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  1. You could set a HW profile to black for all of your devices, then have your PC automatically lock. This should work with most of Corsair's devices.
  2. When it comes to water cooling, I find the most frustrating thing is when you get a case that is not easy to work in. Does that case support anything larger than a 120/140mm single rads? A 120/140mm length rad isn't cheap, compared to a 240mm or 360mm for the price to performance. I would rethink your case selection, before attempting to do Hydro X. There are lots of good cases out there.
  3. iCUE is available for MAC OS, what is the problem?
  4. Run, don't walk! The shampoo looking fluids you talk about look awesome, though they are considered "show fluids". Both Mayhem's Aurora and Primochill Vue have gotten a lot of hate mail from the custom water coolers. The effect doesn't last, is very finicky and more often than not falls out and clogs something. Take a look at Primochill's warnings/disclaimer: https://keepingit.cool/vue TL;DR: Kids don't try this at home. You know what hell is like, though you want to visit anyway Edit: Wait a second...is this a rhetorical question?
  5. I was hoping I could help you resolve the issue before you returned everything. What I was stating earlier is that some people try things they shouldn't with their fans, i.e. plug the RGB cables from the LL fans into a 12v Analog RGB header on the MB and fry the LEDs int he fan. It seems like what you did was fine, though someone else might have damaged the fans and bought new ones and sent their old faulty fans back into Amazon. If Amazon doesn't see any indication of the package being open, they put it back on the shelf for the next unsuspecting buyer to purchase the damage and previously used product. This is just a theory of mine, supported by the following: 1) Amazon's gracious return policy 2) I have only seen this from people who have purchased their products from Amazon 3) I have seen posts in Reddit, where people have reported receiving the equivalent weight in rocks, instead of a graphics card or a non-working item that had apparent evidence of use, i.e. dust on product and/or scratches on screws or mounts. Again this is just a theory of mine and my own opinion.
  6. You can rename them as I have done it. Don't have iCUE on this PC, though I think you have to click on settings or one of the other views and double click on it or something like that. Would have better instructions, though haven't done this in months. I don't have a headphone stand, so I can't speak for it, though I have a lot of other duplicate Corsair devices like LNPs, etc. I have never ran into an issue with not being able to control them separately. Are you using lighting link that would sync devices with same lighting? Do you happen to have a multiple lighting layers stacked on top of each other?
  7. Have you tried a complete uninstall? You can also uninstall and try backing up/removing the Corsair folder in %appdata%
  8. I also thought the D5 would run at 100% duty cycle as that is what fans do when disconnected from PWM. Though when I was working on my loop this past week, I noticed the flow rate seemed low and my flow meter was not working. At the time I had the pump directly connected into a secondary PSU that I use for loop maintenance, while my PC was powered off. I thought there was something wrong with my D5, though Greg mentioned that the XD5 is set to run at 60% when PWM is NC. When I was done with maintenance, I was able to control the pump's speed via iCUE.
  9. The pump should run at 60% when not controlled via PWM. This will be to slow for the flow meter to move, at least for my loop it was. The fact that you had two D5 fail, makes me wonder if you have have it installed sideways or upside down. They are pretty rugged pumps and in the past 3 years I have been doing custom loops and active in the community I think I have only seen one D5 fail. The most others have been DDC or random other brands. Also don't run it dry, that will cause it to fail premature as well.
  10. This is just a theory, tough the reason I asked where you bought it from as I tend to see a lot of people having issues out of the gate that bought their items from Amazon. It seems like people use Amazon as a way to "RMA" their product. More than a few people have damaged their RGB by plugging into something they shouldn't. Lastly try swapping the fan order around. If the first fan's lighting is kaput, then none of the other fan's lighting will work.
  11. Could you enable Debugging Logs in iCUE as well fill out your system info on the CP. Once you have the issue again, reply to this thread with the logs attached. If you don't hear anything back, you can contact support.
  12. 1) Are the LL-120 fans new or did you have them working prior? 2) Is the Commander Pro new? If they are new where did you buy them from? Additional Diagnostic Steps: 1) Try plugging the LL-120's RGB fans into H115i Plat. You should be able to switch them to LLs else only 8 LEDs on the first LL will work. 2) Do the strips work on your MSI MB? 3) Do you have a Lighting Node Pro you could test the fans and strips with? The fact that the LL-120 is having the same issue on the MB as the CoPro, has me concerned.
  13. Draining is the annoying part about doing loops. Some loops I have done, I designed it with draining/maintenance in mind. 1) Drain Res. Make sure to leave open a vent at the top of the res! 2) Remove tube from pump "out" and put a plug on the "out" 3) Remove tube and fitting from first component after pump 4) attach a G1/4 fitting attached to 2-3ft peice of soft tubing. 5) Put mouth to hose and blow. This will help force a lot of the water into the res. You can also attach another soft tubing to the valve to aid in draining. Though plug the top of the res to prevent it from leaking, when you move your case on the side. Once you get most of the liquid out, you can start taking parts of the loop apart, if you chose to remove the rest of the fluid, or to do other things. If I get most the fluid out, I am not going to going to worry about a couple ounces.
  14. The kit was most likely put together to target the needs of most people. From there people will go a la carte for the extra parts. Having a SKU, packaging, and stocking a lot of different kits would cost more. From what is included in the kit, it looks like it is also partially marketing to embed the user tightly into Corsair's ecosystem with the inclusion of the LL Fans and the Commander Pro. It looks like a pretty smart move for Corsair, lower the price to get a loop, while getting them hooked on Corsair's ecosystem. Have you tried the configurator: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/custom-cooling-configurator/ Fluid is cheap and you could always resale the block.
  15. Make sure you have the RGB Hub and the Commander Pro included with the 500D SE plugged into Sata Power. Make sure the Commander Pro is also plugged into the USB header on your MB. Here is a great guide by Zotty: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880
  16. 1) Find where the screw went, if it falls somewhere in the case it could potentially get bumped into a place where it could short something out. 2) If it was never installed or it isn't located in the case. Look for self tapping fan screws, if you have no radiator attached to the backside of the fans. You could always contact Corsair support if a screw was missing from the start.
  17. 1) I think someone can chime in that has HEDT, though I think externally they look the same, though the cold plate has more surface area and fins on the XC9 than than theXC7 IIRC. 2) I see your point about having different looks will appeal to more people, though I think Corsair's design is more focused on quality and economy of scale. While having more variations of looks would appeal to more people, it would also raise the cost. They are also fairly new to the game so it might make more sense to start small. The extruded AL body does appear to help with reducing the cost. I did a review on this block as well: [ame] [/ame] I would love for them to add a flow meter that ties into the tach for the next version :) 3) What I said in #2 can also be true for this. Regarding the sound and flow rate, have you tried to control the pump via PWM? I think I have mine set at 85% as the flow meter doesn't work great at slower speeds. When no PWM is used it runs at 60% by default. 4) I agree, granted Bitspower isn't the cheapest fittings. I love the HW Labs rads. 5) I will refer to #2 again.
  18. Does it not show up at all in iCUE or does it show up, but not controllable? Close iCUE and restart it and let me know if that is a temp fix. I have encountered the same issue on one of my PCs, that is how I fix the break light/red triangle temporarily. I reported the issue to Corsair and I need to try a few more things. Update: removing RGB Fusion/MB software resolves the issue for me completely.
  19. The SP-120 RGB Pro and the Non-Pro versions use completely different RGB LEDs that are not compatible with each other. Many years ago the HD-120 and SP-120 were released the HD-120 used what is now the defacto standard, while SP-120 RGB LEDs use a different protocol. You can control both with a Lighting Node Pro or a Commander Pro. I don't own a Lighting Node Core, so I can't say if you can run non-Pro fans on it. Though no mater what you can't run Pro and non Pro off the same RGB Hub or Lighting Node Core.
  20. I can't speak for the reasons they don't have those effects in LNP or CoPro, but those where never intended as an external ambient lighting solution. Granted I made it so with this mod: [ame] [/ame] They might add these features and I am in favor of having these features enabled on LNP and CoPro. Granted I do wonder if a LNP can be flashed with the LS firmware...
  21. Sorry to hear about your issues. The systems shouldn't see any worst stability for x570 and z390. I currently have 3 systems with various Corsair products and don't have any crashes: 1) x570 Master, 3700X, 2080 ti, Corsair: (PSU, RAM, HydroX, KB, CoPro, LNP) 2) Z370 Gaming 7, 9900k, 1080, Corsair: (PSU, RAM, CoPro, LNP, KB, & Mouse) 3) X470 Taichi, 1700x, 660 ti, Corsair: (CoPro, LNP, & AIO) Did you try unplugging the LNP? Edit: I do have crashes with AS Rock and Gigabyte RGB Software.
  22. It looks like a cracked ceramic capacitor that failed shorted from possible stress from board flex. It isn't a PSU issue. It is strange it happened on two different boards. What case are you using and are all the standoffs the same type and height? Reminds me of this video: [ame] [/ame] I will see if I can pass this on to some guys at Gigabyte that I know.
  23. I don't know if this build will be possible, the Godlike is an EATX MB and the 500D SE only accepts ATX or smaller. Maybe any error on the configurator or someone's websites specs are wrong. I have 500D SE, though didn't get an EATX board as it wouldn't fit w/o modding.
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