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  1. Most companies use the same manufacturers to make their coolers for them, Corsair is no exception. With that in mind, although you have had a bad run of look with your cooler, the hardware is the same with most other brands too so it doesn't much matter who you choose, as the hardware has most likely been made by the same 2 or 3 main manufacturers. That said, with the warranty Corsair offer, the customer service and the software options with the newer coolers, I personally wouldn't ever go anywhere else.
  2. The clever ladies and gents at Corsair are always looking for ways to improve the software and it is always evolving so they will undoubtedly be working on ways to improve the performance of the software. Hopefully we can at least get your system running a little better with iCue in the mean time so give me a shout if you decide to upgrade to the latest version.
  3. When you uninstall the current version of iCue you have installed, it will give you the option to remove all user data. If you check this box it will delete all your profiles and any settings for iCue. It's a pain in the butt if you have a lot of profiles but it's the best way to remove iCue in preparation for a new version if you are experiencing problems. If you want to you can also navigate to the AppData/Roaming/Corsair/ folder and make a copy of the CUE folder in there. This will backup all your profiles and settings in case you want them back. If you need more in depth explanation of how to back up iCue let me know.
  4. Ok if you decide to update again there are a few things we can try to isolate what is causing the problem. I will subscribe to this thread and keep an eye out for a response.
  5. That is very interesting, so the mouse itself is not controlled by iCue. did you notice if you were seeing CPU spike when the stuttering was occurring?
  6. Hey buddy, what's the problem you are having with the software, perhaps it can be solved?
  7. Thanks for the responces guys, if there is anyone else who would like to jump in, feel free :)
  8. Love those suggestions. I think you might be right about including a few pre made profiles!
  9. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on other software you think might compete with iCue? If so why?
  10. Does anyone use any other RGB software? How do you guys rate iCue compared to that?
  11. Hey guys, it's been a while since I have started a new thread, I just wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts are on iCue? What do you think is good about it and what could be better? How do you guys think it compares to other software like it? I personally don't have a great deal of experience with other RGB applications but it would be interesting to know what you all think about it? I will kick this off: Likes: Hands down the most comprehensive software for RGB lighting. Plenty of features and all in one software application. Having the ability to create multiple profiles and have them linked to specific software applications so it changes automatically depending on the game I am playing. Control over Macros, EQ presets, fan curves and pump speeds as well as Lighting means everything I need to setup a new game or application with my keyboard, mouse and lighting is all in one place. Dislikes: I wish it were compatible with other hardware so I could control ASUS and MSI LEDs from iCue too. It can be difficult to find what your looking for and for a beginner can be very daunting with the huge number of features. High learning curve. Perhaps if there is something that everyone likes or dislikes, the girls and boys at Corsair will know which direction they ought to be taking iCue for the future. Cheers all!
  12. Hey fellas, just thought I would jump in here. I have the 500D SE which I received just before Christmas and I can confirm they no longer have the slots that you guys are talking about. I don't know exactly when this changed but i'm sure that any case you buy now wont have the slots unless they have had them sitting on a shelf for a long time.
  13. I can confirm.. that user was me ha ha! I did try to put the LED strip directly into the fan hub. In fact to this day it never crossed my mind that the pin out might be different. That does make sense though!
  14. Was everything working before the most recent update?
  15. Hi guys, this seems to be a problem with the current version of iCue but the devs are aware of the problem and working fix it as soon as they can. Hopefully it won't be a problem for long
  16. For your usage this should be OK as you are not using the monitoring features, but it should be noted that anyone with a corsair cooler should not disable the corsair.service as it is responsible for monitoring the CPU temperature and relaying that information to the cooler. If a user has a Corsair cooler, disabling this service will result in improper operation and could lead to the CPU overheating while under load. Just out of interest which games were you experiencing crashes in?
  17. Just did a few quick tests with this, for me it was only happening on a system restart and to prevent it from deleting the lighting library layers, you can close iCue before you do a system restart. It's not ideal but it works as a work around for the time being until the problem is fixed.
  18. Hey, I have just tried to recreate this issue and have found the same issue.. I will log this with the devs and let them know this is an issue. Thanks for bringing it up dude!
  19. Do other devices work ok with that USB port?
  20. Is your USB pass through on the keyboard plugged into a USB 3 port on your computer? EDIT: I just tried this with the VOID pro wireless and the K95 Platinum keyboard and it seems to work OK for me with the pass through cable plugged into a USB 3 port on the PC.
  21. Genius! That's a great idea! I thin I might have to try that in my next build. Thanks for the tip!!
  22. I have just tested this myself with the M65 Pro and have found the same issue, I have logged the problem with the Dev team and will get back to you if there is a solution. Thanks for pointing it out!
  23. What temperature are you aiming for? Perhaps you could try remounting your pump to ensure that it is making the best possible contact with your CPU. I would say your temps are not really that bad though but if I had to guess at the problem I would say it could be a bad mount. I had to redo my pro cooler a few times and eventually got it mounted perfectly. If you do that make sure to clean off the old thermal compound with alcohol and replace it with fresh stuff first.
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