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5000T RGB issues

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So I bought the 5000t added 2 LL140mm fans and 4 LL 120mm fans on top the three included fnas and rgb strips. I just can't get them all to light up. I have looked up wiring diagrams on how it should be wired and they initially all lit up before the iCue software updated and shut the leds off 2 fans and most of the rgb strips.

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Are you using the Commander XT from the case as the lighting controller?  Wiring is pretty straight forward and the fans RGB is a direct connection to the controller. Case strip panels should have been connected already. This is most likely a software configuration issue.

In Lighting set up for the Commander XT, make sure the fans are set to LL x 6. I’m not sure what the case will look like, but I’d supposed to have recognize the case automatically. Try re-running the RGB detection routine from CUE settings to force it to re-detect. 

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