, that sits on the switch itself, was broken. It had cracked in the corners, and some plastic was still there, some not. I ordered a kit of "PBT Double Shot PRO Keycaps", hoping these would be better. In the meantime i used several old keyboards i had laying around, but they were all horrible, so i eventually bought a very cheap "TKL svive Triton Speed" that i got for 50% off, to use as a spare while i waited for these Corsair keycaps. I was very disappointed when i found that the Corsair keycaps mod kit, contained exactly the same quality keys, as was originally on my K63. While on the "XtrFY svive Triton Speed" backup keyboard, was MUCH thicker plastic under the keys, these were in fact round on the outside of the stem, so they would be much less prone to cracking, since there is no edges, theres no place for the crack to start, plus the additional material also helps. Now the K63 has become the backup keyboard, sitting on the shelf packed in plastic, with brand new "PRO" keycaps. Corsair should seriously look into improving the quality of these keys, especially when you buy these replacement kits, you expect to get something that is a little better, when it says "PRO" on the package. I was enjoying my K63 until now, i thought it was completely ok, but now ? Nothing PRO about it. Look at the difference on the stem in the middle under the keys (Corsair on top, XtrFy bottom):
  2. Hi, I have a simple question, I'm french and i don't like ISO layout. If I buy a keyboard in nord-american language, does it become in ANSI layout ? Or does it become in QWERTY ISO ?
  3. So I Bought A Corsair K70 Mk.2 RGB about 2 months ago here in Pakistan. It was quite an expensive purchase for me here. But in under 2 months one of my keycaps has broken (the 4 key on the number bar above the alphabets) just by typing on the keyboard. I have been taking good care of the keyboard as it was quite expensive but still one of the keycaps has broken which is quite baffling. Now the key has become loose and i cannot use it properly, also I am a very anxious person and I cannot continue using the keyboard knowing that i can break any other key as well. So Help is required in trying to fix this as i have stated it was EXPENSIVE and it should not break in under 2 months.
  4. Hello all, so I've been searching for a keycap puller to help aid in cleaning my keyboard. I have found keycap replacement kits and other things along these lines but nothing where it's just a keycap puller on its own. Where can I find/buy them? Are they not available separately? Also, keycap mod kits go for $55 here in AUS, it's a bit much since I only want the keycap puller, not a whole box of keycaps that I won't use I ask this because I'm trying not to spend a lot of money right now (about to sink like $750 into my car for repairs).
  5. Ich bin auf der suche nach einem vollständigen Keycap-Satz für das K70 Keyboard. Ich habe bereits ein Ticket geöffnet, aber werde einfach ignoriert (# 6799727)... Weiß jemand wo man die Keycaps sonst bekommt? EDIT: Antwort erhalten <3
  6. Hi forum, I just picked up the K100...it's sweet.. but I need some new keycaps.. the stock ones are ok. they feel great not a great amount of noise but I like to see something more personal. I picked up one for my esc key .. Are there any other suggestions or artist that can be recommended? I'm looking to replace maybe the enter +shift+ space bar right now on t his and maybe the number pad.. need it to reflect the RGB that this board brings and some sweet flair.. ::pirate::::pirate::::pirate::
  7. hey guys n gals, so i was researching about getting pudding keycaps for my K70 RGB and discovered that corsair do not seem to make them for us YET,(cough cough,hint hint),also because corsair have an odd shaped bottom row keycap set for the windows cap and the spacebar cap it would look odd purchasing a set and not have those caps available to swap out then i discovered this awesome mod for doing it yourself on youtube,now please be aware that this is not a short mod and you will need to take your time 7hrs according to the video and most importantly this will also void any warranty you have on your existing board if it's fairly new,(unless you purchase a new set of caps and replace the ones you are going to mod),but let's be honest a new keycap set is not that expensive so if you fancy giving it a go please watch the youtube video i will link below i am going to try on my black keycaps as i currently have the white keycap set on my K70 at the mo' and these seem to be fully white or i would do it to these as well and if anyone from corsair happens to read this thread how's about making some pudding keycap sets available to purchase please...thanks all credit goes to Maraksot78 from youtube and none of this was my idea so please feel free to subscribe to his channel via the linked video below [ame] [/ame]
  8. I live in Germany. I got my K70 RGB on May 2018. The Enter key broke in June. It required three tickets, THREE and a youtube video ( [ame] [/ame] ) until they were able to send the enter key. Including an angry response (Ticket 2) on "Feedback for your solved problem" which was not solved of course. The W key broke in September, created ticket four, got promised to get a "W" key, and nothing. Ticket 5 is the angry response to their "How good were we?" again... I even got a tracking number ( RR028475695TW ) which I could track and it looks like it ended up in nirvana again. I cannot understand how Corsair can fail so bad, first the broken keycaps which is a first anyway and I am using Computers since the C64/C16 Era and never had broken keycaps during normal usage. And then that unexplainable failure to send the replacement caps, how can Corsair NOT notice what happens to their package? How can't corsair NOT notice that keycap problem which is KNOWN since 2015? Why don't they send it in a way so they can track whether their packages got lost? I am among those crazy who got the Titan, and later the Titan X, alway quite fast PC. I have not problem with an expensive product with the right quality and working support. This experience is so bad that I can only warn everyone to never buy anything from Corsair. Is there anyone at corsair who can clear up that massive amount of fail?
  9. My new Strafe RGB MX Silent is a great keyboard with great colors. But I have two concerns regarding 1) high key sensitivity, and 2) dim punctuation symbols. Are there any keycap options or adjustments that would address these? Details: 1. Pushing a key down by a tiny amount, like barely a millimeter, seems to activate it. The keys also feel light for that first millimeter. I end up pressing the "d" key by accident just by resting my left fingers on the keyboard. I think pressing a key should require more downward travel or more downward force. 2. On any key with two symbols on it, like the number/punctuation keys, the backlit bottom symbol is too dim to see well, even at the brightest setting. So on the 3# key, the 3 is bright and the # is too dim. On the single/double quote key, you can barely see the double quote symbol at all. The top symbol is the “non-shift” character, which is counterintuitive (on most computer keyboards it's at the bottom), so I guess they’re trying to highlight it. But it’s a problem for me. Strangely, the photo on the box shows the top and bottom symbols at almost identical brightness (hello Photoshop) So it's a bit misleading, not that I noticed the box anyway. If there's a way to rectify these issues with new key caps or mechanisms, especially the sensitivity, I'd love to know. Thanks!
  10. On my K70 LUX I keep having an issue where the bottom (+) of the keycap that holds the cap on to the switch keep breaking randomly. Usually one of the corners cracks, the corner next to it cracks and suddenly the key can slip off easily and go flying during a gaming session, when you recover the key you can see what happened. Both my S and D keys have broken off just from normal wear and tear, i have also had buttons like 4 on the numpad break off and go flying just from accidentally hitting it while moving my hand away from the arrow keys. Would be nice if they would create a new model with stronger keycaps, even a small increase in the thickness of the plastic on that (+) part might make the keys last A LOT longer, something must be going on because I have Never had this issue with any keyboard before, and I love this keyboard so I have been dealing with it breaking keys or not.
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