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LL120 with Lightning Node Pro.


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Soooo. I have 4 SP120 fans in my system with their own hub for fans. I want to replace them with 4 LL120 fans and put SP120 fans in my other system.
I found a nice deal for 4 LL120 fans but without any hubs etc but i already have a fan hub Deepcool 10 Port Fun Hub where i can connect all of my fans (or just connect them directly to Mobo). So the question is: Can i use controller(lightning node core) from SP120 fans for rgb control of LL120 fans or will i need controllers that come with triple pack of LL120s? Btw controller looks like this(photo). And I already have Lighting Node Pro with 5 led strips connected to it (4x1 and 1x1 by ports).

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Yes if you wish to utilize the Lighting Node Core to connect and control the RGB of the LL Series fans you can. Just make sure to configure the LNC in the iCUE software to the correct fan series being utilized.

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