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  1. Hi I am pretty new to PC building and this forum so I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I was wondering if this wiring setup would allow me to control all the fan speed / RGB lighting of the 7 fans. Thank you.
  2. Soooo. I have 4 SP120 fans in my system with their own hub for fans. I want to replace them with 4 LL120 fans and put SP120 fans in my other system. I found a nice deal for 4 LL120 fans but without any hubs etc but i already have a fan hub Deepcool 10 Port Fun Hub where i can connect all of my fans (or just connect them directly to Mobo). So the question is: Can i use controller(lightning node core) from SP120 fans for rgb control of LL120 fans or will i need controllers that come with triple pack of LL120s? Btw controller looks like this(photo). And I already have Lighting Node Pro with 5 led strips connected to it (4x1 and 1x1 by ports).
  3. I've got 5 LL120's all connected to a hub which then connects to the Lighting Node Pro and into the motherboard. iCue sees the Node Pro so I have full lighting functionality... but nothing to control fan speeds. There does seem to be sensor on one of em which displays on the dashboard. Starting to get really annoyed by the loud hum since they're locked at max speed it seems. Thanks in advanced for any help to resolve this, attached is a screenshot to show my lack of a speed control option.
  4. Hello, so when I built my pc after a few months most of my corsair products like the Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller, commander pro and the fan hub that came with the case stopped showing up in ICUE, so for my Commander pro and Lighting node pro I just unplugged and plugged back the cables and they showed up the next day tho they disappeared again and this time it didn't work. (The products work my fans are working fine and my RGB Light strips are still working) My case is the Corsair 220T Mid Tower Gaming Case.
  5. I've been having problems with my node pro. It was working fine at the beginning but now one of the strips only one led turns on and the other 3 strips only works with iCue for a few seconds after i unplug and plug it back in. I believe everything is set up properly with iCue because was working perfectly for a few months. I have 4 strips connected to the same channel and sellected 'Rgb LSD Strip - 4 Strips connected. I already tried different channel and changed the led strips order. From what I see in other forums these strips don't last long. I anyone having the same issues?
  6. What I was able to find (very old thread) was that the reason the "DIY" devices are not recognized or supported is an issue with the firmware on the Lighting Node Pro? Has this been resolved? Workarounds? ...am I missing something?
  7. Hello so Ive been dealing with profiles not being able to import without ICUE crashing so i did a clean install, finally got the profile installed but when I went to change the case fans (SP120s) RGB to match the profile by clicking on the lighting node core in ICUE it defaulted to LL fans so only 1 of them lit up. I changed the fan hub to SP 4 fan hub and it was stuck on that 1 fan. I swapped out the lighting node core that came with the case with a lighting node pro that my fans came with and the fans lit up initially when the computer booted and i thought everything was fine but as soon as i loaded icue to set the profile they reverted back to only 1 fan lighting up. Any idea how to fix? Im running 4 SP120s through a lighting node pro to a Commander pro right now. any help is appreciated. Also when attempting to move the rgb connectors for the fans from the commander pro to the commander core, and removing the ML120s that my H100i came with and the fans still dont respond to lighting changes
  8. Alright so I purchased the LNP a while back and ended up not having an internal usb slot open for it to operate. Recently I purchased the NZXT usb internal hub to solve this problem. On ICUE it detects the LNP however when I choose the lighting Channel 1 (which the LEDs are pluged into) and select 3 (how many strips are plugged in) nothing happens. I went on to do some research and troubleshooting; I saw that some people were solving this by exchanging the cord for the LNP to a usb and plug it into the NZXT USB slot instead. Didn't work. Then I tried plugging the Usb into an external slot. Still nothing. I checked ICue to see if it needs an update. It's updated. Checked to make sure the LNP is plugged into the power supply properly, I believe it is. I tried unplugging LED strip and plugging it into the second slot on LNP. Still no. I tried disconnecting the second strip from the first strip and switching the settings on Icue to 1 strip. Still nothing. I made sure the 1 strip was correctly plugged into the connector that goes to the LNP. It seems to be fine. Still not working however. Throughout all of this iCue always detects the LNP but LEDs never come on. There is a note at the bottom of the LNP page on iCue that says: Configuring this device with the incorrect product type will result in improper operation or lighting artifacts. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this. I'm just confused at this point. I feel like I've tried everything and I'm still not getting any luck with it. Any suggestions? Appreciate any help!
  9. First, is this product even supported anymore? it doesn't appear on the product page, and there aren't any support or forum categories that look like it belongs in. Please move this to the appropriate category. So here's my problem. I got one of these things at BestBuy, and found out one of the RGB strips included with it have only half the lights working on it. So I returned it, and got a different set. This set has the same issue, but an entires strip of RGB lights don't work. I've verified this by replacing it with the other strips that are working, and can confirm that one strip is not working at all. So do I return this thing to Best Buy? I can't even create a support ticket for it here because it isn't even listed as a product. It would be nice if Corsair could just send me a replacement RGB strip, but I'm having a feeling this is just a crappy product that Corsair doesn't want to support any more. Is there a better product I can replace it with? I have the HD120 Fan system from Corsair too, that I'd like to use with the Lighting Node Pro.
  10. Hey guys, just curious about why my 3 LL120 fans are operating, but not lighting up. Were lighting up just a few days ago and then all of a sudden stopped lighting up all at the same time. I have checked the connections and they are all connected. I read in another thread for me to try and switch out the ports on the node pro, but I have also seen that they ICUE software is not picking up my lighting node at all (software has been updated). Any ideas?
  11. In addition to my specs above, I have the Corsair H100i AIO with a 240mm radiator and 3 additional case fans. After installing the Corsair Lighting Node Pro and RGB Fan Hub, my 2 SSDs are no longer recognized by my BIOS. At first I thought I may have been overloading my SATA power cable, but after further troubleshooting, I've determined that if either of the two Corsair devices (the LNP or hub) are connected to any SATA power connection, the SSDs will not be recognized. To confirm this, I disconnected my HDD, both Corsair devices, and one SSD from their SATA cables and booted into my BIOS. The connected SSD was there. I plugged in just one of the Corsair devices to a separate SATA cable and restarted; the SSD was not recognized again. So it seems if either of those devices is powered at all, the SSDs are not. Has anyone else had this issue and/or know how I can fix it?
  12. Hello, I am new to the forums here so I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'm seeking guidance and an answer to a question regarding icue sequencing throughout a theoretical build as follows: What I have: h150i cappelix with commander core included and it's 3 fans, 3 separate 140 mm QL fans , and a 3 pack of 120mm LL fans that includes a lighting node pro. My Question: what is the setup with the least number of connections necessary for all 9 fans to function in sequence with any profile? (How many cocore, co-pro, lighting node pro, RGB hubs, connections, etc at minimum are needed?) Thankyou
  13. Hi, Is there a way to add/configure the Lighting Channel list with a non-Corsair RGB strip, to fit the custom number of LEDs? I have 4 Phanteks 400mm Neon Digital RGB strips which each have 28 LEDs. Yes, I am aware of the current requirements and pin connections, the last part is just software configuration. I have experience with programming, so not afraid to configure files.
  14. Recently I decided to add RGB elements to my custom build and ran into an issue with the iCUE control software. I installed the LL140 dual RGB fans (w/ Lighting Node Pro) to accompany my G.Skill TridentZ RGB Ram and Corsair Void Pro Headset, but for some reason iCUE was only detecting my Corsair Voids and not the Node Pro. ... I can't tell you how long I tried to fix this issue myself; what's even worse was the answer was so simple. Here's the Fix: During installation of the lighting node pro, it will tell you to install the USB cord directly into one of your USB1,2,etc slots on your mobo. If you find that iCUE is not detecting your Node Pro, simply unplug and replug into a different USB slot. That's...Literally...it... Example: For me, I had it plugged into the USB1 slot, and had to move it to the USB2 slot. Special thanks to Corsair Customer service for giving me the clarity to try this fix. Hope it helps some of you out there with a similar problem. Happy Building!
  15. Lighting* Node Pro - iCUE detected, RGB strips no lights Hello, sorry if this is a repeat but couldn't find anything exactly like this in the forums. Only similar issues. I installed two sticks of RGB Vengeance RAM, 4 QL 120 RGB fans, a commander pro, a lighting node core, and a lighting node pro with RGB strips. Both the lighting node core and pro usb's were attached to the commander pro usb pass throughs. I didn't use the commander pro LED ports initially. All have been detected by iCUE (RAM, lighting node core, lighting node pro, and commander pro). I can change the fan lighting effects, and fan speeds via the iCUE software. However, I have been unable to get the rgb strips working, they won't light at all upon powerup, nor once the lighting setup is defined in the iCUE software. Three rgb strips on one, and one strip on the other. They simply won't light. I've changed usb ports, changed power plugs, and rebooted several times. I finally got rid of the lighting node pro altogether, and plugged the strips into the commander pro LED ports, set up the lighting, and still no lights. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Dave
  16. Hey there, I've got a little problem on my end here. Maybe you guys are able to help. For about 5 Months I've got a Lightning Node Pro with 4 RGB Strips. However, I'm not able to turn off 4 LEDs. I'm also not able to change their color. They are stuck at pink. Things I've tried - Disabled SDK - Updated iCUE (Now running 3.36.125) - Force Updated the Lightning Node Pro (Running 0.10.4) - Removed Third Party RGB Management (MSI Mystic Light) - Restarted iCUE Service - Removed my iCUE Home Integration Service - Reseated the LED Strips I've attached some Pictures to illustrate my issue. Thanks in advance and enjoy your Saturday!
  17. The idea is that I'd like to combine all of my RGB lighting within my case under one system. I was debating on going with using my MB connectors with a powered RGB light splitter and adapters for the different connectors. My issue is that the MB software (RGB Fusion) isn't anywhere as dynamic as the iCue software is. In the process of talking with some people and ordering 2 Corsair LL 140 fans for my top rad it was mentioned I should control all of my lights through the iCue software because it has some great aRGB control. I agreed as I have the K95 RGB and love the lighting effects. I was wondering if that would be possible and what I might need for some lights to work correctly with iCue. My case lights have the same connectors as my MB and work well. I have a Lian Li Lan Cool II with a Gigabyte Aorus Elite Wifi MB, of which both use a different connector than what the Corsair stuff does. Is there an adapter that would work with those that I could use to connect all the lights to the iCue software. The LL 140 fans I ordered come with a Lighting Node Pro but I can tell it does not have enough ports for all the lights I have currently much less the ones I will be adding with different case (Lian Li O11DXL). I will be adding more RGB fans for the new and larger rad (possibly 2) and probably a couple of the Lian Li light strips and likely one of the aRGB distro plates. Is there a powered hub that will work with the iCue software so I can add more aRGB lights?
  18. Hey all, sorry if I seem a noob here, but I am confused and need some help. I just moved my build into a Lian Li O11 Dynamic case, and I have bought 6 x LL120mm RGB fans, and also 2 x LL140mm fans to go on my Corsair H115i pro cooler (which already has the stock fans, I believe ML140's), and I can't work out how I am supposed to wire all of this and make it work in the iCue software. All the bits I have at the mo :- 6 x LL120 Corsair H115i pro AIO with either 2 x LL140's and or 2 X ML140's (optional, was thinking of push/pull on the radiator with the LL140's) 1 x Commander Pro 2 x RGB hub 2 x Lighting Node Pro 2 x NOISEBLOCKER BLACK SILENT FAN XR2 - 60MM - to give a little more intake at the back of the case, or exhaust out. Currently I have one 3 way 4 pin PWM splitter I can use but can get more if needed. And am able to get other parts as needed too. If anyone can please help me understand the best way to set all this up and make it work with iCue I would be so grateful. Currently I have 3 SP120 fans in there on one RGB hub, which is wired to the Commander Pro, and they work fine, but I am replacing them with 3 LL120's tomorrow. On the other hub I have 3 x LL120 and 2 x LL140, and the 120's RGB is working, but the 140's RGB is not, and I have no clue why. I have an MSI RTX3080 Gaming X Trio in there so space at the bottom of the case is pretty limited, so the radiator needs to go at the top, apart from that I am completely open to advice and suggestions.
  19. Hello, I recently purchased 3 LL120 Fans, 2 For my radiator and 1 for the back of my computer. I set up the 3 fans without my liquid cooler (H100i RGB Pro) and iCue detected my Lighting Node just fine, however I recently tried installing it alongside my liquid cooler and I have run into an issue. My Lighting Node is not detected! I have tried everything, (Upgrading and downgrading Firmware.bin) etc; and I can't get iCue to detect my lighting node. All the lights however do light up Rainbow I just can't change it! Things worth noting: -I only have 2, USB 2.0 headers on my board and I bought a splitter so I can connect my WiFi card, my Liquid Cooler, and of course the lighting node. - I also bought a SATA Splitter because the RGB Hub and the Node use up 2 SATA's and the Cooler needed one meanwhile I only had 2. Interesting Findings: - My Liquid Cooler is connected to the SATA going straight to the Power Supply (Not the splitter) and I tried switching it to the splitter and I noticed that the RGB's would not light up on the splitter, however iCue somehow still detected my Cooler - Downgrading the firmware on my Lighting Node makes my fan a solid color (white) however if I upgrade to the latest version my fans light up rainbow (still not detected obviously). P.S I have noticed I am the only one with this problem, everyone else has fans that won't light up and won't detect I on the other hand have fans that light up and won't detect!!! - ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! :)
  20. Hi, I have a Lighting Node Pro and want to configure 6 strips on one channel. I have swapped them out to have others in the chain and used none of the extra cables for testing, just the 3pin in to out from strip to strip. I have also tried using port 2 on the lighting node pro. (I have to put 6 in one row because port 2 on the node is used for ll rgb fans, yes i have unplugged them while testing.) Max I can get working in whatever config is 4/3/2/1, depending on the setting in ICUE->Lighting Setup. But if I change it to 5/6 it just lights up 4 strips but reports 5/6 strips being lit in the lighting channel configuration. I'm out of ideas.
  21. Due to some shuffling of parts from other computers, I'm left with just this: an extra Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) and a single LL120 Black fan. I consider myself pretty capable in cabling (but not familiar with these pinouts), is it possible to wire a 3-pin connector onto the 4-wire cable of the LL120 to allow a direct connection to the free port of my Lighting Node Pro WITHOUT an RGB Fan LED Hub? Normally I know it goes like this: LL120 fans ===> RGB Fan LED Hub --> Lighting Node Pro --> USB Can I figure out a way to do this: LL120 fan --> Lighting Node Pro --> USB Thank you for any answers you have, good or bad.
  22. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, I tried searching through several threads but couldn't find any definitive information. The Problem: I have built my rig in the Cooler Master Master Case H500M which included two front mounted 200mm fans (MASTERFAN MF200R ARGB) which have individually addressable RGB Leds. I am very fond of these fans, but all the other fans I have (5 of them) are corsair ML140 pro rgb fans, which I am controlling with a lighting node pro with an attached hub. I would like to use the second channel of the lighting node pro to control the two 200mm fans on the front. I bought an adapter (The one here: https://www.amazon.com/EZDIY-FAB-Adapter-Corsair-Lighting-Commander/dp/B07XNZLZWM) so that I can connect the fans to the lighting node pro. For those unfamiliar, this case has an integrated led controller with a passthrough connector so that for example the motherboard can take direct control of the LED fans. I am connecting this passthrough connector to lighting node pro so that I can control both fans using only one channel. After setting this all up I went into the iCue software to try to configure the fans LED's and this is where the problems started. I knew going into this that I wouldn't be able to control the fan LED's "natively" but I figured I could just configure them as if they were e.g. LED strips, but when I tried that I just got odd flickering behavior, regardless of how I configured the LED strips. So I tried playing around with selecting different fans for the channel, and I found that by selecting SP RGB Series fans I could control 1 led per fan I put in the channel reliably (although blue and green colors are flipped, and I can't control each fan individually). Possible Solutions? Is there some way I could force iCue to accept more than 6 fans in a single channel of the lighting node pro? (My fans have 8 LED's and I have 2 of them, making 16 total) THE FAN LED's ARE NOT BEING POWERED OFF THE LIGHTING NODE PRO, I have them separately powered by the controller provided by Cooler Master, so I don't need to worry about drawing too much power. Is there some other software I could use to individually address the LED's? It seems that different products require different control schemes for their LED's (Perhaps Naively I assumed they would all work similarly, so except for order I thought I could just choose any product as standins for my fans, but that didn't work) Has anybody had any success controlling non-corsair fans with the lighting node pro or icue? I have a decent amount of programming experience, so I would be open to using the iCue SDK if it could solve this issue. I attempted to read up on the SDK and as far as I can tell the SDK can only be using for basically turning LED's off and on and setting different levels, but not actually configuring how they are addressed and configured, please correct me if I am wrong. Sorry if this is a bit rambling, I just wanted to make sure I had as much info here as I could provide. Let me know if any more information is needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  23. Moin, ich habe ein ziemlich verwirrendes Problem: Ich wollte eigentlich meine RGB-Lüfter, die bei dem Kauf des Gehäuses mit dabei waren (weiß leider den Namen nicht), mit RGB-Beleuchtung bestücken. Das klappte jedoch nicht; blieben aus. Nun habe ich mir ein neues Lighting Node Pro geholt, weil ich dachte es sei ein Produktionsfehler, da es in iCue nicht vorkam, obwohl korrekt angeschlossen. Ich also das Lighting Node gegen das neue ausgetauscht, das Lighting Node kam nun in iCue vor aber dafür das Gehäuse nicht und das RGB-Licht vom Frontpanel ging nicht mehr bzw. flackerte nur vor sich hin auf 1/4 des RGB-Streifens Plus die Lüfter die immernoch komplett aus blieben. Dann habe ich gedacht internen USB-Header ein Mal umstecken: Wasserkühlung (H115i Pro RGB) mit dem Lighting Node, gleiches Ergebnis. Nach der Pleite habe ich beschlossen ein Rückbau vor zu nehmen, sprich altes Lighting Node wieder ran, nun geht das RGB-Licht vom Frontpanel in Form von Standlicht auch wieder nur zu 1/4 zwar, die Lüfter bleiben aber weiterhin aus. iCUE selbst habe ich auch reparieren lassen und komplett mit den Ordnern in AppData deinstalliert und neuinstalliert sowie das Mainboard (MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC) durch die Batterie zurückgesetzt; hilft bis jetzt alles nichts, somit bin ich auf eure Hilfe angewiesen. __________ Entschuldigt, wenn das ein bisschen schwer zu verstehen ist - ist sehr kompliziert für mich das ganze Mysterium an komischen Fehlerquellen in Worte zu fassen. Trotz der komplexen Fehlerquellen ist zumindest eines positiv: technisch gibt es keine Einschränkungen. Angehängt an diesem Thread sind meine aus iCue exportierten Systeminfos etc. Grüße ero_x ICue.zip
  24. I recently finished my computer build with Corsair RGB Ram, a Spec omega RGB case, and 5 Corsair RGB fans. I have 2 HD120 fans and 3 HD140 fans hooked up to the RGB hub that came with the case. The hub is connected to a port on a lighting node pro, while the other slot is taken by my case lights. When I first powered on my computer, everything lit up and turned on. Once I opened Icue, the fan lights completely turned off, but my case lights that are on the same lighting node pro stayed on. I tried swapping the case and the fans on the node pro, and 3/5 of the fans turned on while my case did not turn on. With the fans finally on, Icue still did not detect the fans. I've also tried everything to do with icue and have tried moving the USB to another port but still nothing. Could this be a faulty lighting node pro?
  25. Bonjour à tous, J'ai acheté récemment un boitier Corsair 220T qui inclut déjà un lighting node core pour alimenter 6 ventilateurs. J'aimerai acheter 2 packs de ventilateur QL 120 qui inclut également un lighting node core + 1 ventilateur QL 120 afin de remplacer ceux qui sont inclus dans le boitier. Donc au total j'aurais 7 ventilateurs dans mon boitier. 5 dans le boitier 2 ventilateurs sur le watercooling Le lighting node core qui est intégré dans le pack de 3 est comme celui dans mon boitier avec un câble SATA et USB 2 Ma question est : Est-il possible d'utiliser les deux lighting node core séparément ou faut-il le Commander Pro ? Sachant que le boitier 220T ne possède pas beaucoup de place pour le Commander Pro et que le boitier inclus dans le pack de 3 QL 120 et celui dans le boitier 220T ne sont pas compatible avec le Lighting Node Pro. Merci d'avance pour vos réponse !
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