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Only half of the ports on RGB hub working


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Hello, I recently purchased a Corsair 280X to transfer my PC into. It came with 2 LL120 Fans and the and RGB Controller and Hub for up to six RGB fans. I purchased an extra 2 LL120 to bump the fan count up to 4. However, only 3 of my fans are currently working. Ports 1 - 3 on the Fan hub connected to the Controller work whilst 4 - 6 do not. It isn't a faulty fan as I've swapped fans around on each of the ports and any fan which goes on ports 4 - 6 stops lighting up (they still spin around, just no lighting). I've set up the iCUE software control correctly (Lighting Channel 1 has 4 LL120 Fans specified and I am able to change the colours on the 3 that work). I've tried updating the firmware to no avail.


I'm going to be honest, I'm a little stuck and I feel it may be the RGB Hub itself which isn't working.

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