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I have a hardline water cooled system using the xd7 pump reservoir combo and 2 360 rads.  I have 7 Corsair LL120's going to 2 LED hubs that are connected to a commander pro (Lighting channels 1 & 2). The xd7 I have connected to a Lighting Node Pro with the USB plugged into the commander pro.  The problem is that neither the  xd7 or the Lighting Node Pro show's up in the icue software and I have no control of the LED's but they do light just with the out of the box pattern.  I do have a USB available on the motherboard that could run the Lighting Node Pro to but I wanted to keep the visible wires down as it's all custom built cables in the front.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

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You have minimal chance to get device recognition through the Commander Pro USB passthrough ports.  They are passive and you are using an X570 motherboard.  That almost never works and many X570 owners have difficulty with straight to the motherboard connections on certain devices, the Commander Pro/Core/XT among them.  You're going to need a powered USB 2.0 hub like all the other AMD owners.  You can try direct connections, but if you start to get intermittent drops, you know the motherboard is not holding up its end.  

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