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  1. ah yes perhaps sound play acts differently than macro keypresses. I do believe the latter interrupt each other.
  2. I think Macros interrupt each other? So another key could be assigned to a macro, optionally with retain output on, and it could have no events...I think that works in most icue versions (to the chagrin of some). I reproduced a test case just now and it worked for me
  3. small note on the post, you meant I do not but this looks sweet! I only have a single android device (a treadmill) but look forward to playing with it
  4. So Dan I dont work for them (don't work for Corsair), but there are two ways, either using the regular SDK - trying to connect to iCUE's SDK, then just setting the available lights to a color as needed, or spelling out specific profiles and packaging them. In the latter example, unless and until your game's .cueprofiles were packaged with the installer, you would have to tell your users how to install them, or perhaps your installer may with elevation be able to install them. As I think about it certainly your users installer may already request elevation and that should cascade so you have access to the following directory: C:\ProgramData\Corsair\CUE4\GameSdkEffects\ You would make a subdirectory perhaps called "The Captain is Dead" It is important that you note the priorities.cfg and the names of each profile. The profiles can be created in iCUE can be exported to the necessary file name but I think you need to edit their <Name> in the cueprofile, but that's pretty easy to do for the various states and events. 2 projects, most recently open icue service by Legion2 has provided access to the gameSDK for regular users, but essentially I assume the triple-A titles just use the DLL methods. Legion2 has a very nice wrapper, and in brief, the nitty-gritty of the interop with iCUE (as far as I understand it) is explained in the code here: https://github.com/Legion2/open-cue-service/blob/main/src/CgSdk/CgSdkInterop.cs My personal suggestion if you want to add this to your game, would be to contact corsair first and see what they suggest, I suspect they have a lot of developers reaching out from time to time.
  5. what AV's and AntiMalware are you using? Are their logs? IS the system subject to Group Policy?
  6. looks like a bad margin on the left menu in the K63 for OP. Thinking a DPI issue? Suggested ask OP to confirm icue4 version and if DPI scaling is in effect?
  7. if your devices have onboard hardware profiles you can switch with the hardware button. Otherwise, you can at login, launch the release of Legion2's open cue service here https://github.com/Legion2/open-cue-service. Then you can switch the lighting profile at random, programmatically with a simple script. Frist step would be to get the release, then set it up in task scheduler to run at login. Then make a script (in whatever language) and have it pick a random profile to run at login, after a brief sleep/delay so we can ensure everything gets loaded properly, then it would just send the profile change request. This would only control lighting. An autohotkey example is below of how I approach scripting the requests to change the profile, but you could just as easily use any other language. You can also use his command line interface: Class icue2021 { static isSDKconnected:={"method":"GET","address":"http://localhost:25555/api/sdk/control"} ; http://localhost:25555/api/sdk/connection static sdkConnect:={"method":"PUT","address":""} static orangeON:={"method":"PUT","address":"http://localhost:25555/api/profiles/ORANGE/state/true"} static sdkDisconnect:={"method":"PUT","address":""} static deactivateAllProfiles:={"method":"POST","address":"http://localhost:25555/api/sdk/deactivate-all-profiles"} req(c) { whr:=ComObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1") whr.Open(icue2021.isSDKconnected.method,icue2021.isSDKconnected.address,false) whr.Send() whr.WaitForResponse() pageResult:=whr.ResponseText if (pageResult="false") { whr.Open(icue2021.sdkConnect.method,icue2021.sdkConnect.address,false) whr.Send() } whr.Open(c.method,c.address,false) whr.Send() return } } ;usage: icue2021.req(icue2021.orangeON) icue2021.req(icue2021.deactivateAllProfiles icue2021.req(icue2021.sdkDisconnect) ; this should be called CTRL not disconnect You need to follow his setup instructions, and be sure to make the profiles in the right gameSDK directory (which I think is as of my writing this C:\ProgramData\Corsair\CUE4\GameSdkEffects), and be sure that sub folder has a profiles.cfg with the names of the profiles you intend to use (just mimic what is in a sibling directory). I think the profiles when exported from icue with your desired lighting may need the name changed in the profile's qml tags but I cannot recall off hand. Tag me if you need assistance. I may not even be releasing the profiles properly in my example above but his docs are good and swaggerUI is hosted on the port on localhost so it can help you craft requests.
  8. can you confirm there is no windows desktop shortcut associated with a keyboard shortcut for calc? Right Click shortcut > Properties > Shortcut Tab > Shortcut Key and also confirm icue has no profiles with an action that might launch calc? (check i d and a keys ofc) no other software that might launch something? Also check this out: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/hot_keys_list.html and this post if that fails to identify anything: https://superuser.com/questions/1091942/how-do-i-find-out-which-programs-have-registered-global-hotkeys-in-windows-10
  9. totally agree. I used to have the stop media button also emit an up event in the macro for alt shift ctrl and winkey, so you might want to try that, see if that happens, like an in case of emergency button to force up events.
  10. the macro execution is single threaded. I don't think this can be done inside of icue.
  11. Its a for profit business and if we want Corsair to stick around, at some point, tough decisions need to get made so you can keep everyone employed and the lights on. On the consumer end, you are not always going to like every decision, that's just the real world. They have the best hardware around in my opinion, so it would take a lot to make me want to switch. I am more concerned about them dropping products people have gotten used to, like the 18 button K95, that's a real loss in their product line up and if any decisions they are making are foolish, that's one that I think will turn a lot of people away. I am thankful my 2 k95s are still kicking, but I wont be happy when the time comes to make a change like that and lose something I have become reliant on. @Corsair as someone that lost a few peripherals jumping to icue4 (which is fine, I can lose the lighting and fan control on the H100i V2 AiO and I replaced the mice with buttery new ones which I am happy about) but I think it would go a real long way with your consumers if you can explain at least on a cursory technical level, why these hardware are EOL or end of support. Like are their issues with responsiveness that would be incompatible, or cause slowdowns you are trying to avoid as you make cue better? Does not having individual DPI steps on the older mice make it harder to create a single gui and burden the development team? I know you are all busy, but simply saying "We did not make these decisions lightly" sounds like a VC smokescreen press statement. I think a smidge of behind the curtain will help justify the decisions in the public square, just my 2 cents.
  12. Enable SDK must be checked. But the priorities error simply means, in that directory, you need to add a priorities.cfg file, they are just like INI files that store key values, they look like this: programming=254 MACROWARNING=8 ORANGE=245 GREEN=1 FC_Liberty=233 FC_LibertyBlue=232 FC_LibertyFlag=231 IIRC the numbers correspond to a priority, where one will override another if they are both active. also the numbers need to be lower than 255 (8bit). I think his readme may detail all that
  13. Pete, I can't confirm regarding item 1, but regarding the slow opening, I have been able to make it better by uninstalling windows driver kit or windows development kit. This made a big difference on 2 machines just in case that is whats happening to you. This was in icue3 but many versions of it on 2 machines. I just got a couple new mice and will be trying icue4 soon.
  14. sweet I forgot about that it shows the mic mute status based on the boom mic position. The example gives you this type of output: ... Device supports CDC_PropertyLookup, model: VOID PRO Wireless Headset mic enabled val = 0 Headset surround enabled val = 1 Headset sidetone enabled val = 0 Active headset equalize preset index = 1 convex (the OP) hasnt posted recently but I assume this could help do what they were looking for
  15. same issue with other headsets. I would like to see this added as well. iPhone shows the battery level when connected to BT; would be great to see this in the SDK for all headsets with battery level that can be wirelessly reported. Some have done pointerscans to detect its level but that will generally either break each reboot or could with future releases.
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