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  1. So I bought the 5000t added 2 LL140mm fans and 4 LL 120mm fans on top the three included fnas and rgb strips. I just can't get them all to light up. I have looked up wiring diagrams on how it should be wired and they initially all lit up before the iCue software updated and shut the leds off 2 fans and most of the rgb strips.
  2. I had just finished my new build that has six fans (3 SP120 rgb pros, and 3 LL120 Rgbs) I had set it up and got it working just fine with a Node pro and Rgb hub. But I had decided to switch the fans into different spots, moving their cable to different ports as well. Now for whatever reason, there are 2 different fans synced up to 2 other fans with the lighting. All of them light up just fine, but when I go into lighting setup the two that seemed to have synced with other fans don't light up. I can provide more info if needed.
  3. I've been having problems with my node pro. It was working fine at the beginning but now one of the strips only one led turns on and the other 3 strips only works with iCue for a few seconds after i unplug and plug it back in. I believe everything is set up properly with iCue because was working perfectly for a few months. I have 4 strips connected to the same channel and sellected 'Rgb LSD Strip - 4 Strips connected. I already tried different channel and changed the led strips order. From what I see in other forums these strips don't last long. I anyone having the same issues?
  4. Hey, so I've been having this issue for almost a year now with my corsair products, wondering if anyone here can help me. To be noted these products have worked before with the same hardware/parts. Currently my Vengeance Pro ram-sticks are showing in iCue and running perfectly fine, as well as my mouse and mousepad. Although my Lighting Node Pro that consists of x4 LL140 fans are not appearing in iCue nor in DEViewer, my Corsair H100 AIO cooler isn't appearing in iCue or DEViewer either. I've tried turning off fast boot, in windows and bios, plugging the node pro in different USB 2.0 headers on the motherboard and tried plugging into an NZXT USB hub, i've also gotten a new Node Pro which didn't solve the issue. I've also tried testing the USB that plugs into the node pro and the cord works perfectly fine. The fans spin but are stuck on rainbow and i have no control over them. I've already did a fresh install of windows and the iCue software, i made sure that no external apps are interfering with iCue such as MSI MysticLight. Despite all the other fans and products being stuck on rainbow and no control for some reason instead of rainbow my AIO is stuck on white. Please help me :biggrin:
  5. Hello! I recently bought the RGB Expansion Kit and have spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to get iCue to recognize it. I am trying to set up the 4 RGB strips with to the existing RGB hardware that came preinstalled in my Spec-Omega RGB Case. In my iCue software I only see the following devices... Corsair Keyboard, Corsair Mouse, Corsair Mousepad, Hi115 Platinum, Vengeance RGB, Spec-Omega Case (Photo Attached Below) I'm able to control each device properly except for the NoPro that is in the Spec-Omega Case. In order to control or select the NoPro I have to select the Case and then select Lighting Setup on the left hand side. This allows me to adjust the lighting hardware (which I assume is the NoPro that was preinstalled in the case). At the bottom of the iCue window I have two different lighting channels. Channel 1 is LOCKED on "Spec-Omega RGB" and Channel 2 is able to be changed. When I change channel 2 (Currently connected to the RGB Fan Hub) I am able to select either the LED strips that I bought with the expansion - up to 6 strips. I'm able able to select the LL fans that I have - up to 6 fans. I'm NOT able to select both the strips and the fans. This makes sense to me since each channel on the NoPro can only cover 6 RGB channels. This is where my issue lies...I am not able to select anything for Channel 1 on the NoPro that was preinstalled into the case because it is locked to the "Spec-Omega RGB". (Grayed out example in image below). Ideally I would like to use Channel 1 on the NoPro to daisy chain all 4 expansion strips and the lighting strip that is installed in the front of the Spec-Omega case. Keeping channel 2 in use for my RGB Fan hub that is connected to my 4 system fans. Is there any way to unlock channel 1 so that it is selectable? Maybe through resetting the NoPro? Is this NoPro I have not actually a true NoPro because it was what came preinstalled in the case? What are my best options to have the RGB working for my 4 LL fans, 4 expansion LED Strips and my two Liquid Cooler Radiator Fans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hallo, ich habe mir ein 680x und dazu 3 weitere ll 120 gekauft. Nun stellt sich mir die Frage, wie bekommen alle Lüfter Strom ? ich kann ja 6 Lüfter am RGB hub anschließen, aber mein Mainboard hat nicht genügend chassifan anschlüsse, wie bekommen die Lüfter nun Strom? Viellicht kann mir ja jemand helfen. LG Johannes
  7. Hi there. I have 4 white LL fans, 2 black fans that come with the H100i liquid cooler fitted in the top and bottom of my case (Lian Li) i have the MF120 fans connected to the cooler. I initially had the Node pro and the rgb hub all connected and all was fine expect it was so loud so I purchased the commander pro to be able to change the speeds. I wired it all in and the RGBs would not work on these 6 fans. I am now able to change the speed of the fans but only port 1 and 2 on the RGB hub work. I switched the cables round to see if it was the fans and every fan works correctly when plugged into ports 1 and 2 in the RGB hub. So i bought a replacement RGB hub and it has arrived today, and the same issue persists? Only ports 1 and 2 are working? I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything incase I missed something. I have tried both LED slots in the compro and I also tried plugging the RGB hub directly into the motherboard and none seem to work. Is the commander pro faulty or is this a simple(ish) fix. Any info would help thank you.
  8. I just setup my new gaming rig and when I installed the icue software the channel 2 on the node pro stopped working. I have swapped the connectors around to make sure its not the fan. I have also uninstalled the software and reinstalled it. both fans are the ll120s that come with the corsair 280x. I'm not sure what the deal is, they both worked before I installed the software. can someone please shoot me some suggestions on what to do?
  9. Hello corsair forums, I'm new here. So I have an ll120 3 pack and I was wondering is it safe/ok to plug the mini USB cable in the lighting node pro through the back of my case and into the USB on the back of my motherboard with a mini to A cable rather than take up an internal USB 2.0 port. My motherboard only has 2 and my Lian Li built-in case strips and node pro take them both up, leaving my stock AMD wraith prism uncontrollable and I'm sick of staring at the rainbow when the rest of my RGB and desk setup is orange white and black. By plugging the node through the back it would free that up for my CPU cooler but before I do so I would like to check with yall if it is ok/safe and if it will still allow me to control my ll120s. Also the cable I would be using is an old GoPro charging cable that's pretty hefty. The color mismatch has been going on for months since I built my pc and I just can't take it anymore Samus
  10. Bonsoir, je me permet de Poste sur ce forum mon petit Problème. En effet, je dispose de 4 Ventilateurs ll120 et 4 bandes Leds RGB connecté sur le Node pro Qui lui même est bien branché. Mais je constate que depuis quelque temps le Node pro est reconnu une fois sur deux par ICUE et les ventilateurs ainsi que les Bandes LEds ne s'allume pas...et je dois donc Éteindre et rallumer le Pc pour que cela revienne à la Normal car un simple redémarrage ne suffis pas... Alors Voilà quelqu'un aurait-il déjà rencontrer Ce problème ? Si oui comme la t-il résolu ? Cordialement
  11. Hi all ! Quick question : Recently boughted 2x LL120RGB, i was wondering how to monitor the RGB lighting of them. I have enough 4-pins on my MB to power them up, however, i don't have enough rgb headers to support them. I'm a bit confused on what do i need to buy : A lighting node pro Or A commander pro Thanks to light me up in advance !
  12. Hello, I'm new here. So, I set up my pc this week and I had a frustration with my RGB :/ Beside what my hardware info says Ive got 3 extra LL120 fans in my case, 5 total including the ones in the AIO ( 2LL 120). When I first turned on the pc everithing was working in rainbow mode, until I run the Icue software, then the RGB of 3 LL120 connected to the hub stopped working. Icue recognized my keybord, my h100i SE and its 2 LL fans (this fans RGB are connected to the AIO, not to the same hub as the other 3 LL), vengeance pro, my asus motherboard and my case (which is connected to the node pro if i'm not mistaken). I've tried a lot of things.. update bios and firmware, update windows, change the usb port in motherboard, uninstall and install icue like 10 times and the problem persist. When I unnistall Icue and restart my pc the rainbow effect comes back. I've tried using link aswell and then it does not recognize node pro, nor vengeance rgb nor the AIO and keybord. It just recognize my led stripe in the case and 1 fan (i dont know if it is node pro working or not) then i have the option to add more fans, when i do this i can control the 3 ll fans but not the rest. I don't know what to do anymore.. Sorry for my bad english (I'm brazilian). I will appreciate any help.
  13. Hi all, first time posting here. I want to start by thanking all previous posters for the copious amount of info available on here! Here is the problem I'm having For clarity I will post all that I have just purchased 1x Crystal 570x Case (with 3x SP120 which I am not going to use) 2x QL 140mm fans [placed in front] (had to purchase as 2 singles due to amazon availability) 3x LL 120mm fans [placed two in the top and one in the back] 4x Vengeance Pro RGB RAM 3000Mhz (4x8GB) 1x Lightning Node Pro w/ 4x RGB strips 1x Commander Pro 1x Void Pro 1x K70 MK2 After reading as much as I could, I see that I am supposed to connect all fans and pwm cables to the CoPro in correct order. I connected all 5 fans in order and then connected the led cable from that respective RGB LED hub to LED 1 in the CoPro. When I do this, my first four fans light up and spin fine, but my back fan spins, no LED. I even tried separating The QLs onto one rgb led hub and the LLs onto a second hub and still have the same problem. The ONLY way I have gotten all 5 fans to light up is by plugging them into one hub in random order, but when I do this, I can tell that not all of my LEDs are lighting up on all fans, one of my QLs only appears to be using half of its LEDs while the rest appear to be fully lit. I am at a loss on how to fix this. I am also hearing that I might need to be using a Lightning Node Core for the QL fans, which I did not receive on account of having to buy two singles. I'm a bit upset at the thought of having to buy yet another piece of equipment after dropping like $1000 on corsair products, but would like to know if this is necessary. And if so, are there any available to purchase individually? I do not see any available anywhere on the internet. I am happy to answer any follow up questions anyone might have (to the best of my ability, I am only about 6 months into the PC world) :) Thanks in advance!
  14. I've tried every method posted and nothing has worked. Only a NodePro shows up on iCUE, and I added the correct products but changing the colour on iCUE doesn't affect the RGB strips or fan. I checked USBdeview and I can see the NodePro but no the H100i. When I turned the PC on, the H100i fans spin up but the fan LED's and waterblock LED's are off. Please help. H100i Platinum RGB: the fans are spinning, but the fan LED's and waterblock LED's aren't on. NOT DETECTED BY ICUE LL120 fans have random parts that light up, but do spin. Only certain RGB strip LED's are on, and I don't have any control over them.
  15. Hey guys I have a question about the lighting node pro, Can I only connect the RGB from two fans per node? I know the kit came with a node pro and a hub but I have 4 fans so how do I get the RGB on all 4?
  16. Hello! A week or so ago, I purchased 3 ML120 and 3 ML140 fans. I have them connected to a lighting node pro, which in turn plugs in to the USB header on my motherboard. I also have them connected to a PWM controller manufactured by a different company. Basically, the fans worked perfectly fine when they were installed. But, upon restarting my PC, they stopped working. They were still spinning, so no problems there, but I could not get the RGB lighting to come on. The node pro does not show up in iCUE. I know iCUE works, though, because I have a K70 RGB MKII that does show up and is configurable, like normal. I was able to fix the issue (temporarily) by turning off the PC, unplugging the USB header from my motherboard (the one going to the Node Pro), starting my computer, turning it off again, plugging the USB header back in, and then turning everything on again. But, that only works until I restart the PC again. Obviously, I don't want to have to open my case every single time I restart my computer, and its kinda disappointing to have spent $250 on fans, just for this to happen... So, does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening here? Thanks for the help! ~Doombot1
  17. What I am about to ask may have been asked before 100’s of times but I would appreciate advice on my intending build for reassurance. My case is Corsair Obsidian 750D AirFlow Full Tower ATX, PSU is Corsair HX850i 850W Full Modular, Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Black 16GB 3200 MHz DDR4 and AIO Corsair Hydro H150i PRO RGB. Corsair STRAFE mechanical keyboard and mouse. What I intend to add are 6x ML140 PRO RGB LED 140MM PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fans and SKU CL-8930001 CORSAIR Link RGB LED Lighting Kit. My questions are; 1. Do I only need Corsair Commander PRO Digital Fan and RGB Lighting Controller and Six (6) port RGB LED hub for CORSAIR RGB fans to control the fans and lighting strips and fit the 4x Thermal sensors? 2. Do I also need the Lighting Node PRO? 3. Should the AIO Corsair Hydro H150i PRO fans be connected to the CPU fan header or the CoPro? My motherboard is an Asus ROG STRIX AMD Ryzen X470-F GAMING AM4 ATX and I would not connect the AIO header as I am advised the AIO and W_PUMP headers on this motherboard run at 100% speed, indeed the manual verifies the speed as 100%! 4. So, should my shopping list be as listed below if not I would appreciate any other products I should add or remove? 1x Twin Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO ML140 PRO RGB LED 140MM PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan 4x ML140 PRO RGB LED 140MM PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan 1x Corsair Commander PRO Digital Fan and RGB Lighting Controller 1x Corsair RGB Lighting Node Pro Lighting Controller or would 2x CORSAIR Link RGB LED Lighting? Where is the PSU USB cable connected to? Once the shopping list advice is resolved I will post back on how to connect it all. Thanks
  18. Hey guys, Iam really confused by the information you get on the corsair website and some of the threats here. Iam going to buy a 500D RGB SE Premium. This Case already includes a Commander Pro, it also comes with 3x 120MM RGBs in the front. Now I also need fans for the top and back side. Am I fine if I buy the single packed LL140mm RGB Corsair-fan or do I need the package with the the lightning node included? If I get the information right, the commander pro should do the job? but what the hell does this rgb controller - I have read about - do? Is there a simple guide on the components Iam missing? Thank you in advance
  19. Hello, as in the title I am looking to connect my 3 LL120s and 6 ML120s onto my PC. How would I be able to do this? There are 6 4 pin PWM connectors on my motherboard. 3 of the fans would be in a package, which includes the Node Pro and RGB LED Hub. Can I just get 2 3 way RGB splitters and connect those to the led hub, as well as 3 2 way PWM fan splitters and connect those to the motherboard’s PWM headers? Also, is it advisable to go for the Commander Pro in this scenario? Thanks
  20. Hi everyone, sorry my English, I'm Brazilian. I bought a ML 140 PRO RGB kit and did the installation. The fans are working normally, but the LED does not light up. I already added the fans in the Link and still does not light. Has anyone else been through this or can anyone give me some help in resolving this? Thank you very much in advance!
  21. Hi i am looking at the H150i Pro and i have seen on other coolers that you can swap the fans. I can switch the fans on it to the LL120 RGB fans without problems? Also there are the LL120 fans with Lighting Node Pro and some without what is the difference? Besides the price.
  22. Hello, :) Last week, i moved to the new 500d RGB which is really beautiful, from the 460x. But i had a problem connecting all my cables (this case is big for a mid tower '^^), My node pro cable is not long enough to reach the commander pro. I buyed in the internet an extension cable with 3 pins but it doesnt fit with it. So what can i do ? Is the only solution moving the commander? I really hope not. Thank you (Sorry for my English)
  23. Hallo zusammen, ich halte mich mal ganz kurz und kompakt. Ich wollte fragen ob ich auf meinem Mainboard 2 Node Pro verbauen kann, sodass ich: 1.Node Pro für 2x RGB LED Hub für insgeasamt 7 LL Lüfter. 2. Node Pro für 1/2x Corsair RGB LED Streifen nutzen kann. Alles sollte natürlich per Software miteinander Harmonieren und Leuchten. Ps: Kann ich auch noch irgendwo die Corsair H150i Pro mitanschliessen? Sollten Fragen auftreten, einfach Fragen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, RoyalBluematic
  24. Ok, first off TIA for any help prevalent system specs are as follows. Msi z270 gaming plus MB 3x LL120RGB fans connected to led hub and chained to lighting node pro. fans hooked directly to MB(all 4 pin connections set to pwm in bios). both hubs being powered via direct sata cable from power supply. For ease sake I will try to add photos but for now fan 1 is top aft fan 2 is top fwd and fan 3 is mounted on a hdd bay for clarification in regard to case location. so as it sits now all fans have lighting but only fans 2 and 3 are spinning. last night only fans 1 and 3 were spinning but all were still lit. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling link, iCUE, and Cue respectively and independently so only 1 is installed and running at a time with reboots in between. this morning I tried removing the fan control cables directly from the mb as well as the node usb header. this is when fan 1 quit and fan 2 began to spin. I have tried multiple restarts. software re installs. driver updates ect. I am 100% lost. I will gladly give any information upon request I just need someone else who can currently think clearly.
  25. I have recently updated to the newest version of iCue and am now having issues. About a week ago I installed the H150i Liquid Cooler and while that has been great, iCue has not. I do not have the option to use Lighting Link in any of my RGB products anymore (Glaive RGB, ST100 RGB, the new Vengeance RGB and the Lighting Node Pro which has 3 LL fans connected to it and then 4 Corsair RGB Strips). Before installing cooler, Lighting Link was available but now it is gone. I have diabled USB Legacy in BIOS, Corsair USBxp is enabled in device manager and all connections seem to be just fine. All lights are working on all devices, I just can't take advantage of the Lighting Link feature to sync up all my lights. Any advice?
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