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Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone can help. I need to shorten a single lighting node pro rgb strip to fit in an EK ex res 250 rgb multiport.

I've confirmed the strip fits as the original and doesn't change or hinder the connection to the res tube, so all good there.


I would like to know if anyone has cut one of these strips successfully and at what point on the strip they cut?


I can cut, from the 3 pin connector forwards, between the 6th and 7th led.


Thanks in advance for any help and advice

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I wouldn't use the Corsair strips for this purpose, though it might work. I thought the IP coating would cause an issue. Most strips have cut lines and cutting it randomly could prevent some or all of them not to work, if they are a standard ws2812 LED. The ws2812b can work properly, if they used that type. Without knowing what type and where the cut line is, it is hard to know. I would use non-IP rated strips that have cut marks and with more LEDs on them solder some wires and terminate the other end with the 2.54mm latch connector.
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I have cut the corsair strips a number of times and I don't have any issues using them this way. Basically if you look closely at the strip you can see there are tracks along the length of the strips. If you want to solder a cable between a split up strip to extend it then you will need to make sure you cut the strip in the middle of the two LEDs.


This gives you plenty of room to expose the track, I use a craft blade to scrape the paint away until I see the copper exposed. I will include a pic and show you where the easy points are to cut. Where the magnets are and the corsair logo, the tracks take a different route so avoid cutting there. Also, you can remove the clear material covering the strips carefully, and this will take the magnets right off the strip. If you do this, be careful not to bend the strip at sharp angles as this will break the tracks and also make sure you insulate the strip again to stop anything shorting.


Finally if you don't need to use the extra LEDs you remove from the strip, you don't have to do anything to the cut end, just make sure it's insulated. iCue has no problem addressing the LEDs even if you only have 1 LED left on the strip.




Good luck, and be careful. Please also note this is to be done at your own risk, I take no responsibility for damage to the strip!

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In case you are interested, these are a couple of pics of my current rig with the cut LED strips from corsair. The first image shows the power button where I replaced the stock white LED with a single LED from the corsair strip.




The second image, is actually the remainder of the same strip cut in half and used for a front panel mod I made with a custom logo.


Without the front panel you can see it is two shorter strips




And With the front panel:




The astute among you will have worked out that I must have cut the strip across a magnet and through the corsair logo so you can see even that is possible however it is more complicated to wire it all back together because you have to use the tracks on both sides of the strip.

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