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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I recently had to restore my pc to factory reset. In order to have a backup of my profiles for mouse and keyboard, I copied the Corsair iCUE Software folder (the one from C:\programs) and also made a SystemLog export from the application itself. The thing is, in these folders the Profile folder only contains .cueprofiledata files, and not .cueprofile files! please tell me there is a way to use/convert them in order to get back my profiles?!
  2. Ever since the new iCUE3 got RAM support, it entirely broke my ASUS AURA's RAM lightning function forever, even after uninstalling iCUE3 and reinstalling AURA, or changing settings in the UEFI. I loved using Aura because it synced the RAM LED effects together with my Motherboard LEDs. Anyway, today I got the idea of downgrading back to CUE 2 again. It won't help with my messed up RAM thanks to iCUE3, but at least I can use Corsair LINK instead. Better than having to manually change my RAM LEDs on every single profile (I had 80+ and switch them a lot). I backed up my profiles from AppData\Roaming\Corsair\CUE\profiles, where it has always been. Then I went to uninstall iCUE3, get CUE2 instead and import my backed up profiles from iCUE3. However, when I launched CUE2, there was nothing there. I also realized how they've changed their profile format to ".cueprofiledata" as well. I believe it used to be ".prf" before, which is why it doesn't work anymore. Is there any way to convert iCUE3's profile file format to the one CUE2 had? I believe I've seen a program on this forum that can do that, but only between CUE1 and CUE2. I've had most of my profiles since CUE1, and it would be a shame for them to be gone just because of this stupid RAM issue. Many thanks.
  3. WIP on CUE 2 [Click Here to Download] Krazykid's Converter LZMA Compression [1.04 MB] Uses LZMA compression and requires 7zip or winrar to uncompress Both Files Contain the Exact Same Content. Only Difference is Compression Type. Profiles are very out of date! These can probably only be imported into CUE 1.16 and then you will have to update to CUE 2.0 and slowly up from there. I'm not even sure if there is a possible update path that will get you to iCUE. If you want to convert a profile by yourself, here's how to do it. Use a word editor like WordPad as it lines up the lines of code for you. <modelName>K70 RGB</modelName> Just change the K70 to either CGK65 or K95 or Strafe depending on your keyboard model. YOU CAN'T CONVERT FROM A K65, K70, or Strafe to K95. See Chart Below K65 -> K70 | K65 -> K95 | K65 -> Strafe K70 -> K65 | K70 -> K95 | K70 -> Strafe K95 -> K65 | K95 -> K70 | K95 -> Strafe Strafe -> K65 | Strafe -> K70 | Strafe -> K95 If you have a new RAPIDFIRE, or LUX keyboard you will need to add those to the end. The K95 profiles must have 1 mode bounded to each M key, you can still mod the .prf file so it will work for a K95 but don't ask for help. Its to much trouble. Most of these profiles were NOT by me. [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] Newly Converted Profiles! [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :praise::praise:Schwitz Click here for his Mega-Thread. 1Up -- Christmas -- Corrosive -- EMP Equaliser -- Full Force -- Pacman -- Payday 2 Plasma -- Rave -- Starman -- Streak Super Saiyan -- Thunderstorm -- Underwater -- Poison Bacon Donut -- CompLexity Gaming -- CorsairGaming -- GuildWars2 SkyWilliams -- Summit1G -- FireStorm -- Sonar Hologram -- Hazard -- HotStreak -- Knight Rider Thunderstorm 2 -- Ice and Fire -- Final Fantasy XIV -- Iron Man Hulk -- Batman -- Flash -- Superman Burst -- Wicher 3 -- Green Lantern -- Frieza Shenron -- Spider-man -- Unreal Tournament -- Fortnite [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :biggrin::biggrin: me Beating Heart -- Rainbow Fireworks -- Rainbow Link -- Rainbow Random Rainbow Relapse -- Rainbow Retraction -- Rainbow Whole -- Reactive Rainbow Ultimate League of Legends [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :praise::praise:SmSumodude20 Click here for his thread! Rainbow -- Rainbow Crazy -- Rainbow Straight [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :praise::praise:autovfx Click here for his thread! NYAN Keys -- The River -- Doppler -- Wavelength Checker -- Ghost -- Heat Vision -- Knight Rider Lightning Strike -- Sinus Spectrum [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :praise::praise: draone kj Biccamer -- Lightning ShockWave -- 39 [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :praise::praise: krazykid Click here for his profile collection! Like his work? Request a profile here. KrazyKid's Requests #1-9 Converted Block Breaker -- Frogger -- Living Rainbow -- Rainbow All Around Rainbow Colliders -- Triple Color Pulse -- Block Breaker 2 -- Frost Aurora -- Hearthstone [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :praise::praise: zombmaster Click here for his thread! Space Invader -- Minecraft -- Heart Beat [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] The following were created by :praise::praise: mpoffo Halloween Animated Bat Orange and Blue -- Halloween Pumpkin [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] All Other Creators becooltim's Matrix Ironsword's American Flag Powerpuncher's Lava Pool Guuc's Hitman Absolution lordsythe's Juxta Rainbow nuttyjawa's Elite Dangerous Soldierat's Elite Dangerous Jkraghify's BF4 fancyfruit's Hotline Remastered RGB League's Counter-Strike GO Profile [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] Small Sample of the Profiles [ame] [/ame] Video made by Juggalo23451. That is Juggalo23451, NOT me. [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] Thanks to the Following People! Corsair James for making this post sticky. Many of you might not of found this thread if it wasn't for that. Corsair give the man a raise. Healsfault, Gyroknight, JalYt_Justin, Reapexx, and Powerpuncher for helping me test out the profiles. Fuzzynuts for creating a converting tool. Lafrip for fixing the K95 profiles. Gozzy for helping me test the UK converting tool. Leave Some Feedback :feedback: Sound Effect.zip LZMA [13.0.0].zip CUE 2 Reboot.zip
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