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Converting iCUE3 Profiles back to CUE2..?


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Ever since the new iCUE3 got RAM support, it entirely broke my ASUS AURA's RAM lightning function forever, even after uninstalling iCUE3 and reinstalling AURA, or changing settings in the UEFI. I loved using Aura because it synced the RAM LED effects together with my Motherboard LEDs.


Anyway, today I got the idea of downgrading back to CUE 2 again. It won't help with my messed up RAM thanks to iCUE3, but at least I can use Corsair LINK instead. Better than having to manually change my RAM LEDs on every single profile (I had 80+ and switch them a lot).


I backed up my profiles from AppData\Roaming\Corsair\CUE\profiles, where it has always been. Then I went to uninstall iCUE3, get CUE2 instead and import my backed up profiles from iCUE3.

However, when I launched CUE2, there was nothing there. I also realized how they've changed their profile format to ".cueprofiledata" as well. I believe it used to be ".prf" before, which is why it doesn't work anymore.


Is there any way to convert iCUE3's profile file format to the one CUE2 had? I believe I've seen a program on this forum that can do that, but only between CUE1 and CUE2. I've had most of my profiles since CUE1, and it would be a shame for them to be gone just because of this stupid RAM issue.


Many thanks.

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Probably worth seeing what some cue2 and cue3 profiles look like side by side so we could see about a reverse conversion.


You might not even need a qml parser? I'm not sure the extent of the changes, but I can imagine it was fairly basic things that changed going forward. Might be a straightforward third party fix.

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