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So long as each fan is connected to an RGB and PWM fan controller you should have control over the cooling and lighting. I will say that depending on your cooler you may not have a USB connection from your AIO Pump to motherboard via USB and may simply go through the commander core. This is important as most motherboards will come with only 2 USB ports for components and you would need a splitter for that (depending on your motherboard). Otherwise I would say this looks fine, just if you can have the RGB and PWM in the same slots (ie PWM and RGB for a fan go in slot 1, slot 2, etc).

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Keep in mind that each RGB controller will act like a separate programmable group for lighting purposes, so how you split the 7 fans will determine how moving effects are displayed. Obviously it will have to be 6+1, 5+2, or 4+3 in some form, but if you want a moving effect to go up the front fans and then across the top 3, then those 6 fans need to be on the same controller. 

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