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  1. Hi! I have the Corsair 680x, I decided to buy three LL120 white edition because I wanted to complete the RGB Fan Hub, so I have 3 "normal" LL120 (black, these comes with the case) and 3 white edition LL120. The "old" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "1, 2, 3", these are working and the RGB is ON. The "new" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "4, 5, 6", these are working BUT the RGB is OFF. I don't know why, all are "LL" model, it's a problem that the new are white ed.? just changes some specs like rpm, cfm... the quantity of leds are the same. I have iCUE (last version) and I put in options that I have LL fans and I have 6, but nothing changes... iCUE detect all fans, I can change the RPM, but I can't change the RGB, is off. Please, help me, try to give me a solution, I paid a lot for these fans and Im sending mails to Corsair Support like 5 days ago and I dont have any reply.
  2. Hi all, I have just finished my new build and decided to go with an h150i elite cappelix and 6 SP120 RGB Elite fans. The current set up uses the included RGB hub with a triple pack of fans, this is connected to the usb socket of a commander pro where the power for the 6 SP120 fans is also plugged in. The h150i is connected to the commander core that it came with, that is working fine with full fan speed control and RGB control. After following the steps on the FAQ page, I'm still unable to control any of the RGB on any of the SP120 fans. It's stuck on permanent rainbow mode. I am also only able to control the speed of three of the fans, once I installed the iCue software the other three fans stopped spinning and I'm not able to get them back on. If anyone has any troubleshooting tips or advice I'd love to hear it. Thanks
  3. Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem. Leider kann ich meine QL120 Lüfter von Corsair nicht die RGBs einstellen, da die iCue Software die RGB Hubs nicht erkennt, sondern nur den Commander Pro. Anscheinend laut Internet und ein bisschen Recherche liegt es an meinem Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Hero [Wi-Fi] Mainboard welches den AMD X570 Chipsatz hat. Kurz zu meinem Set-Up: Mainboard: Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi CPU: Amd Ryzen 9 3900X 10x Corsair QL120 Lüfter 2x Corsair RGB Hub 1x Commander Pro Habe die Commander Pro's schon beide direkt per USB am Mainboard angeschlossen und da funktionieren beiden, jedoch habe ich nur zwei USB Anschlüsse weshalb ich nicht den Commander Pro + 2x RGB hub anschliesen kann. In die LED Stecker beim Commander Pro sind CPU Kühler + Auffangbehälter von Corsair angeschlossen welche logischerweise über den Commander Pro ansteuerbar sind. Habe den neuesten Treiber von meinem Mainboard runtergeladen (ist eine Beta Version für das BIOS) hat aber leider nichts gebracht. Nun ist meine Frage wieso die beiden RGB Hubs die ich an den Commander Pro angeschlossen habe nicht von der iCue Software angezeigt werden?
  4. Hello! So, recently I believe my fans ports to my commander pro are being destroyed for some reason. I have been using new corsair products for about 3 months now. Two weeks ago all three of my fans stopped working ( I have 3 fan splitter ), my response was to switch power ports on the commander pro. Switching did fix it, however, today the new port stopped working as well. So now 2 of my 6 fan ports don't work ( I tested the old one again ) . I'm afraid that I may have a faulty commander pro or maybe it cannot use a 3 fan splitter. The reason of me using 3 man splitter is because I have a full water cooling Corsair computer and I want to be able to control my RPM of my pump through iCue. Thank you for your time I really appreciate it! :) The Cooling Kit : https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B08C7QJC7G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Additional Fans : https://www.newegg.ca/corsair-co-9050092-ww-case-fan/p/N82E16835181168?item=N82E16835181168&source=region&nm_mc=knc-googleadwordsca-pc&cm_mmc=knc-googleadwordsca-pc-_-pla-_-case+fans-_-N82E16835181168&gclid=CjwKCAjwx6WDBhBQEiwA_dP8rTIlWDWTEUOLm_7_PvLC7p8MuSQIaTmcjQ78RFsIAv4IwCPXFMFcIRoCjcsQAvD_BwE 3 Pin Fan Splitter : https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07PXLHNZ6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. In addition to my specs above, I have the Corsair H100i AIO with a 240mm radiator and 3 additional case fans. After installing the Corsair Lighting Node Pro and RGB Fan Hub, my 2 SSDs are no longer recognized by my BIOS. At first I thought I may have been overloading my SATA power cable, but after further troubleshooting, I've determined that if either of the two Corsair devices (the LNP or hub) are connected to any SATA power connection, the SSDs will not be recognized. To confirm this, I disconnected my HDD, both Corsair devices, and one SSD from their SATA cables and booted into my BIOS. The connected SSD was there. I plugged in just one of the Corsair devices to a separate SATA cable and restarted; the SSD was not recognized again. So it seems if either of those devices is powered at all, the SSDs are not. Has anyone else had this issue and/or know how I can fix it?
  6. Hallo, ich habe einen Pc mit einer Corsair CPU Wasserkühlung und RAM. Vor kurzem habe ich die 2 vorhandenen Gehäuselüfter (NZXT H511) mit zwei Corsair LL 120 ersetzt. Ich habe mir diese Einzelnd gekauft, dazu ein Corsair Commander Pro und den Corsair RGB Fan Hub. Ich habe den Commander, sowie den Rgb hub richtig Angeschlossen und mit den zwei Lüftern jeweils verbunden (Commander per Usb an das Mainboard Asrock B550 Extreme 4 die "Stromverbindung" der Lüfter in den Commander und die "Rgb Verbindung" in den Rgb Hub und habe diesen mit dem Richtigen kabel an den Commander angeschlossen.) Der Commander wird mir in der Icue Software angezeigt der Rgb hub jedoch nicht. Außerdem leuchtet ein Lüfter gar nicht und der andere nur an einer stelle Grün. Was mach ich? Ps: Ich kenne mich nicht so gut mit Pc´s aus und weiß nicht was ich falsch gemacht habe. Viele Grüße und danke schonmal im Vorraus!
  7. Hello, I've just bought the 5000D Airflow and I have 6 LL120 fans in my case right now. But i want to have 3-front, 3-top and 1 rear fan. Is there a way for me to buy a lose LL120 and still connect it to the RGB hub or do i need to buy a separate 3-Pack for a new RGB hub? -Hazardous_Boy
  8. Hey all :) I hope I am right here with my question. So I am building my new system rn and have some trouble connecting everything. I have a 680x case (with integrated LED and RGB Hub). I also got myself a h115i (two fan) and a Commander Pro. So far I connected everything like that: RGB HUB (I connected everything with RGB to it, so the 3 front fans, the one on the back and the 2 from the Aio) ->connected to LED HUB (1 LED cable from case) -->connected to Commander Pro (which has all fan power connectors on it, the usb cable from the LED HUB and the usb cable from the AIO - it says USB only but I read here you can connect it that way) I also connected all Sata cables to my power supply. And the 3 pin from the AIO to the motherboard. I hope I didnt forget to mention something. So my question is, is it okay to connect the fans and RGB of the radiator from the AIO to the commander and only connect the 3 pin to the motherboard? I just have the weird feedling i forgot something. Especially the AIO gives me a headache bevause i connected everything to the commander between the thing ony cpu and the fans on the radiator. I hope someone has time to help me out �� Edit: This is what i have: 4 x RGB fans 1 x h115i with 2 x RGB fans 1 x led strip? (comes with case i guess) 1 x RGB Hub 1 x LED Hub 1 x Commander Pro
  9. Basically I have 6 LL fans and my issue is the two top mounted 140mm fans do not light up more than one colour each. My rear fan had been replaced as it was stuck on a static colour and with this new fan it works with many icue lighting modes but when I attempt to use it with the setting ARC for example, it won’t work with the 3 front mounted fans. I’m using a Commander Pro and an RGB Hub which both came with the 500D SE case and I’ve got all the cables in the right places which I’m positive are as I’ve switched them around into their designated places. I just need help at getting the fans to sync correctly, especially the two top mounted.
  10. Hey Leute, Ich habe ein Problem mit meinen 2 120mm ML Lüfter, welche bei der AIO dabei waren. Die Lüfter funktionieren einwandfrei und werden in der Icue Software angezeigt aber sie leuchten nicht. Als ich das erste Mal den PC gebootet habe leuchteten sie und als ich die Software herunter geladen habe ging gar nix mehr. Habe die Lüfter auch an das RGB HUB angeschlossen wo 2 LL Lüfter auch dran hängen aber leider vergebens. Ich besitze auch den Commander Pro. Hoffe einer von euch kann mir helfen. Danke im Voraus:)
  11. I apologise if this isn't the correct section. I'm having issues with the RGB Hub that came bundled with my Obsidian 500D RGB case. A few days ago, I noticed that ANY fan that I connect to header #3 of the RGB hub won't have its outer LED ring light up. I tried different connections and combinations and have concluded it's definitely the hub because no matter what fan I plug in there, the outer LEDs of the fan won't light up. I inspected the header pins with a torch and they don't seem bent, burnt, or anything at first glance. The way the hub works, it won't allow me to bypass the third header and use 4-5-6. Is there a way to fix this or do I need to get in touch with the seller and hope they can provide a replacement OEM hub?
  12. Hey Folks, on my current build I forgot that you cannot really connect different fans into one RGB hub, so I connected 3 HD120 and 3 LL120 Fans to it, which obviously didn't work as I intended. But while trying to figure out if I might get it working I started to understand how the ICUE software with the Lightning Node and RGB hub works. I noticed that it didn't really glitch out with weird flickering or something else I expected, with the only issue being that the LED's are misaligned. Exactly by 4, which is the number of LEDs the LL fans have more than the HD fans. So I figured out, that the software sees the fans just as one long RGB strip and plays the desired effects based on the fan setting you set the channel on. So when you have 3 fans with 12 LEDs each. The controller sees 36 LEDs and breaks them into 12 LED chunks and if you set the wrong fan the LEDs just get misaligned. So my actual question is, why can't you specify for example that you have 6 fans in channel 1 and the first 3 fans are HD fans and the second 3 are LL fans. Is this feature possible to implement in the software? tl;dr: the node sees the Fans from the hub as one RGB strip and not as actual fans, which means there shouldn't be a limit to fan variety.
  13. Hi guys, I've got a Corsair Crystal 570X case which comes with the Corsair RGB Hub. I've plugged into it 5x120LL and 1x120SP that comes with it. The issue is only 2x120LL of the fans start up when I turn my PC on. If I press the 3 buttons on top of the case for changing the RGB settings of the fans, I might get lucky and turn the 3rd 120LL fan on. In 1 out of 100 of the times, the other 2 120LL fans turn on as well. If not, just a total of 2 actually turn on. What I've found out is that the fans on pos. 4, 5 and 6 on the Corsair RGB hub just refuse to work. I've tested so many combinations to see if there is a way to make it work but it just doesn't. Is getting the Corsair Commander Pro the only solution to this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey all, sorry if I seem a noob here, but I am confused and need some help. I just moved my build into a Lian Li O11 Dynamic case, and I have bought 6 x LL120mm RGB fans, and also 2 x LL140mm fans to go on my Corsair H115i pro cooler (which already has the stock fans, I believe ML140's), and I can't work out how I am supposed to wire all of this and make it work in the iCue software. All the bits I have at the mo :- 6 x LL120 Corsair H115i pro AIO with either 2 x LL140's and or 2 X ML140's (optional, was thinking of push/pull on the radiator with the LL140's) 1 x Commander Pro 2 x RGB hub 2 x Lighting Node Pro 2 x NOISEBLOCKER BLACK SILENT FAN XR2 - 60MM - to give a little more intake at the back of the case, or exhaust out. Currently I have one 3 way 4 pin PWM splitter I can use but can get more if needed. And am able to get other parts as needed too. If anyone can please help me understand the best way to set all this up and make it work with iCue I would be so grateful. Currently I have 3 SP120 fans in there on one RGB hub, which is wired to the Commander Pro, and they work fine, but I am replacing them with 3 LL120's tomorrow. On the other hub I have 3 x LL120 and 2 x LL140, and the 120's RGB is working, but the 140's RGB is not, and I have no clue why. I have an MSI RTX3080 Gaming X Trio in there so space at the bottom of the case is pretty limited, so the radiator needs to go at the top, apart from that I am completely open to advice and suggestions.
  15. Here are my parts that I am trying to all connect to my commander pro 3 QL 120RGB Fans 5 LL 120RGB Fans 1 XD5 Pump 2 RGB hubs 1Commander Pro Each set of fans would go to RGB Hub and I have YSplitters for the fans but I cant plug the pump into the commander pro along with the other 2 rgb hubs. Do I need to get a lighting node pro to plug both hubs into and then plug that into the commander pro? That would free up a port for the xd5 pump.
  16. Hi guys, dumb one here! I couldn't understand Zotty's FAQ so I'll post it here: My parts just got here, and I didn't paid attetion before choosing them, so turns out I can't turn the SP120 RGB on without a Corsair hub, therefore, I'm about to buy the HD140 Twin kit with the RGB hub, will I be able to make it work? If so, will it be recognized by the iCUE software? I don't really care about software implemantation since I'll set it to static colors, mainly one being yellow to match my KB, and black, gray yellow Batman theme. I also am using the stock fan that comes with the case, only exhaust setup, and with the HD140, either I'll give the stock fan to a friend or either I'll place it back in the front, where it came pre-installed.
  17. Hallo, ich habe vor kurzem meinen Rechner in ein neues Gehäuse umgebaut und noch zusätzlich einen HD Lüfter verbaut. Soweit so gut. Allerdings fällt mir seit gestern auf (Umbau ca. 4 Tage her), dass meine Lüfter auf dem Anschluss #3 und #4 beim RGB Hub zwischendurch und eben sehr sporadisch die Beleuchtung oder manchmal nur die hälfte an LED's abschalten. Neu hinzugekommen ist ein Commander Pro sowie ein weiterer HD Lüfter. Die Lüftersteuerung funktioniert auch einwandfrei. Ich musste auch noch Armoury Crate von ASUS runterladen, damit ich die Farbe vom ASUS ROG Thor 850w Netzteil ändern kann - ist ja leider (noch) nicht iCUE kompatibel. Kann es daran liegen, dass sich nun die Beiden quasi kreuzen? Oder hat der RGB Hub einen defekt? Windows 10 ist auf dem aktuellsten Stand, sowie mein Mainboard (ROG Crosshair 7 Hero Wi-Fi) und iCUE. Bis vor dem Umbau (neues Gehäuse, neues Netzteil, + 1 weiterer HD Lüfter, zusätzliche Software) hatte ich das Problem nicht. Beste Grüße
  18. I have Asus Motherboard: ROG Rampage VI EXTREME ENCORE. Before I bought commander pro and RGB hub I connected my 3 QL Fans directly to RGB slots to the motherboard - as result light blue colors with some green on all 3 QL Fans. Now, I bought commander pro + rgb hub. I connected fans (only rgb connector) to RGB hub and Hub to commander pro. Same colors! I cannot change light from iCUE Software - it just not applied!:(:
  19. Howdy everyone! This is a repost, I believe I originally put this in the improper subforum. I'm having some trouble with getting my RGB to function properly; I've reviewed Zetty's Corsair RGB Hardware Guide, as well as the guide specific to my case (570X). But, I still cannot get my RGB to function properly. Currently, I have the following setup: Commander Pro: LED 1: RGB Hub #1 LED 2: RGB Hub #2 FAN 1: SP120 Pro (Fan 1) FAN 2: SP120 Pro (Fan 2) FAN 3: SP120 Pro (Fan 3) USB 1: H100i Platinum RGB RGB Hub #1 (all three fans are on the front of my case): Slot 1: SP120 Pro (Fan 1) Slot 2: SP120 Pro (Fan 2) Slot 3: SP120 Pro (Fan 3) RGB Hub #2 (this single fan is in the rear): Slot 1: ML120 Pro RGB (Fan 4) In iCue, the following items are seen and work: H100i Platinum: The AIO and the two fans are both seen; however, only the AIO and the aft fan can be changed; the front fan remains white no matter what. Vengeance RGB Pro: Not necessarily applicable, but I can change the color just fine here. Commander Pro: Fan 1, 2, and 3 performance is seen (all my front fans). For Lighting Setup, I have "Lighting Channel 1" set to three SP RGB Pro Series fans connected; "Lighting Channel 2" set to one ML Pro RGB Series Fan connected. My rear ML fan's LEDs work perfectly! Obviously I don't see any performance because I don't have it plugged into FAN 4 on the Commander Pro, but that's not the big issue here. HOWEVER: none of my three, front, SP fans will light up! They all work, but none of them have LED functionality. Can anyone help me out?
  20. Hi folks, I bought an RGB hub as I need it to connect an extra fan but it doesn't come with the cable to connect to the lighting node!? :confused: It seems nuts that this isn't included so it must be a mistake. How can I get a replacement cable?
  21. So I've tried many things but can't seem to make sense of how to fix it, but suspect I know what's going on. Putting it out to the community to see if someone can shed some light on it (Pun intended?) I have 3 ML120 Pro RGB Fans in my computer, recently purchased. Each fan is plugged into a specific port (More on this latter) on the RGB Hub, and the hub is plugged into a lighting node pro (Channel 2 as Channel 1 has 4x Light strips connected). Light strips work correctly, 3 fans are configured in the ICue software on channel 2 but I can only get 2 of the 3 to work. Fan "1" works if plugged into the RGB Hub port 1, 2 or 3 Fan "2" only works if plugged into RGB Hub port 2 (Even if other fans are on Ports 1 and 3) Fan "3" does not work if plugged into any port (I have tired setting ICue to 6 fans and tried all 6 ports but only have 3 fans so can't test with all previous ports populated (if that makes a difference) What I suspect is that since the fans are Addressable RGB and the hub "daisy chains" each device each LED receives an address, for some reason I suspect 2 fans ("2" and "3") are stuck on a certain address (Hence why "2" only works on port 2). I have tried restarting the service, reinstalling the software, changing all the cables around, moving the fans to channel 1, only using the fans, using Corsair Link instead of Icue, etc but still can't get the 3rd fan to light (or fan "2" to use a port other then 2) power cycling, rebooting, unplugging everything doesn't work either. Thanks in advance for the assistance,
  22. I got 1000d no fans of course I bought 8 LL 120 white I am about to buy 3 Ql 140 and 2 Ql 120 for back Now I only got 1 commander pro What do I need to complete the set up ? 1 more commander and 3 RGB hubs? Or 3 lighting node core?
  23. Hey all A long time Corsair user and I've pretty much keep swaying in its direction when the CUD hits. My latest venture is moving my soft tubing that's in my Graphite 780T to a hard line in the Obsidian 1000D. I have the tower, along with the 360mm EK Performance 360 rad from my current loop and to add to that I bought the Alphacool Nexxxos XT45 V2 420mm rad. And to fill up the space I bought a 2 pack of LL140's along with a single LL140. These are going up top on the 420mm rad. I also bought a 3 pack of LL120 along with 5 single LL120's for the front. I'll be using 2 of my existing 3 HD120's for the rear. This is where I need your advice. I have 3 rgb fan hubs (1 from my HD120 pack, LL120 and LL140) and a lighting node pro from the LED kit (the one with 4 LED strips). Am I correct in having this combination? 4x LED strips connect to Lighting Node Pro Node 1 2x HD120 fans to RGB Hub 1 RGB Hub 1 connects to Lighting Node Pro Node 2 which connects to USB header on 1000D CoPro 1000D front LED connect to Node 1 on 1000D CoPro 6x LL fans(3x LL140 and 3x LL120) to RGB Hub 2 which connects to the pass through from the 1000D LED 5x LL120 fans to RGB Hub 3 which connects to Node 2 on CoPro In my head this works but are there any drawbacks in terms of the iCue lighting animations? I tried to do a layout diagram like Zotty below but this is the best I could come up with (lol) https://imgur.com/a/m6ne1Sr
  24. I have 9 LL120 fans (three 3x packs), 3 of those being attached to the radiator for my H150i Pro. I also have 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs and a Commander Pro. The 6 fans that aren't attached to the AIO are all plugged into the same RGB Hub, and the 3 AIO fans are plugged into the other RGB Hub, with both Hubs being plugged into the Commander Pro. The problem is that the hub with the 6 fans works perfectly fine and lights up while the hub with the 3 AIO fans doesn't. The fans still run, just with no RGB lighting. I did notice that the 2 cables connecting the hubs to the CoPro were slightly different. They both look like 3-pin cables, but the cable for the working hub has 3 wires while the non-working cable only has 2, and one of the pins is sort of hollowed out. I found another cable that matches the non-working cable, but I can't find another cable that matches the working one. I'm not sure if I need to get another cable somehow or if I'm just doing something wrong. Was my CoPro or fan packs supposed to come with an extra LED cable, or am I just not plugging in the fans properly? Thank you in advance!
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