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Found 14 results

  1. I recently upgraded my PC to have a Ryzen 9 5900X, an EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3, and 32GB of Trident Z Royal RGB RAM all on an MSi B550M Mortar Wi-Fi placed in a Corsair Crystal 280x case. My 5900X is being cooled by a Top-Mounted H115i Elite Capellix & My fan config at the moment is 2 LL120 fans in the front for intake, 2x SP120 Elite fans on the bottom for intake, and 2x ML140 Elite fans on the top for exhaust. This seems good on paper, however my CPU Idles at 45-50 Degrees Celsius & if I do so much as open an application (even something light like the file explorer), it causes my CPU to spike up to a little over 60 degrees instantly. I have checked that I have applied enough thermal paste & mounted the cooler properly, and I indeed have done It right. How do I fix my thermals in this case? (Numbered list shows more questions related to my main question) 1. What settings should I apply in the BIOS/UEFI? 2. What Fan Curves should I use? 3. Should I make any modifications to my case? (Raising the feet, replacing the top panel, removing the dust filter, etc...)
  2. Hi there, I really need your help guys! I am struggeling with my 280x build. I read about 1h in this forum about the different pros and cons and setups and now i am lost. I am aware that it depends on the individuall components, but is there THE setup with a AIO and Fans for that Case. Especiall if you are using only Corsair Cooling Products i guess there must be a Top-Solution Corsair had in Mind builing that Case? I use the following components: 5600x on a ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus with an ASUS RTX 3070 Dual OC and Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz. All build in a 280x. This options for airflow and cooling are available: 4 x LL120 4 x LL 140 Corsair 115i AiO (only top mount position possible) [my old Arctic Liquid 240 is still available, but in the end i want to use the RGB-Fans in the front...so front mount is kind of a problem as i doubt it is a good idea to switch the arctic fans with LL120s!?!?] No Overclocking! Does anybody have the case and tested the different push pull setups and knows THE Top SETUP? Which setup worked best for a non OC Setup concerning Temps and loudness? BTW...Reddit had a great Idea: https://www.coldzero.eu/corsair-280x-replacement-top-window-hexx-smoked Any ideas or experiences highly appreciated. Greetings chris
  3. Hey there, Recently I purchased the 280x rgb version and lacked airflow for obvious reasons. I went out and bought 2 corsair SP120 RGB Pro fans. Upon installation of the fans, they spin at max speed and the rgb does not function. The fans that came pre installed spin at a reasonable rpm and the rgb functions just fine. I have a silverstone CPF04 fan hub as i have a ROG b550i mobo. This is configured correctly. I have made sure that the rgb fans are plugged into ports 3+4 on the rgb hub as well. Thank you.
  4. Hey, I’d love to know if anyone’s using a front mounted 280mm radiator in the 280x case as I’m looking to upgrade my case. I noticed that the product page says a 280mm radiator can be mounted at the top but not the front. I’d much rather front mount a radiator for better cpu temps and the top looks extremely restrictive in terms of exhaust air flow. The front looks like it has plenty room and has mounting for 2 140mm fans. In addition could anyone comment on how much this would effect maximum gpu length, I think the max length of 300mm is factoring in a radiator but I’m unsure. Thanks for the help!
  5. SOLVED: it was an "oh duh" situation, I missed a sata that was hiding behind my psu This is my first build so sorry if this is an "oh duh" situation. I have the 280x case and admittedly I didn't change any of what came plugged into the lighting node pro and fan hub, both channels of the pro were full *I double checked and only the fan hub is plugged into the lighting node pro* and 2 of the hub were full *with the case fans*. I also have a hydro cooler with everything plugged into just itself and the mobo, it's running with full RGB. I also have 2 additional LL120 fans that are running, also plugged into the hub and the mobo. Neither the case fans nor the additional fans are lighting up and nothing I try in iCUE is changing anything. iCUE only detects the lighting pro, not the cooler or hub. I don't have my case USB plugged in since that wouldn't allow room for my additional fans and I have a ton on my mobo, hoping that isn't related. *found another header I overlooked so case USB 3 is plugged in, headset plugged into that and recognized/working in iCUE* In general iCUE befuddles me, please help me figure out how to get all my rainbows going ❤︎
  6. Hey everyone, I have a Crystal 280x mATX case with H115i 280mm AIO mounted on top as exhaust and two front intake LL 120s. My problem is my 9900KF is running low 40s °C on idle and can hit mid 80s or even 90s on medium-high load gaming. Prime95 with AVX makes temps jump above 100 °C. Do you have any suggestions on how I can drop my temps? I am thinking on getting two LL 120s for bottom intake, would that help or is my problem more of a botched installation/wrong system setup?
  7. Hello community, First post here. I am in the process of building a new PC, and am very interested in the 280x. I do not own the case yet. The Question i have is, can the front glass be removed from the frame it is in, and replaced? I intend to place a custom tinted acrylic glass sheet with vent holes and custom design in its place. I would like to do this properly without breaking the glass. Is it Possible to do this? Has any one tried to do something similar? Are there any video or images of this process being done?
  8. Has anyone seen where to buy fan mesh filter replacements for the 280x? Painted mine and the originals looked better. I could DIY it with generic mesh role and magnets but would prefer to buy OEM.
  9. Alright, so I'm working on a new build and I'm really excited about it, but I'm not sure if all the parts will fit into this case, which is the Corsair 280x. So I recently acquired an AsRock x570m pro4 motherboard, and I'm currently looking at a really good deal on an all white RTX 2070 OC from gigabyte. I know that the 30cm/12 inch GPU will fit if I only put 2 fans in the front, and put the radiator on the top. However, I'm not entirely sure if the motherboard will block my radiator (Corsair h100i Platinum SE) from being mounted up there. My brother recently ran into this problem with his build, so I'm curious to find out what you guys have to say about it. Is it something that may be an issue? Or do you guys think the radiator will fit fine on top?
  10. Friends. I'm very indecisive at the moment and need some input. I'm looking at doing a new build in the next week or two but can't decide on going with a 680x build or a 280x build. I'm going to be going Ryzen 3900x build with an Asus ROG Strix 2070 (already in my current build) My current case is a fractal design meshify C. My main concern right now is the size of the 680x. It looks quite massive from the specs and videos I've seen. The 280x is couple inches wider than my meshify c but is shorter and not as long (I think) Worried the 280x will be a little compact with my GPU and have read some negatives about airflow - whats up with no rear exhaust? Also don't like having only one mobo option for micro Atx and Ryzen 3900x I like the idea of verticle GPU mounting in the 680x and all the room for fans but the size is kind of putting me off. What say you fine folks? Should I go the micro ATX route and keep a nice small form factor or really go monster mode with the 680x. Anyone built in both of the cases before?
  11. I'm planning on building a Ryzen 9 3900x setup with an ITX board in the 280X (still waiting on the x570 ITX boards to be released) Firstly, is there enough clearance/room to place a 240/280mm radiator on the front and the bottom (with fans)? The front (intake) 240/280 radiator will cool the 3900x while the bottom (intake) 240/280 radiator will cool my GTX 1080 (and when it comes out at a later date, the RTX 3080) Secondly, is this a sound airflow setup? Front - Bottom intake, Top - Back exhaust. I'll be elevating the case by adding rubber feet (1.5") to increase airflow at the bottom of the case, and in addition, I'll be custom fitting 40mm (exhaust) fans at the back grille.
  12. Iam gonna buy the new hydro x series custom cooling from corsair for my corsair 280x case, can i fit 2 rads in it ? which rad needs to be on front and top for cpu and gpu ? Case 280x (398mm x 276mm x 351mm) XR5 240mm (280mm x 120mm x 30mm) (Fin Spacing 16 FPI 25 Micron Copper Fins) XR5 280mm (310mm x 140mm x 30mm) (Fin Spacing 16 FPI 25 Micron Copper Fins) XR7 240mm (275mm x 120mm x 55mm) (Fin Spacing 13 FPI 25 Micron Copper Fins) Which rads can i add to my case for top cooling perf., (corsair doesnt support my case on their site for custom watercooling but i think its still new so you guys can figure it out for me ?) (all the fans will be ll fans) (mobo asus rog strix z390-i,cpu intel 9700k,gpu 2080ti)
  13. Hi, I am considering getting the Corsair 280X case, but I'm not fully sure about its GPU compatibility with some of the new RTX cards. I currently have a MSI GTX 980 that'll fit no problem. But I may upgrade to the RTX 20 series or newer card in the future. Many of these new series cards have lengths upwards of 300mm. I want to make sure the clearance will be enough for future cards. As per the specifications, the max GPU length is 300mm. Does this mean a 300mm long GPU sits flush with the front intake fans? What's the max length of GPU that can fit in this case without a front radiator (but with LL120 intake front intake fan)? What's the max length of GPU that can fit in this case without a front radiator and without a front intake fan? What's the max GPU height clearance from the tempered glass panel(while accounting for power connector clearance)? Thanks
  14. Hello, I recently purchased a Corsair 280X to transfer my PC into. It came with 2 LL120 Fans and the and RGB Controller and Hub for up to six RGB fans. I purchased an extra 2 LL120 to bump the fan count up to 4. However, only 3 of my fans are currently working. Ports 1 - 3 on the Fan hub connected to the Controller work whilst 4 - 6 do not. It isn't a faulty fan as I've swapped fans around on each of the ports and any fan which goes on ports 4 - 6 stops lighting up (they still spin around, just no lighting). I've set up the iCUE software control correctly (Lighting Channel 1 has 4 LL120 Fans specified and I am able to change the colours on the 3 that work). I've tried updating the firmware to no avail. I'm going to be honest, I'm a little stuck and I feel it may be the RGB Hub itself which isn't working.
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