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ll120rgb debockle. CUE issues. iCue issues. link issues


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Ok, first off TIA for any help prevalent system specs are as follows.

Msi z270 gaming plus MB

3x LL120RGB fans connected to led hub and chained to lighting node pro.

fans hooked directly to MB(all 4 pin connections set to pwm in bios).

both hubs being powered via direct sata cable from power supply.


For ease sake I will try to add photos but for now fan 1 is top aft fan 2 is top fwd and fan 3 is mounted on a hdd bay for clarification in regard to case location.


so as it sits now all fans have lighting but only fans 2 and 3 are spinning.

last night only fans 1 and 3 were spinning but all were still lit.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling link, iCUE, and Cue respectively and independently so only 1 is installed and running at a time with reboots in between.


this morning I tried removing the fan control cables directly from the mb as well as the node usb header. this is when fan 1 quit and fan 2 began to spin.


I have tried multiple restarts. software re installs. driver updates ect.

I am 100% lost. I will gladly give any information upon request I just need someone else who can currently think clearly.


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If the fans are connected to the motherboard fan headers, then it's something to do with that. We know that all of the motors work or none would spin at all. So it's gotta be something in your BIOS or with your motherboard.

The lighting hub is just that ... a lighting hub and nothing more. It has no control over and doesn't supply power for the fan motor.

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