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  1. Hello, I come to you because when I launch the Final Fantasy XIV game it does not change my Profile. I checked and I selected the right program to run. Also I checked with VLC and changing the profile works too. I add to have checked if there is an update to be done and everything is up to date. ICUE Version 4.29.203 Can someone help me please? My keyboard is a K70RGB MK.2 LP I put a screenshot of the profile in question
  2. Hello! I've searched far and wide but can not find a a solution to the following issue: I currently have two mouse profiles for gaming that I switch between by an assigned hotkey for profile switiching. I would like to add a third mouse profile that I can activate by going in to Icue, but that remains uncycleable through the aforementioned profile switching hotkey. Is this possible, if so, how? Thank you!
  3. Hi, Everytime I switch profiles, it does not stay in the last dpi selected for that profile, it keeps at the position from the last dpi selected. For example in iCue I have two profiles, each one with different DPI settings (one for each postion that currently we have 3). So in my default profile I have set 3000, 3500, 4800, and in my game profile 2500, 3000, 1800. When I'm on my default profile I select position number 2(3500). And when I'm with my gaming profile I use position number 1(2500). After exiting the game I click to change my profile back to default, but the DPI stays in position number 1 and not 2 as previous selected for that profile. Is this possible to solve with a software update? Currently I have a IronClaw RGB mouse Thanks
  4. I recently got the fantastic K55 keyboard so I'm trying to make use of the Fn key by mapping some macros to Fn combinations (for example, Fn+F to launch Firefox). To do this, I configured the Fn key to switch to profile "Fn" while pressed. In this profile, I remapped F to run Firefox. Everything worked perfectly until I tried to create more Fn combinations. Let's say I want to map Fn+F1 keys to F13. To do so I need to first make the "Fn" profile active. Remapping the key was fine but when I tried to rename the keyboard assignment to "F13", I started Firefox associated to Fn+F instead of typing the character 'F'... (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Of course, it was possible to circumvent this problem by typing in the default profile and copy-pasting. But what if I mapped Fn+V to something else, let's say, Visual Studio??? Conclusion: It would be nice to be able to edit a profile without making it active to facilitate the remapping of alphanumeric keys.
  5. Hey I recently got the Corsair Virtuoso RGB .. However, one thing bothers me a lot. I also own several Corsair products (keyboard and mouse) According to some games, I use different colors and hotkeys, hence a few profiles. But what bothers me a lot is the "profile switching" of the headset. I don't want the headset to switch profiles. Reasons: When switching programs or games (Multi Monitor setup) sometimes the headset loses the sound, this is especially noticeable in the teamspeak. Then I have to switch the sound output back and forth so that I can hear everything again. Also, some games sometimes lose sound. What is still annoying is the mute from the microphone. I mute it, and when the "profile changes" it is discouraged again. It shouldn't be like that. I found a similar post. (https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202538) This describes my problem as well. Please give us the possibility that the headset works independently of profiles, so that it is excluded from the change. Dongle firmware: 0.16.80 Firmware: 0.17.149 iCue Version: 3.37.140 Windows 10, 1909 Deutsche Version: Hey, Seit kurzem habe ich das Corsair Virtuoso RGB.. Allerdings stört mich daran eine sache sehr. Ich besitze ebenfalls Mehrere Corsair Produkte ( Tastatur und Maus) Entsprechend einiger spiele nutze ich verschiedene Farben und Hotkeys, daher auch paar Profile. Was mich nun aber sehr stört, ist das "Profile Switchting" vom Headset. Ich möchte nicht, dass das Headset, das Profil wechselt. Gründe: Beim Switchen von Programmen oder Spiele (Multi Monitor setup) verliert das Headset manchmal den Sound, Merktbar ist das vorallem im Teamspeak. Da muss ich dann die Soundausgabe hin und her wechseln, damit ich wieder alles höre. Ebenso, verlieren einige spiele manchmal den Sound. Was noch stört ist das Muten vom Mikrofon. Ich Mute es, und wenn das "Profil wechselt" ist es wieder entmutet. Das sollte so nicht sein. Ich habe einen Ähnlichen beitrag gefunden. (https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202538) Dies beschreibt mein Problem genauso. Bitte gebt uns die möglichkeit, dass das Headset unabhänging von Profilen Funktioniert, also das es vom wechsel ausgeschlossen wird. Dongle Firmware: 0.16.80 Firmware: 0.17.149 iCue Version: 3.37.140 Windows 10, 1909
  6. Recently I brought the K70 RGB MK.2. I can't find save profile to device on iCUE. Thought Keyboard is defective. After little research, hope I found the solution.:biggrin: It is not about the iCUE or hardware issue. I'm running iCUE Version 3.15.101 Keyboard Firmware Version 3.24 WE NEED TO SOFT-RESET THE KEYBOARD Follow these steps to Soft Reset the Keyboard Quit iCUE Unplug the keyboard With the keyboard unplugged, hold down the ESC key. While holding down the ESC key, plug the keyboard back into the computer. After about 20 seconds, release the ESC key. If done correctly, your keyboard's lighting will flash. For the K95 RGB Platinum, this process is slightly different: Quit iCUE Unplug the keyboard With the keyboard unplugged, hold down the ESC key. While holding down the ESC key, plug the keyboard back into the computer. Hold the key down until the keyboard begins to flash. Unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. Official Link to Keyboard Soft-Reset Official Link to Mouse Soft-Reset Issues: You cant export or copy the Default Profile to Onboard Memory. You need to Select one of the Onboard Memory Profile (HW1, HW2, HW3) and select Lightening effect. Only 5 custom or 1 predefined lightening effects can be created for Hardware Profiles. NOTE: I don't have K95 RGB or Corsair Mouse to check this method. If anyone have K95 RGB or Corsair Mouse, try this method and comment on this thread
  7. *I apologize if this has already either been addressed or posted, I looked through the forums but did not find this exact issue described so perhaps I am just blind or maybe my issue is an isolated situation. **I will also note ICUE & Nexus software are up to date The issue I'm encountering is specifically with the Corsair Nexus profiles after my computer is locked (such as using Windows key+L) or when waking up from sleep mode. Everything in ICUE establishes itself just fine (such as the RGB lighting on fans, motherboard, mouse, keyboard). Profiles setup for games change on everything but the Nexus screen itself acts like the profiles that were setup for it, don't exist at all. For example, I've setup 1 specific Nexus profile that is only enabled with a given .exe (and disabled while operating the computer regularly or when using another program). Opening Nexus within ICUE, I can see the profiles are there. After launching a game I can see Nexus switch to the profile it is supposed to, but the Nexus screen displays a black screen (while the program is open) instead of the screen it is setup to display. Looking at ICUE, again it switches to the profile, but the profile itself is toggled off (such as it should be while in the default profile). The first time it occurred I thought it just needed to refresh the profiles, so I manually swapped from the game profile to the system default in ICUE, and then back again but that did nothing (meanwhile all of the ICUE RGB lighting profiles are swapping just fine across the board). Even while swapping the profiles manually, the Nexus screen itself will go to the default profile just fine, but will not swap to any profile screen setup for specific program. Then I thought I just needed to toggle the profile back on, as previously I had said that although the Nexus is switching to the right profile, it just remains toggled off. So I toggled it back on. Now this does fix the screen (as expected). However this is not actually toggling on the setting for this profile, it's doing it for the default. From what I can gather: Any edits made to the ICUE Nexus profiles after waking the computer from Sleep or Lock, are only made to the default profile. So it isn't just an issue with the Nexus screen after waking or sleep, I cannot edit any profiles but the default unless I do the following... I did find a resolution by closing the ICUE software, and restarting it. Everything with the Nexus works perfectly again after doing so. I'd just like it to function after waking/unlocking without having to do that. It's a mild inconvenience to me, otherwise the Nexus is a beautiful addition to my setup and very happy I got it! I hope I've described my issue thoroughly enough to be duplicated with ease.
  8. Hey folks, brand new to the forum and also brand new to Corsair software. I just bought a brand new Lenovo Legion 7i that came with Corsair iCue installed to run the RGB lighting on the laptop. I am not running any other peripherals, no mouse, external keyboards etc. When I open the iCue software it seems to be working fine. I can click the tabs at the top and get to dashboard, instant lighting etc. On the home tab I see the laptop as a device and when I click on it I get the keyboard layout and I can select lighting effects just fine. The problem comes when I try to do anything with Profiles. If I click the add profile button, or even just click the “Default” profile tile, iCue locks up immediately. It just goes to “iCue not responding” and never recovers. I have to kill it with Task Manager, restart the Corsair.service, and then I can open the program again. As such, I can not actually save any lighting profiles. I have installed the latest updated version of iCue with no change to behavior. Tried running it in compatibility mode, and tried deleting profiles from the plugins folder. Nothing has fixed this crashing problem. Any insights would be appreciated.
  9. Hello! Just purchased a Corsair Nightsword to replace my old G502, feels great so far, very solid mouse, but one large deal breaker problem has arisen. I can remap to onboard hardware every button except the profile up and down buttons, and I really need those buttons, or at least one to be remapped if this mouse will successfully replace my old G502! I can't understand why the iCUE software lets me select and input the remapping I require, and save, only for it not to work. I can only rebind the profile buttons in software mode, which is no use to me at all. Any help/hacks/work arounds please? Seems strange to have such a great mouse, then lock out two buttons for no apparent reason... Cheers! :cool:
  10. Hey guys, I have a new K60 keyboard and Im using 6 LL120 fans (Lightning Node Core with Capellix) and 3 Lightning Pro strips (Lightning Node Pro) from Corsair, but whenever my screensaver goes on and off, the deafult color of my K60 keyboard changes to red. Its only with the keyboard, the color of the other Icue devcices are like my set profile and stay in the colors like I want them. The hardware color when Icue doesnt work is also an other effect and not static red, so Im wondering where this red static settings comes from. I even cant change the color; switching my profiles or directly changing the keyboard color, nothing happens. I have to close and restart Icue again, every time my screensaver goes on and off. This cant be normal? Greetings and thanks in advance. Silverex57 ::pirate::
  11. iCUE seems not work when not logged in to Windows, even at the lock screen. For keyboard and mouse, there is hardware profile. But how about the Commander CORE? I just bought a H100i ELITE CAPELLIX, and connected all the case fans to the Commander CORE. The performance profile is set to quiet or zero RPM. But when I locked the computer, it change to default settings. If something is running on background and locked the computer, all the case fans just go at high speed and become very noisy. Anyway to solve this? Or the only way is use the motherboard fan pins and don't use Commander CORE?
  12. Hello all, I have an ICUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip and have already created several profiles, but I can't manage to change them in any way except via the software. I would like to have a hotkey to call up a corresponding profile, but I cannot find the "Actions" tab to create a hotkey in ICUE. Does this not work with the LS100 or only with Corsair keyboards? Are there any other possibilities/suggestions to call up the profiles? Thank you very much.
  13. Hi, I recently bought a full corsair pc set up (you can see specs in my profile), my case brought 3 frontal fans, and one in the back which I replaced for a LL rgb 140mm, now, as you can see in the photo, I have 8 fans, 5 of them are the ones in the front and in the bottom of the case, connected to the corsair controller pro that comes with the case, then I bought a liquid cooler h100i, that came with another corsair controller, and there I plugged the aoi fans and the fan in the back of the case, the thing is, I started playing metro exodus, and when I play the game, and you interact with the environment, rgb it's only seen in the fans that are plugged in the case corsair controller's. The other fans (back and superior fans) are disabled. Is there a way to change it?. Having 2 different corsair controllers make Icue doesn't work properlly?. Thank you.
  14. A feature that would be really nice to have is the ability to add multiple programs to a profile. I have lots of games and want their profiles to be different from the default profile so I have to create a ton of individual profiles for all of said games.
  15. I put a new system together, and have 2 fans that came with the H100i and three fans that came with my Corsair case. I connected All of the fans to the node core that came with my H100i. In the early stages of setting up my system, I noticed the 3 fans that came with the case ran a lost faster compared to the 2 that came with the H100i. I said, oh well, I know (or think I should be able to) control these fan speeds in iCue. Once I installed Windows and everything else, in iCue, sure enough, the 2 fans that came with the H100i were running around 350-400 RPMs and the 3 fans that came with the case were all humming at 1300-1450!! The all had "Balanced" profiles - which I would think would make them run approximately at the same speed...but apparently not. I did tons of research, watched some videos, searched this forum, and tried to create a custom Profile and curves, and even tried to just pick one of those case fans and set to a specific RPM, but I cannot seem to get these fans to behave. When the system is just sitting there idle, the 2 fans that came with H100i nicely run at 300-400, but the other case fans ALWAYS are at 1300-1450 and are rather noisy and annoying. Why can't I get finite control over these fans? I figured that since I have ALL fans (which are all Corsair fans) connected to the node core, that I could do all the tweaking I want...but I can't seem to get it to work. Very frustrating. Hany help/pointers? Greatly appreciated! Here is a quick screenshot of what I see. https://imgur.com/LTA4VFS
  16. Hi Leute, ich habe mich heute seit langem mal wieder mit den Profilen von der K95 beschäftigt und fand die Idee gut, ein Cyberpunk2077 Profil runterzuladen welches von einem User erstellt wurde. Das Profil selbst klappt auch ganz gut, nur versuche ich mit: "Profil mit Programm verknüpfen" auf die Verknüpfung auf dem Desktop zu verweisen und er nimmt es nicht an. Was mache ich falsch? Vielen Dank für Eure Hinweise und eine frohe Weihnacht. Das Profil welches ich verwendet habe: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/22-cyberpunk-2077-icue-profile.html
  17. Hi all, I had an H100i which I had for a year and recently sent back as it had pump issues (RMA). The new one that was posted is installed but it just seems... different. The main thing is that I have the same profiles set up (see pic) The profiles are active and yes the fans 'seem' to be at that speed, however they do sometimes jump from current speed to.. 1000rpm (based on noise) because if i check iCUE, the speed still says the same! (around 600) So I've tried changing profile to extreme etc, but after a change it takes about 20-30 secs for the fans to actually respond to the change and speed up. With my previous cooler (same model, same profile), when i was playing with the profile or trying something, it would automatically respond to changes ... but this has this weird delay and I'm wondering if the delay has something to do to with this weird fan spikes in speed that arent even being acknowledged by the iCue App?? I have everything plugged in the same way as before as far as I can see.. Any ideas/opinions would be apprecaited, I'm running iCue 1.01.15
  18. Why isn't there something like the action library for EQs so we aren't recreating them from scratch in every new profile? I haven't been able to find a way to copy EQs between profiles and going off the searches I've done this issue has gone back to 2017.
  19. Hola, Acabo de comprar este ratón y tengo el iCUE firmware versión 3.14. Estoy intentando reasignar los botones que están situados bajo la rueda del ratón, para que no estén ligados al DPI switch y el Profile switch respectivamente. Soy incapaz de encontrar la manera de hacerlo y no encuentro información al respecto, ¿algún alma caritativa que me pueda ayudar a conseguir mi propósito? Mil gracias.
  20. Hello, For several weeks, I have had a weird issue with iCue and my K90 keyboard: The computer starts up, the keyboard turns red, by default. I log into Windows, iCue starts in background, my last profile is loaded normally (after hearing a disconnection sound) After 1 or 2 minutes, the keyboard turns completely white/light blue with random flashes everywhere (like if there were bad contacts). The key to change profile and macro keys don't work. iCue shows the same broken layout in real time. I shutdown iCue, the keyboard turns back red. I restart iCue, everything works normally. The issue doesn't appear until the next computer restart. I didn't notice the issue immediately, as I often use the keyboard without lights. So I don't know if it was at the same time, but the keyboard took some water several weeks ago. I unplugged it and let it dry immediately when it happened. Every key and light work normally. I think that if it was the cause of the issue, it should be permanent and not solved by simply restarting iCue. No other noticeable software or hardware changes were made when the issue appeared, but I don't know if it was after an iCue update. After a clean Windows 10 installation from scratch, the issue is still there. The disconnection sound has always been there, even before the issue appeared, but I don't know how to solve it too. Do you have any idea? :[pouts:
  21. I'm new to my K65 keyboard. Loving it, but just noticed that when I lock my desktop (Win-L), the currently active (even if the default) profile is replaced by my onboard profile, which is also what happens when iCue goes south. (I notice it because of the change in keyboard lighting.) That it happens when iCue crashes I understand (though there's something to be said for a $30 Redragon K552 that keeps everything onboard), but it's happening upon LockWorkStation(). Is this expected behaviour? (P.S. Is Corsair interested in iCue crashes? It periodically faults in Qt5Gui.dll, and I'm getting WER dumps.) Thanks for any input.
  22. Hello, all. I have a Strafe RGB MK.2 (Brazilian layout) and iCUE 3.31.81. What exactly will happen if I delete a profile stored in hardware? Will there only be two saved profiles, but still an available slot? Or will I permanently lose a hw slot (hopefully, no :))? Thanks!
  23. Currently, I'm using two keyboards, Lighting Node Pro, mousepad (for some reason it stop detecting, not relevant) and getting a Scimitar soon. I have a Strafe RGB for normal typing tasks, gaming, etc. I use an older K70 RGB for macros with Autohotkey. My issue/question is whether both of these keyboards can have different profiles/different lighting independently (or as close to that as possible). Lighting works for both keyboards at the same time with no issue, but both share the same profile. From what I can tell after messing around with it, it doesn't matter if I make new profiles or try saving them to each device individually, any lighting effect that I add applies to both keyboards, even if they activate individually (keyboard 1 activates effect 1 when typing, but keyboard 2 doesn't -- keyboard 2 activates effect 1 when typing, but keyboard 1 doesn't). In other cases, both keyboards activate the lighting effects at the same time (this happens when I add my Node into the picture). So really, I have no idea where to start for trying to do what I want here. I hope I'm explaining this correctly enough. Both keyboards can't seem to have different profiles (one having type lighting only, the other static lighting only, etc). My main goal is to have my main keyboard have type lighting and my macro keyboard to have static lighting so I can differentiate my macros by color but it doesn't really help when both keyboards share the same profile.
  24. Hello, When I want to configure my mouse to use buttons from F13-F24 so they won't collide with anything on my keyboard they cannot be selected from <REMAP FUNCTION KEYS> menu and it only appears to be the case with hardware profiles... And since I can configure it using macros or software profiles I'm not buying lies like "technical limitation" of my mouse.
  25. I have had my Scimitar Pro for a year or two and it has worked perfectly. I got a Void Elite wireless yesterday plugged it in and now when I change profiles the audio cuts out and I cant talk. I hear the beep of the profile switch which is no big deal but the headset stops working most of the time and then it will reset volume mixes so I can barely hear chat but the game is super loud. I enjoy the products I have but any help in fixing this issue would be appreciated. All firmware is up to date.
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